December 2010

In 2010…

December 31, 2010

{I’m joining Steph today in recapping my words in 2010. Thank you, friend} In 2010I said, Oh friends, here’s my truthand then you were so gracious to me,all year. I told you about the want want wantand the freedom of a safe placeand ended up helping you and me bothin our understanding of addiction and its propensityto steal a person.(I want to always always remember the people in that post.) ::::: In 2010 I came away from many conferences and itmade me want to say,I am not a “big” blogger and neither are you and neither are they-we are all the same and fighting rhinos. (yes, rhinos.)(and I also called Mommybloggers the Mary Kay ladies of the Internet)(ahem) ::::: Then strangely enough I ended up on TVand then it was weird to hear my thick accentand see my frown lines up so close.But you were still so kind and supportiveand loving and I […]

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fully alive

December 27, 2010

This post was originally written on January 19th, almost a year ago, and on the day before I quit drinking. The experience described in this post was a catalyst for change in my life. Because it’s true, what are we here for, if not to feel fully alive? To take risks and let go…to strive and overcome…to find ourselves wrapped up in the journey while we tell our truths and help each other. The moments with my boys in this post were just the taste I needed of all of that, and I’m so grateful. ::::: We laughed until our cheeks hurt. We burned down that hill like gravity itself with our coats and mittens crackling under the cold and we just couldn’t stop laughing. We bounced and spun and grabbed tightly to each other. We even face planted once, spilling off the sled in a pile, me on top of Miles on […]

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Christmas Change

December 22, 2010

“Sometimes I ask myself to find words to defend the audacity of my belief in it all. And I guess I could… The thing is, I wonder if people don’t want more than that anyway. More than scientific proof. Maybe we all just want to learn how to believe in miracles again… The Christmas Story. Ridiculous and far-fetched, beautiful and believable, entirely necessary and deeply desired. We’re made for that kind of mystery…” For more of this post, please visit Christmas Change… comments are closed on this post Thank you for allowing me to pop up in your inbox and for reading my words, silly or serious. I appreciate you. ~Heather

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while Love goes

December 21, 2010

Christmas, for me, is about one enormous gift. On 12/24/08 I wrote,“I love to imagine the unexpected fulfillment of love that first Christmas, breathing for the first time in the manger. His love filled the air like a scent, and moved through the people who came to touch Him. Love was all around.” Today the boys and I were driving slowly through the dirty and snowy streets to make our way to a new place to eat. We were going to pick up lunch and then head home. I was going to take a break from opening the fridge and staring at its contents for too long, wondering what to make for meal 2 of 3 in this day. I had my heart set on something fresh and healthy and it felt like a gift, to not have to make it myself. But the parking lot was full, very very full and so […]

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child actors: a picture story

December 19, 2010

Miles and Asher played a significant role in the Christmas program at church… They were a bored and tired shepherd and his lost and lazy sheep…(Yes, shepherds wear black tennis shoes and sheep wear jeans…and glasses.) They totally engaged the audience… and sat poised and ready to sing along with their stablemates…yeah…that sheep was having some issues… and then at the end it was time to stand up and be clapped for, because of all of that effort…would you just look at their hands? just one more time… when you feel shy and nervous and way too over-tired to play your part,reach for your brudder’s hand. The End. Thank you for allowing me to pop up in your inbox and for reading my words, silly or serious. I appreciate you. ~Heather

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one minute

December 16, 2010

One minute he was on the couch and the next minute, my youngest boy had somehow scurried off, his bare little feet making not a sound. (He looks so tall lately.)I said, Where’d Asher go ? He was just right here. And Ryan shrugged and laughed because talking about Asher just naturally makes a person giggle, even grown men. I went through the dining room and looked through the living room. No Asher. Just silence and the dark except for the Christmas tree lights.I said, I bet he just up and went to bed! And he had. There he was, under the covers, turned on his side, his eyes scrunched closed the way they do for the faking of the sleep. It hadn’t been long enough for real sleep. He smiled a little and we said prayers and goodnight and then I tip-toed out even thought I didn’t have to because obviously he […]

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For the fifth year, Neil is hosting the BEST Holiday online concert over on his blog, Citizen of the Month.So many bloggers joined in and recorded songs or shared photos or videos, and they did such an amazing job. I must give you a heads up on a couple of them so when you scroll through you make sure to stop and click PLAY:Swonderful and Kristen Howerton. I was already a big fan of both of these women, and now I’m even more…stunned by their grace and talent. (The first time I watched Kristen’s video I did not know it was HER singing. It is. She’s goooood. And the story that goes along with her voice? It’s just the best.)So. Head on over to Neil’s place. Be inspired by all of the talent and humor and light and creativity and… ::::::: Also. chose the winner of What Think Ye of Christmas, the […]

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Best Gift Ever

December 14, 2010

It’s known as the BGE. Or Best Gift Ever. If you got one for your mother-in-law (or any generally hard to buy for person), you’d finally be able to sit back and relax, maybe even pat yourself on the back a little for your unique and useful gift-finding ways. No more gift cards or guesses at jewelry or clothes. Sound good? Okay then… I give you,the Moji Tension Release: I’m telling you about the Moji Tension Release today because I have one and I use it, love it, and want everyone I know to have one. I would say this is the perfect gift for every pregnant lady with a sore and tight back from all that front carrying and that would be true, but that would also be a bit biased and exclusive. The truth is, the Moji Tension Release (or MTR) is not just for we gestating mothers. You know, since […]

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the things they do

December 13, 2010

I came around the corner ready to remind Miles (oh so gently, of course) for the eighth time to brush his teeth and put his pajamas on. Then I saw something that made me have to run for the camera. (Pregnant lady running!) Because strangely enough, in a light bulb moment, Miles had suddenly realized that if he moved the play book stand on the piano, he could stand up, push the keys and watch them move on the inside of the piano…Please forgive the quality of this photo, I was straight up rushed.And yes, the picture on the wall is all kiddywampus, and so is the lamp.most things in life are kiddywampus, no?We need to start piano lessons, actually. Miles is really interested and when he makes up songs he calls them happy or sad or angry and he makes them sound exactly that way. And we didn’t name him M*les K*ng […]

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what we carry

December 11, 2010

We talk of old things and new things and I’m caught in between with a thousand thoughts and feelings tight in my throat. I feel it all, every memory with their aches and their releasing and then I see the depth and grace of what is happening now. Our bowls are piled high with noodles and vegetables that make a rainbow and it’s all covered over with a sauce that fills every space and covers every color, and we are thick with words and time and now. Two babies are coming and we have babies at home that are kids. We have years with husbands and more years of knowing each other and we watch the history of it all flashing across the table in exchange when we’re together. It seems that’s what happens for me anyway, when I sit with people I’ve always known. It triggers the long long ago past and […]

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What Think Ye of Christmas?

December 9, 2010

This is the painting that my friend Jana Winters Parkin created for my Great Aunt and Uncle after they lost their daughter Susan. Jana doesn’t know my Aunt Elsie and Uncle Keith, but she felt moved to do something for them because that’s just the kind of person that she is. Her talent is enormous, no? And this Christmas, Jana’s illustrations are being shared in a beautiful book called What Think Ye of Christmas by Ester Rasband. This book is an inspiring (achieved) effort to bring to life the spirituality of Christmas. The pages detail the meaning behind so much of what has become frivolous to us, almost unseen…the lights, a song, the trees…What Think Ye of Christmas rejoices in the small things of the advent season and then celebrates the fact that these small things are true symbols of the Christmas story coming to life–a star and a stable and redemption found. […]

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December 7, 2010

My boys have been fighting about who gets to sit on the far end of the couch for about ten minutes. There is much growling and gnashing of teeth. Somehow this spot on the couch has become very special and this is a very heated discussion. Each of them have great logic for why they are the one that should sit on that spot. Humans are just too much. I’m not intervening unless someone gets hurt. I’m all about not hovering or mirco-managing. Or maybe I’m just feeling extra lazy today. It could totally be that. Yesterday on Twitter Casey and I were lamenting winter. She’s pregnant too and she said, hibernation and gestation is the name of the game. Now that keeps running through my head and making me feel better because I’m an exhausted gestating mother in the winter in Minnesota and I kind of wish I were a bear because […]

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Firstly, Thank you to everyone who donated items for this Gifts for Life extravaganza, and to each of you who took the time to learn more about these gifts that give back! Now for what you really want to know…(please read all the way through because even if you did not win, there are discount and donation codes being offered from the providers of the giveaways!) And the winners are…. Paper Culture: Winner #1 – Amber (#6)Winner #2 – happygeek (#58)Winner #3 – Becky (#2)Winner #4 – Tate and Abby (#48)Winner #5 – Suzanne (#22) Congratulations to all of you! You’ve won yourself $25 to Paper Culture!**Paper Culture is also generously donating 20% of any order you make to Bead for Life! Just use code: BEADS at checkout** :::::::::: The Artist’s House: Winner #1 – Pamela (#22)Winner #2 – MollyinMinn (#4) Congratulations to you both! You’ve each won a $25 credit to The […]

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just one door

December 4, 2010

Yesterday it snowed and snowed. So much snow. I shoveled our driveway because the snow is just fluff and I’m a strong pregnant lady. I shoveled again later so Ryan would be able to get in the driveway after work. I swear the snow plows push more snow from the street to the end of our driveway than all the other houses in the world. I’m sure of it. So then I was tired. After my first round of shoveling the boys wanted to make cookies so we got out all the ingredients and then we needed the butter to soften to room temperature. Both of them knew what that meant and I was surprised. So I lay down on my side on my bed and was glad for the butter excuse. Asher found me within 30 seconds and he walked up to the end of the bed and said, Hi Mommyyyy in […]

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OH friends…today brings you so much goodness from the… to eradicate povertyin the lives of the womenwith the handsto roll and stringand gather and process and prepare so we can help Today, Bead for Life is offering one winner all of this: the 5 strand necklace the Madaala Necklace one pair of the single earrings THREE bangle bracelets the band bracelet the 3 strand bracelet one shea butter soap a fabric jewelry bag one shea butter lip balm and a Bead for Life CD (the jewelry will not necessarily come in these colors) Thank you, thank you, thank you Bead for Life… All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to enter for ALL OF THE ABOVE. Just imagine the gift-giving opportunities (and of course, gift a little something to yourself). ~~~~~ Because our goal with this Gifts for Life gift guide is to support the wonderful cause of […]

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Here we are on our second to the last day of the Gifts for Life event. *virtual fist bump* And today we’re going to wrap things up (before the HUGE Bead for Life giveaway tomorrow, of course), with a double-whammy bang… How about a generous package from both Butters and Beans and Playful Planet? ~~~~~ Here are a few of my favorite things from Butters and Beans (a place to find absolutely adorable baby and toddler clothing, bibs, burp cloths, blankets, dresses and more). An Acorn must-have, no? Mommy loves orange. Let’s go over what will be included in this giveaway package, shall we? burp cloth blanket bib and pants just like these, but in the pattern above. Everyone knows a baby! And there you have it. The perfect gifts. FOUR items thanks to Ann from Butters and Beans. (I have a confession. I’m hanging on to these goodies, they’re right here in […]

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{a gift guide and giveaway event benefiting Bead for Life}{hosted by yours truly and O My Family} Today brings you even more handmade goodness brought to you by Kristin at {sweeter than me} designs… I have to admit it, I’m a little more than in love with these sweet bobby pins and rings, earrings and gift sets. I have a thing for tiny flowers.would you take a closer look? yeah…me too… and today one lucky winner has a chance to win 2 items of your choice from {sweeter than me} designs, the Etsy shop. Thank you, Kristin! I don’t know about you but I think these might be the best little gift for a friend and/or the best stocking stuffers ever. (Or maybe they’re simply perfect for that little gift to yourself. I won’t tell.) This giveaway will close Sunday December 5th at 10pm central and the winner will be announced the next […]

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Gifts for Life: {So} Sartina

December 1, 2010

{a gift guide and giveaway extravaganza} {benefiting Bead for Life}{brought to you by yours truly and O My Family} This morning’s giveaway is brought to you by the lovely Kristina Joy and her Etsy Shop, {So}Sartina… ~totes~pins~buttons~card holders~Christmas stockings~and more~ In support of our Gifts for Life gift guide and giveaway, Kristina has graciously offered one lucky winner a $25 gift certificate to her shop. So go take a peek and then come back and tell me what you love. That’s all you have to do to enter. In my humble opinion it would be a good idea to keep in mind the lovely ladies on your list who have everything. You’ll find the perfect handmade bags and cases for Ipads, Netbooks, cell phones, sunglasses, business cards and more. (You can follow {So}Sartina on Twitter to always know what’s new or on sale.) As is true during the entirety of this week-long giveaway […]

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