Just Write ~ The Third

September 27, 2011

I am all chills and aches and so are they, the whole family. There is much whining, mostly from me. I have Mastitis on top of the bug or whatever we have and isn’t it funny that the first time Elsie slept through the night was my second night of Mastitis? So I didn’t even get to enjoy it because I was too uncomfortable and couldn’t sleep.

See? Whining.

Ryan had to take me to the doctor for antibiotics because everything just hurts and I didn’t want to drive and we were driving along and then went to Target to get Needed Things and there was a mom standing in front of the gas drops for infants and I walked right up to her and asked about her baby and then we talked about things that help those very fussy gassy babies.

(That was all one huge run-on sentence and I’m not even going to fix it.)

It felt good to pay it forward with this fellow mom. I saw hope in her eyes after we talked and neither of us had make-up on. I had the chills and my shoulders were hunched, I’m sure. She didn’t care. Neither of us cared about any of that. We just want relief for our babies.

The Target people were taking out Christmas things to sell. I can’t believe that. Let’s just have Halloween first, shall we?

Elsie fell asleep slowly while we walked the aisles, her lids going heavy under her green knit hat with a heart on it. Then the cart bumped over those big silver things on the ground that are in the doorway and she woke up but that’s okay because she slept through the night last night. I hope it happens again soon when we’re all better.

It will. Sometime.


 If you don’t read all of this, please be sure to read the BOLD parts…

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