post tubal ligation syndrome (ah, yeah. that’s really the title of this post)

February 26, 2012

(This post is quite different from my usual, but please hang in there with me because I would love your help. Thank you!)

I was talking to a nurse on the phone, wondering if I should come in to see my OB/GYN, the one who I saw through my pregnancies and deliveries with both Asher and Elsie. The nurse said that what I was describing was “post tubal ligation syndrome”.

This is not what I was expecting to hear even though I had been researching online and feeling more and more certain that my tubal ligation was to blame for how awful I’m feeling. Not long after Elsie was born, I had this heart-gut feeling that my increased anxiety and depression (and some other physical issues) were due to having had my tubes tied when I had my c-section. But even though I felt strongly that having a tubal has caused something, I didn’t understand what it was.  To be honest, I didn’t research exactly how a tubal ligation works before I had one, I was thinking of it in very simple terms. Attach clips to tubes. Don’t get pregnant.  I didn’t think having my tubes tied did anything hormonal, so I couldn’t figure out why my gut was telling me my symptoms and the tubal were related. But then the nurse said “post tubal ligation syndrome” and I was stunned by validation.

Not only had the nurse’s words shocked me (I was all, UM, there’s a syndrome for this?), but I had also talked with several women who also had tubal ligations that resulted in some kind of problem for them, many of which were very similar problems to mine.

So, I headed into an appointment with my OB/GYN expecting her to be on the same page and when she wasn’t, I felt defeated and confused. She said she wasn’t sure what the nurse was referring to and hadn’t seen any other women coming in with the complaints that I have. She suggested that the way I’m feeling may simply be a result of being in the postpartum period and breastfeeding. She did admit that tubal ligations become problematic for some women because they can cut off the blood supply to the ovaries, causing early menopause.


I had no idea that was a possibility when I signed my life away and then had my tubes tied. And no matter what any doctor tells me, I’m convinced that what the nurse said is true–this is common and a really big deal, and I believe it goes beyond the possibility of early menopause–the issues I’m having include menopausal symptoms and more. So I’m writing about it here for two reasons. I want to hear from any of you who have had your tubes tied, and I want to encourage women to do a lot of research before having their tubes tied.

Because I’m currently struggling with a myriad of complications, I want to do a little research of my very own. If you or someone you know has had a tubal ligation, could you email me? I’d like to send you a few questions. I would be forever grateful for your input and time. I know that I’m on to something here and I need your help.


I’ve already talked to women (without filling their minds with all kinds of suspicions of what can happen after a tubal) who report my same symptoms and other symptoms similar to one another’s, and they had no idea it could be because of their tubal ligation. Someone close to me was even recently telling me that she went into early menopause and was struggling with numerous symptoms and was put on hormone replacement treatments. And I was all, YOU HAD YOUR TUBES TIED, DIDN’T YOU? and she was all, Yeah, why? And I said something like ACK OMG MY DOC SAID EARLY MENOPAUSE!

Now, even though it really sucks to be going through this, it’s good to know WHY I’ve been feeling like I have. And even though it’s really hard, I’m grateful to be able to talk about this and to embark on learning more about it.

Two disclaimers:

1. Obviously, I’m not a medical professional. I’m just a woman telling her story. I’m also not doctor-bashing. I have no idea why women aren’t told that there’s a possibility that these symptoms may arise if they get their tubes tied. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it and learning as I go.

2. I am in no way telling anyone what to do with their bodies. Read my words and take ’em or leave ’em. I know it’s important to have this option for birth control available. I’m simply hoping to make people more aware of the “after-effects” of a tubal ligation and to discover the truth for myself. (BUT. PLEASE do your research before you make your decision about a tubal ligation.)

Thank you for reading about my freaking fallopian tubes, ya’ll. Who knows? Maybe some day soon I’ll tell you all about my spleen or my gall bladder or something. You are so lucky.

(There is now a Part 2 to this post which shares my myriad of symptoms and those of others I’ve heard from. Many many others.)

(There is also a Part 3, two years after this was posted, on how I’m doing now and what I’ve learned about PTLS)



Leslie February 26, 2012 at 6:22 pm

Wow, Heather! I’m 42 and have never heard of this before. I didn’t have my tubes tied, but I am in early menopause…luckily my symptoms thus far have been minor.
I hope you get some good responses, and some answers. Hugs.

Pamela February 26, 2012 at 6:45 pm

Ugh, indeed. I have no experience with this, but maybe Gina (the feminist breeder) would know. This is just the sort of thing she knows about.
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Heather February 26, 2012 at 6:59 pm

Oh, thank you Pamela! I’ll check with Gina. What a great suggestion. I appreciate it!

Deanna February 26, 2012 at 6:48 pm

Wow Heather, I had no idea a tubal ligation had such side effects. I have been considering this for myself in May when our last one arrives. Thank you for giving me something to think about.

Heather February 26, 2012 at 7:00 pm

This is one of the reasons that I’m talking about this. I want to help women be sure to really check into this. If I would have known it was even a remote possibility that my hormones would be all messed up, I never would have done it. We struggle enough as women, no? :) All the best to you and yours…

Valeria September 14, 2013 at 10:45 pm

Hi Deanna

Yes Deanna, Heather is correct about the symptoms being related to tubal ligation. I had my done over 22yrs ago, the symptoms are different from woman to woman. I had my tubes tied right after my baby boy was born you don’t notice anything because you are already in pain but soon after I started aching practically every day and the pain made me very grouchy. I found out that because of the ligation I may have developed Endometriosis or adhesions. Turns out it was adhesions. I had them removed and felt good for years after that; however I never really wanted to have my tubes tied I just didn’t want any more children with my sons (3) father so I got them tied. Biggest mistake I’ve ever made!
Just last year I started developing symptoms as if I was going into pre-menopause but it was my thyroid I had an upper respiratory infection and it infected my thyroid thus give me a hyperthyroid. Even with a womans tubes being tied she shouldn’t experience menopause until about her 50s. I know several women that had there tubes tied and they didn’t experience menopause until around 52ish. Women that never have anything done don’t experience menopause until 60ish.
I had my tubes reversed April 2013 the doctor was skeptical at first because of my age but after the surgery he said to me he was very pleased with how the surgery went. He was able to successfully reverse both tubes and said there weren’t any adhesions, fibroids or any scaring; which was weird to me because just earlier this year the doctors at the VA and a couple of doctors the VA referred me too kept saying I had fibroids and kept urging me to get a hysterectomy.
My advice to women if I had to do it all over again I would not have gotten my tubes tied or any other surgery that involves tampering with the tubes. Just use birth control pills, the shot, and or sponges those methods are much safer and better for your hormones.

Kerry September 24, 2013 at 1:22 pm

Thank you for your post….I’m considering having a reversal done (if I can find a doctor) so I’m thankful to read your feedback on your reversal surgery.

Natali gik November 6, 2013 at 11:50 pm

hey valeria how did the tubal reverse went, it was easy an complicate,I would like to o the reversal because I had my tubes tie 9 years ago, and is painful having all this pain guess it is to my tubal ligation.I also want to have another baby an they said this was the solution i am 31 years old, So anyone who knows that tubal reversal helps.please let me know.

debi9kids February 26, 2012 at 7:24 pm

Heather, please feel free to email me.
I had my tubes tied after having my twins and have regretted it every day since. I definitely suffer from p.t.s. and wish like heck I never had it.done. (I tell everyone I know to have hubbub get a snip instead…)
Sooo many awful side effects, including early menopause. (& facial hair growth!)
Hate it.

You aren’t alone. Sadly.
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Heather February 26, 2012 at 7:29 pm

Oh Debi, I’m sorry. BUH!
How did you know it was from the tubal? How did you know it’s a “thing”-PTS? Would you ever have a reversal? Sheesh, I’m full of questions. Thank you!!!

leah October 25, 2012 at 4:54 pm

Deb, I just read your post, and cried though the whole thing. I too have gotten my tubes tied about 1 year ago and have regretted it everyday since. Even though I have two wonderful boys. I still feel a emptiest / saddest. I found my self crying just the other day after getting rid of some of the boys clothes that they out grow.

What makes things worse is my sister-in-law is getting ready to have another baby soon in Dec. And they just had to tell me on my birthday the news. All I could say was Congrats, but really I was dying inside.

Sorry, for having a little feel sorry for myself party. It’s just helps to know that
someone else has / going though something kind of like what I’m going though.

Jenn February 26, 2012 at 7:36 pm

Wow! I did not know any of this. Thank you so much for putting this out there. I know I wouldn’t have researched this if I ever decided to have it done. I just figured it was a simple procedure and then that was the end of it.
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Stephanie February 26, 2012 at 7:52 pm

I had my tubes tied in 2002, after a c-section with my third child. I’d never heard of this syndrome until I read your post, and I don’t seem to have any of the symptoms. Not menopausal or with weird hormonal symptoms.

I don’t know what that means, except maybe that it doesn’t happen to everyone. If that’s encouraging at all. Feel free to email me if you have questions.
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Suebob February 26, 2012 at 7:59 pm

Thanks, Heather, for exploring this here. I had no idea. Haven’t had tubes tied and won’t, but people need to know.
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Kate February 26, 2012 at 8:02 pm

I had my tubes tied after my EJ, so far I haven’t noticed anything, but please feel free to email me and I will help any way I can.

Amanda February 26, 2012 at 8:04 pm

You know, mommy, I don’t know anything about tubal ligation, but you should definitely trust your gut and find a doctor who will listen to you. You know when something is wrong with your body. This must be so frustrating.
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Jen February 26, 2012 at 8:18 pm

I had my tubes tied post triplets… you can ask me anything.

marlowe February 26, 2012 at 8:23 pm

Last week my husband, my ob, and I were discussing what to do after our seventh — and second high risk — is born this summer. He mentioned this very thing and that he has many women come in with these complaints and he recommends a different path than tubal. To hear you confirm what he was saying makes me grateful for a fantastic doc!

Heather February 27, 2012 at 12:26 pm

I’m so reassured hearing this. Thank you, Marlowe. It’s good to know there are docs out there that see these problems and take them seriously.

All the best to you and yours!

Jennifer February 26, 2012 at 8:28 pm

Tubes tied in 2009 after birth of twins (my second and third children). Like you I didn’t do much research prior to the procedure. When my periods returned they were very heavy and irregular (shorter cycles). Read some conflicting information about causes. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of info available for post-tubal changes.
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Heather February 27, 2012 at 12:27 pm

It’s true. There isn’t a lot of information, especially medical literature, studies, research, etc. Hard to find, anyway.

claudine October 3, 2012 at 8:16 am

Hello heather my name is Claudine I’ve had them tide for seven years now and i feel exactly what you been talking about i have never been right ever since my emotion seems out of whack like I’m having hormonal issues I’m always feeling depressed for no apparent reason at times i can be happy for a moment and be sad the next i went to the doctor they gave me birth control when i was younger my cycle was never a balanced one but the moment i tied my tubes i made it worse i can never feel happy and stay happy confidence level is so low its hard to make solid decision it keeps me feeling negative i don’t even know if I’m making since to you or not. email me.

mandi bone February 26, 2012 at 8:40 pm

I have had mine tied if you want to email me.

Heidi Ashworth February 26, 2012 at 8:58 pm

Oh, Heather, I’m sorry you are going through yet another crisis! It just doesn’t seem fair. Early menopause whilst nursing has got to be about as hormonal as it gets. NOT. FUN.

Jenny P February 26, 2012 at 10:31 pm

Haven’t heard of this before, but glad you mentioned it because I was (possibly still am?) planning on having my tubes tied after baby is delivered in April. We’ve talked about vasectomy for husband and what not, but with me having a c-section already, it just seemed simpler to have it done right then and there while my fallopian tubes are open on the table, know what I mean? I’ll be sure to do some more research though, as well as have nice and friendly heart to heart with my doctor, whom I love and trust immensely. So, thank you for the heads up! I hope you find some answers for your own self very, very soon.

Heather February 27, 2012 at 12:30 pm

That’s what I thought too, Jenny. Since they’d already be in there, they may as well just clip up those tubes! I encourage you to thoroughly check into this before doing it. Not everyone has complications but it is very common. You wouldn’t believe how many emails I’m getting. It’s not at all fun to live with, so….
I don’t mean to scare people at all…I just want people to be as informed and careful as possible. Maybe some things are just not meant to be done to our bodies. I’m no expert, but that’s what my heart-gut tells me.

All the best to you, mama.

claudine October 3, 2012 at 8:20 am

so true i really regret doing it

Cynthia February 26, 2012 at 10:56 pm

I didn’t have my tubes tied. My next door neighbor did a tubal ligation because her spouse was unwilling to have a vasectomy. He now says if he’d had any idea how much it would impact her hormones, he would have done the Big V. The Big V isn’t ideal either- my spouse had it done and has lived with some tenderness ever since. I totally regret pushing him to have a vasectomy. Guess we shouldn’t have opted for either of the permanent options (especially since we had infertility in the first place- we were just formally closing a door that hadn’t really ever ‘opened’ without doctors and meds prying it open!)

Cheryl February 26, 2012 at 11:02 pm

I had my tubes tied, in September of 08. I started having odd symptoms too. I would love to talk to you further about this! Now I’m off to google post tubal ligation syndrome. :p
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anymommy February 26, 2012 at 11:09 pm

Ack, Heather, I’m sorry. And I’m really, really grateful that you wrote this post. I’ve been thinking about speaking up on all the issues I’ve had after a similarly “harmless” procedure for woman (a D&C) and advising women to research more before they have the procedure and I’ve been afraid a bit that people would think I’m telling them what to do.

Marybeth @ Alarm Clock Wars February 26, 2012 at 11:33 pm

Good luck with all you have going on. I haven’t even had kids yet, so certainly can’t relate on this particular problem, but have had other medical problems recently. I would suggest that you find another OB/GYN who will take your symptoms seriously and work with you to find some treatments that will help.
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Tracie February 27, 2012 at 1:31 am

I haven’t had this, so I don’t have any real wisdom. But I do know several people who have, and at least one of them had “some complications” afterwards. Maybe you could get a second opinion from another doctor? Have you thought about having it reversed? (that might be too personal, and if so, please don’t answer it!)

I just want to tell you thank you for writing about this. I really believe that using a blog to give voice to the hard things, or the not-often-discussed things can be a real blessing to other people.
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Heather February 27, 2012 at 1:55 am

Tracie, Yes. I do want to have it reversed. I’ll be looking for a new to me OBGYN that will do it. My current one said she would not. And yes, I so hope writing about this will help people. I’d love to help even one person avoid this.

claudine October 3, 2012 at 8:24 am

i want that done also but unfortunately i don’t have funds like that at all i feel like i ‘m about to lose it some times i wish someone can help.

Lora February 27, 2012 at 2:10 am

I have been considering getting my tubes tied for a long time, because I have 4 children, (and we are adopting a 5th!). I tried to have it done while my husband was deployed and it didn’t happen because the doc essentially said I needed my husband’s permission…… yeah. I was kinda mad about that! But after reading this I’m wondering if I shouldn’t be grateful instead!! I ended up getting a non-hormonal IUD (paraguard) because any hormones at all mess me up so I couldn’t take the pill etc. It’s good for 10 years so maybe I will just stick with that and leave my tubes alone. Sorry you are going through this but thanks for the heads up!!!!

Barbie February 27, 2012 at 3:04 am

I just emailed you. I had my tubes tied at 37, after birth of last baby. Have had issues ever since. All detailed in my email. So thankful you are doing this post.

Al_Pal February 27, 2012 at 4:32 am

WOW, so glad that Suebob linked this!
Scary, sad, fascinating.
Good Luck! [which, uh, I know isn’t maybe the most helpful, but, Wishing you well with finding betterness.]

Addie Zierman February 27, 2012 at 7:10 am

So frustrating when your doctor is dissmissive of your fears and concerns. I’m sure she didn’t mean to communicate that, but still. Wonder if it would be worth it to see someone else? It would be nice to have a doctor who could walk this road with you and provide guidance and support. So sorry to hear that you’re struggling.
Addie Zierman recently posted..Sometimes, I Write Other Things

Heather February 27, 2012 at 12:32 pm

Yes. I’ll definitely be seeing someone else. She’s been good to me in the past but seems unsure or kind of guarded about this. So…yeah, we’ll move on :)

hokgardner February 27, 2012 at 8:37 am

Had my tubes tied 3 1/2 years ago after my fourth was born. It never occurred to me that the worsening depression and wild hormone swings could be as a result of the tubal rather than just a function of being 41 and overwhelmed. Happy to answer any questions.

Beth February 27, 2012 at 8:41 am

Had tubes tied in November 2008 during an extremely traumatic birth situation. Lots of fall out, but not clear which parts are from which thing, if you know what I mean. Plus, it’s not as if my menstrual life had been all roses and sunshine before kids. Please feel free to contact me if you want to ask questions, talk, whatever.
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Ash February 27, 2012 at 8:48 am

Hey Heather. Sorry you’re having a difficult time! I had my tubes tied March 2006. Would love to answer your questions, if you still need participants.

XO – Ashlei

Sarah Partain February 27, 2012 at 8:54 am

What a bummer!!! This might sound weird but it might help for you to see a naturopath. They might be able to take things from a different perspective and tell you how it’s affecting your body wholistically. Either way, hope it gets better!

Heather February 27, 2012 at 12:33 pm

No that’s not weird, Sarah. My sister has a good one and I plan to work with her on this. Thank you!

Leslie February 27, 2012 at 9:22 am

I haven’t had my tubes tied, but I always assumed I would if I got pregnant one more time. I’d never heard of this. It looks like I have some research to do, too.
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Patois February 27, 2012 at 9:23 am

I had my tubes tied nearly 10 years ago. I definitely had a lot of emotional issues after, but I can’t recall any physical ones. Please feel free to ask me anything. And I’m so sorry you’re having trouble.
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Angela O'Dell February 27, 2012 at 9:52 am

Hello, I had my tubes tied 8 years ago after I my 4th child was born. I have definitely seen a difference in my cycle and in my moods. :o/ Not good changes either. Thanks for looking into this and giving information.

Sarah February 27, 2012 at 10:11 am

A woman in our church had an eptopic pregnancy years after having her tubes tied…and almost died because of it. She ended up having an emergency hysterectomy to save her life. The doctors said this was because of the tubal ligation. I haven’t done any research on the emotional/physical side effects of tubal ligation, but this woman’s experience was enough to keep me far away from ever considering it.

Side note: You can always have them untied!

Shannon February 27, 2012 at 10:32 am

This sounds similar in many ways to my struggle with using hormonal birth control a few years ago. It is part of what has led me to such a passion about women’s health. We have a right to know all the facts and to make decisions for ourselves along side our doctors about our bodies! Haha, see? Passion! I’ve been praying for you since you talked about your depression and anxiety a little bit ago, and I will continue to. I hope at least knowing the source of the problems leads to some healing.
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Heather February 27, 2012 at 12:35 pm

I’m getting quite passionate about this, too, Shannon! You are so right. We have to listen to ourselves and stand by our needs. Thank you for your prayers!

Sarah February 27, 2012 at 10:41 am

I have not had my tubes tied, but I do want to tell you that there are several things OB/GYNs do not tell, or are not up to date on. Tubal Ligation is one of them. I’ve known several women to have tubals or hysterectomies. All have suffered some variation of pre-menopause, depression, general anxiety, or panic disorders.
Case in point: I am a DES daughter, and it took me developing cervical cancer (recurrance) at 19 before someone told me 1) that I was a DES daughter, and that 2) I should have never been placed on birth control (you know that caveat of “certain types of cancer?” YEAH.). Now I’ve cut all kinds of hormones from my life (no soy, no bovine growth hormone, no birth control, etc) and I have been in remission for nearly 11 years.
Also, I will never go on HRT. I watched an interview with a doctor several years ago, and one quote from her has stuck with me: “No woman has ever died from menopause. No woman has died from hot flashes. But, women die of breast cancer, uterine and ovarian cancer every day.”
I can’t tell you or other readers what will work best for you, but I do believe (with all of my heart) that the more we mess with the system…
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Jill February 27, 2012 at 11:17 am

Wow – I have been feeling the same since my tubal in June, 2010. I wasn’t told of any of these sides effects and have had an increase in anxiety ever since. Would love to learn and discuss some more.

Gwen February 27, 2012 at 11:56 am

I had mine done three years ago this March, and have regretted it ever since. I was a poor candidate for the Pill (sent my blood pressure sky rocketing) and thought this was the best option at the time, the whole thing was handled badly. I wound up having to deliver five weeks early and my OB seemed to think it was just fine to waive the 30 day wait period and post date the consent forms. I would get a reversal in a minute and wish I had been better informed on how the tubal would wreak havoc on my moods and cycle. And to the previous poster who mentioned facial hair, YES! I never linked it to my tubal but it makes perfect sense.

Lucky Red Hen February 27, 2012 at 2:09 pm

I had my tubal ligation in 2003 (and told them to make it irreversible, so they threw away the excess and cauterized the ends instead of rolling it up and clipping) so I would never get pregnant again. If I die and hubby remarries, I wouldn’t have a problem with him fathering more children, he makes great kids :), but I know I don’t want to birth anymore of my own so that’s why I wanted it instead of him getting the V (plus, I know a couple who got pregnant after he had a vasectomy and then AGAIN after his SECOND vasectomy; she got a TL after that one).

The options I thought I had at the time were me getting a tubal ligation, hubby getting a vasectomy, IUD (I didn’t like that for me when I read about it; maybe it was the side effects or complications that can arise from it, I can’t remember), birth control pills (that doesn’t come with as good of a guarantee to not getting pregnant as a TL, I’m not consistent in pill taking, and don’t want to take them until by body’s done with menopause that can last up to 10 years), condoms (have you watched FRIENDS to know their track record ain’t that great either), or abstinence (um, no, I’m married).

The symptoms I’ve had since (and perhaps prior, but I wasn’t hyper aware then) point toward a thyroid issue (both grandmothers had issues), perhaps it’s hormonal, part of being a mom, aging, environment, food quality/altering, menopause, or any myriad of causes. The trick is assigning these changes/issues to one source; maybe there are others, maybe combined with something else is what’s causing it. You are right about how little research can be found regarding some women’s health issues.

Rachel February 27, 2012 at 3:09 pm

I’ve heard of all sorts of hormone problems from tubal ligations (tying/clamping tubes), vasectomies (yes, even men struggle with hormone issues afterwards), and the newer procedure where they “cap” your fallopian tubes with a plastic cap (not sure about the exact name for this procedure). I think of it this way, those areas were all meant to be “free-flowing” (at least until menopause for women), so it’s kind of like having a colonstomy bag that is never emptied? Just my own analogy. Unfortunately we live in a world where many procedures/drugs are considered normal and no big deal. My heart goes out to women dealing with this and shame on any doctor for not considering there might be a real problem, though I do think that recent pregnancy and breastfeeding (Lots of hormones released recently and currently) could definitely make TLS worse. I think there is a recent advent of more women getting this procedure immediately after having a baby and also younger women having it done than before. This might make it a more recent phenomenon. In dealing with b.c. myself, we did a lot of researching before deciding on the Creighton Model of NFP. Many may scoff at NFP because it’s not a quick fix, but for a committed couple who has similar views on planning their family, it’s GREAT! And since it’s not a quick fix, but something you have to “work” at, it has NO side effects. Blessings to you Heather as you try to figure this out and as you have made yourself vulnerable in sharing, may many others learn and be blessed by you!
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Jennifer February 27, 2012 at 5:11 pm

I had a hysterectomy instead of a tubal, mainly because I wanted it all done at once (long story). One of the reasons I chose that option is because my mother had a tubal and she had many, many of the same symptoms you mention in your next post. I was scared if I had a tubal that the same thing would happen to me and I would just end up with the hysterectomy anyway. Something interesting to me, I still have one of my ovaries and after four years I have experienced no pre-menopausal symptoms. Very odd.
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Katherine @ Grass Stains February 29, 2012 at 3:56 pm

Heather, I had a tubal in September of 2011, and my body completely revolted afterward. This was my fourth pregnancy and fourth delivery, but first c-section and (obviously) only tubal. I wrote about my experience in five parts (here’s the link to part 5, which contains links to the first four parts if you’re interested ) and am still in the midst of some of the symptoms. My OB and psychiatrist (who I have to see as a result of the insomnia) both say it’s not related to the tubal … but I’m not so sure. I will go read part 2 of your story now!

Sue March 2, 2012 at 10:21 pm

I too have PTLS after having my TL at 42 it has been down hill since then including joint pain on my right side and now I am pre-menopausal. I am considering a reversal at 46 to perhaps ease the pain. Would you consider doing this as well or have you?

Rosema March 3, 2012 at 11:45 am

Hi, I also have ptls (severe) and I am also considering a tubal reversal hopefully i will be able to have it done by the end of this year, I had a tubal when I was 27 and it has been a roller coaster physically and emotionally ( crying ,anixety ) and I just want it to stop I am so desperate for relief but I just dont have the money to have a tubal right now and I have not found a doctor that will listen to me they just think it is in my head and that I am depressed . Any suggestions

The Mommy Psychologist March 6, 2012 at 1:27 am

Wow. I haven’t heard of this before. But I do know how horrible hormones are and how certain procedures effect women differently. After I had my son, I had a copper IUD put in place. I had SO many issues with depression, anxiety, and crazy rage attacks shortly thereafter. For along time, I wrote it off as postpartum depression, adjusting to being a mom, sleep deprivation, and all of that. But as time went on, it didn’t go away. I got lucky in that my IUD moved up into my uterus (yes, I understand that doesn’t sound very lucky, but wait for the end of the story). They had to remove my IUD. Within a few days of my IUD being removed, my depression lessened, the anxiety decreased, and I no longer wanted to kill people. I am convinced that my IUD was the culprit. It’s not the same as your procedure, however, I really think there are so many side effects that can happen with our reproductive systems that NEVER get disclosed or talked about in a clinical setting.
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Paola March 13, 2012 at 12:11 am

Everything started when I got my tubes tied in May of 2007! I went to another OBGYN today and he told me that PTLS existed but that the insurance would not cover and he would have to remove my tubes to take care of the problem. He said the tubes had nothing to do with the cycle and at the same time he would put a heated balloon in my uterus to take away the bleeding. I looked at him like he was crazy and left his office in discouraged but not without hope. I felt like he was trying to sell me another lie. So if this didn’t work it would be a hysterectomy and being on hormones for the rest of my life. I spoke to a woman at his office before the appointment and she said she had PTLS and she had a reversal and it took care of the problem. So I don’t understand why the doctor after saying that I had PTLS would not encourage me to get a reversal!!!

Andrea March 23, 2012 at 9:03 pm

I had a tubal after a csection of my 3rd child in 2006. I was urged to do so because I had preeclampsia with my pregnancies. Since then, I have had so many problems. I have been to so many doctors who pretty much tell me I’m okay and give me pills. I stumbled across your blog tonight. This is the first I have ever heard of this. It explains so much. I read that doctors say women are complaining because before they got tubals they took the pill for years and that’s what is causing the symptoms. Withdrawal from the hormones in the pill. I hadn’t taken the pill in years! So that is not what happened. Doctors don’t want to recognize this as a serious issue because so many women have had the procedure done. The amount of lawsuits filed would be insane. They feel if they can keep women thinking it’s all in our head, they stay in the clear. If you want to get a tubal, please please reconsider.

Aunt LoLo March 27, 2012 at 11:55 am

Obviously, I’m more than a little late to the party. BUT. I’ve been dealing with some ovary/uterus issues for the past few months, and the longer this goes on, the more I realize…doctors don’t really have any more idea than we do about what goes on in there. I mean, it’s not like you can put it under a microscope and watch things develop. And things that seem really, really major to a woman in pain…just don’t get a doctor all that excited. (Heard that one from a friend who nurses in the ER.) No, I’m not doctor bashing at ALL. I’m just saying…basically what you are. Do your homework. And trust your gut.

And much love to you, Heather, as you get through this!!!!
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Leigh April 9, 2012 at 3:30 pm

I have had my tubes tied for 18 years. The past 4 have been miserable. I have had menopausal symptoms for the past 12 years atleast. I have mood swings and suffered a divorce after 12 years of marriage and many failed relationships. The fights occurred monthly. Prior to tubal ligation I was a happy, pushover that never knew a period was coming. I feel the tubal changed me..for the worse. I have had many tests run. PMS doesn’t run in my family. My mother never had a tubal and she has never raised her voice in her life. I am her made over except for the unhappiness. I have no mental issues, no childhood stresses or abuse, no hormone imbalance. I have been checked for all medical problems. Doc put me on Prozac in 2005 and I was a zombie..I hated it. He said I had PMDD. But I know it’s from the tubal ligation. All women may not experience this but I have spoken to atleast 15 women in the past years that had tubals and we all have the same symptoms. I can deal with all symptoms but not the mood swings. Stress amplifies them to terrifying. My symptoms since age 30 are anxiety, mood swings, night sweats, hot flashes, breast tenderness that is excrutiating, stabbing pains in the area where my ovaries are, and no sex drive at all.. I have been married to a wonderful man for 7 years and I pray he can know the person I was before this. Seriously considering a tubal reversal. I have read reports that woman experienced real change. A few said no change…what to do?? I am 40 years old.. praying for an answer. Good luck to you :)

tessa May 2, 2012 at 1:24 pm

Hi I know what your going through. I had my tubes clamped 10 yrs ago and omg dod the symptoms start riggt away. I cry all the time and that never happened. My periods are 10you times worse. I cramp so baf it’s like labor pains the first day. Then my periods heavy for 5you days before it lightens. I have sore full breasts 2 weeks before my period and i’m cranky for 2you weeks. I sweat all the time like menopause.I want this procedure reversed so I could feel alive again. I’m depressed a lot pf the time amd no one qill help me reverse this eithout paying thpusands of dollars. Good luck.

Jennie May 16, 2012 at 9:39 pm

You have no idea how amazing this is–to find this. I had my tubes tied 4 years ago and my life changed drastically. It didn’t happen fast, but steadily my life is not what it was. Of the nearly 40 symptoms, I have 35. My marriage has been near divorce over it. How do you explain to your husband that the idea of sex is repulsive without offending him? I have so many emotions over this I am no where near beginning to sort them out. I go to the doctor May 29th and I feel very sure he is going to say it is in my head. Luckily, since we have found out about this–my husband fully agrees with me that this is what is wrong and that it’s not in my head. The problem is–no insurance company will cover a reversal, and I don’t want to have a hysterectomy at 32! I’m just praying for some answers and for blogs like this that show me I’m not alone (and by extension, not crazy!).

elise July 6, 2013 at 2:23 pm

Do not get a hysterectomy. It has some more side effects you won’t want! I had a tubal ligation 10 years ago and experienced the same as you: crazy cycles, crazy cramps and finally a uterus twice sized and 4-5 times as thick as it should be. Finally just had a hysterectomy. Just get the reversal. Pay for it over the years. Better to pay money over the years, than health over the years1

Tina May 19, 2012 at 2:48 pm

This hospital tied my tubs without my permission left me in excruciating pain and bleeding no one came to check on me but one nurse who complained i was crying to much no doctor never came to check on me to this day I live in pain from the surgery and from not being able to have any more kids and with a disfigure belly and loss of memory by the time I found out the statue of limitation was up it took me 7 years to piece memories together to recollect that day after I had my baby four nurses tried to convince me to tie my tubs I was very a dement about not having it done I ask what else can I do I suggested IUD they told dr lolylld lee he said well I may as well go back to the office I agreed with him next a nurse comes in with a needle I asked her what is tha for she said to relax u I Said i don’t need it I had my baby already well the dr told me to give it to u I said I don’t need it she put it in my I V anyway. I remembered feeling like I was in church worshiping the lord and feeling his presents and Him asking me now do u want your tubs tied. I woke up n pain and today this day im in pain no dr can find where out why this pain is they just give me pain medicine. I will never forget this day it has ruined my complete life i lost my husband and myself my kids lost a mother By the time I had a MRI done it was to late to sue the statue of limitation was up which also makes no since to me because from the time i was sure i knew what happen to prove mentally and medically that’s when time should have started it ruined my mental n physically n emotionally for ever I suffer from these symptoms 
Increased Fatigue – Increasing to the point where there are days that all you want to do is sleep. Impossible to keep up with demands of family and work.
Feeling Doom – Like there is a black cloud over your head and you are convinced that something bad is about to happen.
Anxiety Issues – This is quite noticeable in women that have never had anxiety. These women have no idea what they are experiencing or why.
Memory Loss and Foggy Feeling – it feels as though your brain is in a “fog”. Becoming forgetful (which can be very scary).
Skin Issues – Some describe the feeling as though something is crawling on your skin. Acne can also become an issue.
Hair Loss – Scalp thins while hair growth becomes greater on other parts of the body, such as facial hair and hair around nipples.
Migraines – These can be debilitating.
Feeling of pelvic fullness and sharp stabbing pains at ovulation time.
Breast Milk Production Declines- Noticed by women who had multiple children and never had a problem with producing milk before tubal ligation. After tubal ligation they may not have enough milk to meet their baby’s needs on nursing alone.
Changes In Breast – Breasts may become very tender. There may also be a loss of tissue mass.
Menstrual Abnormalities – Periods can be extremely heavy and painful with clotting. Cycle is not regular. None of these things happened before tubal ligation.

Sazzystitches June 19, 2012 at 2:52 pm

Wow, i just had a tubal last week and really freaked out know it was hormonal or emotional yesterday but couldn’t figure out why. I got to wondering this morning if it is linked to the surgery. Has anybody found anything natural that has helped?

Heather June 19, 2012 at 4:38 pm

I’ve heard that natural hormone creams help (progesterone and testosterone) I’ve also gone off gluten and found that it’s helped all my symptoms. Sometimes hormonal changes can make us react differently to our usual diet.

Good luck to you!

Shelly June 29, 2012 at 9:26 pm

Hey Heather! I had a tubal ligation in August 2011 and have suffered from PTLS. I have had horrible symptoms and I am planning on having a reversal as soon as I can……If u want to read about women who are suffering from PTLS there is a Facebook private group and you can go to Please feel free to email me any questions or if you need some encouragement!

Heather June 30, 2012 at 7:10 pm

Thank you for this. I appreciate the resources so much. I hope you’re able to have the reversal and wish you all the best. I’ve heard it’s hard to find a place to have them done. The whole thing is so frustrating! Peace to you,

Maria October 22, 2012 at 12:18 pm

I just turned 33 but since I was 30 I’ve been feeling like the menopause is hitting me people don’t believe me because I’m to young but know that I’m reading all this I know that is because I tied my tubes 10 years ago. I need help on what to do with all my changes thank you.

Mimi July 6, 2012 at 8:36 pm

I had my tubes tied and have been feeling the same way as you. I don’t know what to do about it. I thought of having it reversed, but it cost so much and insurance companies wont cover it. If anyone could tell me something let me know Please!

cara August 6, 2012 at 3:01 am

i had an emergency cesection and tubal lagation same day. was a horrible experience. especially because my first after three vag births. ive had all these symptoms,headaches. stomach aches. severe acne, pms, messed up periods mood swings,poor skin,insomnia,hormonal imbalance, andemotional issues. also painful periods. this is all news to me. im speechlessi im 44 and am losing hair. this is crazy

sandy August 27, 2012 at 7:19 pm

I read this and it was like I was reading something I had written. I am suffering too after my TL and so is my family. I had my surgery 4-24-2011 and had an extremely heavy period for 3 months then nothing since. I have gone crazy with anxiety,depression, and hot flashes. I am emotionally and sometime mentally unstable and it it all because of TL. Luckily my hubby is very supportive and understanding. Wish all you the best in finding help.

danielle September 4, 2012 at 10:23 pm

hello i have had my tubes tied for 10 years when i was 25 and have been trying to have them reversed for 8 because of the heavy periods, awful cramps (never had any before the surgery) i also suffer from fatigue, hot flashes, mood swings, severe depression lets just say all of the possible side effects. i’m miserable. glad to no im not alone, that didnt sound right well you no what i mean , good luck

april burrows September 8, 2012 at 11:52 am

me too…dont feel bad we are in the same boat!!! have your doctor check fsh levels…then get a copy of the blood work results & look at it yourself to make sure they really checked it..cuz they told me they did,,but they didnt..they checked everything but that!!

april burrows September 8, 2012 at 11:42 am

I have the same problems..tubal ligation syndrome is real,,those women are not crazy..its been happening for me for 2 years now & I am currently trying to get doctors to help me w it..awaiting the correct blood work results to try to get hrt!!!

april burrows September 8, 2012 at 11:45 am

plzzz email me with anything that might work for the horrible symptoms..maybe what your doc did for you..if they say they checked your hormone levels & they were all fine,,look at the results yourself and make sure they did the fsh estrogen part…cuz they didnt check mine..those are the ones they have to check..always look at it yourself..they havew to check the right hormones!!

april burrows September 8, 2012 at 11:49 am

Im so tired of getting the runaround from all the doctors about this..2 years of anxiety,panic,rib pain,night sweats,hot flashes,emotional issues..all after i got a tubal..its ruining my life & I wish doc would do something other than throw psych drugs at me that i refuse to take because i know this is a hormonal issue..i even have dark upper lip,& dark around my gonna make them fix this or im gonna throw a temper tantrum next time i get the run around..if the doctors were honest about the side affectes of a tubal,i wouldnt have gotten one,& we wouldnt be in this mess in the 1rst place,the least they could do is b honest w me & help me fix it!

paula mozirer September 10, 2012 at 12:16 pm

hi i went to the doctors and said i want my tubes tied i was suffering with depression my dad was dieing two weeks later i had surgery the doctor didnt even ask how i was feeling i now want more children and cant as i cant afford a reversal i also think my change is happening im having hot sweats im always tired moody but the doctors wont listen they just say im to young im 34

mikas mommy September 20, 2012 at 2:37 am

so i know im kinda late on this but i got my tubes tied February of this year. i have not been feeling well since. i didnt have my period for 5 months after getting it done when i finally get my period i have other problems pop up. idk whats going on but u can email me if u like . Thank you for listening

Crystal September 26, 2012 at 7:08 am

Hello, I had my tubes ties 3 years ago and since then my life has been a struggle to say the least. Tying my tubes was the worst thing I have ever done to my body. I have a ton of horrible PTLS symptoms and yet I cannot get one doctor to beleive me. They tell me that this could never happen due to TL and then either give me anti-depressants, birth control, or blood clotting medication to help with the HEAVY bleeding. I have had my thyroid checked twice due to being SO tired and having weight gain…but it’s normal. I have had my testerone checked since I now have NO sex drive, CBC, UA for lower abdominal pain, pelvic ultrasound to check for fibroids and more tests all of which appear normal but I am not my normal self. Anyone out there reading this DON’T ever tie your tubes it would be better to use birth control and risk those side effects then to possibly live with these side effects the rest of your life.

Lisa September 26, 2012 at 3:19 pm

Thanks so much for posting about this issue! I just had my consult with my surgeon today for my 2nd c-section. First was an emergency, planning 2nd because I don’t want a repeat. She asked if I was at all interested in a tubal and I said yes, although NOT SURE, as I wanted to do my research. I’m glad I came here and also found a few other things on google that make me 100% positive I don’t want a tubal done. The only question I could think of to ask during my appointment today was if I’d still get a period (I had done absolutely no research on this until today). She said yes and that it would be the same as before. Well, hah. Apparently what I’m reading is that they can be worse and I already have terrible periods, heavy, and have literally passed out from the cramping pain. I can’t imagine them being any worse than they already are. And the hormone thing is really scary. I only took the Pill for a few months before I realized that it was messing with my hormones and I really dug into reading about the side-effects. I am not at all a person who likes to just pop a pill or take medication to solve a symptom and if I can avoid these problems that so many women have experienced, I will do so. It seems most of the men in our family just end up getting the V and don’t have any problems. That’s what me and hubby had decided on a long time ago anyway until the doctor mentioned the tubal to me today, so I think that’s what we’ll stick with. Thanks again!

Amy Kat October 3, 2012 at 12:00 am

Horrid nightmare I lived through for a year before I figured out it was all caused from my tubes being tied. Visit the link above if you want my full story. Be warned it is graphic at times but I felt it was necessary so other women could fully relate.
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meaghan puckett October 4, 2012 at 8:35 pm

I never was told anything about the affects of a tubal and hormonal changes and its been four years i wasnt able to afford to go to the doctor im 29 years old and before my last pregnancy i was perfectly fine happy never that angry and defenitley more confidentnow im angry all the time i get mad at the stupidest things im depressed all the time i cry atleast six days out of the week and i feel lost and trapped i hate it i hate being me i want help badly

Skye Hawk October 12, 2012 at 5:26 pm

Hi I ran accross your blog post while doing some digging of my own on PTLS… I have had a madrid of health problems right after I had my second child. This was 6 years ago my health has gone south ever since. I have seen specialist after specialist who are trying to cover up the symptoms and have stopped actually trying to figure out what is going on with me. I have even had spinal taps trying to figure out if some of what is going on with me was caused from my epidural. The only other thing that I did around this time was my tubal and everything started after that. I have just recently found information on PTLS and on the symptoms list I have about 90% of them and have been struggling to figure out why these things have been going on for the past 6 years. Please feel free to email me I can go more in detail on them.

ruby chavez October 13, 2012 at 7:31 pm

From everything I have read and heard here and there, I highly believe all my symptoms could be related to having my tubes tied;and at this point I just want to know what kind of treatments, natural preferably, are there to try.

Thank you, sincerely.

Danielle October 16, 2012 at 4:27 pm

Way late, but here I go… After having three children with birth complications, and adverse reactions to multiple birth controls, I had my tubes tied. Example bed for six straight months. Tubal seemed to be my best option. Between the c-section and the air they used to get my organs out of the way, it was very painful. I also had a c-section due to my second child being 10lbs. 8.5oz. delivered vag. I hadn’t had the easiest of times with my cycle, but now… Back pain, head aches, nausea, clots, excessive bleeding and low iron levels despite iron pills, I go through a super plus and pad every hour and a half when its bad. Thanks for the info & good luck! I didn’t know about this syndrome either. I thought my issues were due to c-s but, now … Going to O.B. soon to try and sort this out.

Miss K October 20, 2012 at 4:46 pm

I’m 29, I had my tubes tied 4 years ago after my 3rd child. I didn’t know anything about ptls my doctor never warned me of the possibility of going thru this. I didn’t have any symptoms of ptls until 2 years ago but I thought it was because things had change in my life. I only heard about ptls when I was online doing a little research about reversal. To this day my doctor says there’s nothing wrong and blames my symptoms on other factors in my life. You can also email me I’ll answer any questions that I can.

Maria October 22, 2012 at 12:18 pm

Heather can you please email me

carolina October 23, 2012 at 4:51 pm

please Heather help me understand this . i am feeling just like you and many others.

Nina October 26, 2012 at 2:05 pm

I recently had my tubes tied after the birth of my third child. No one warned me of what could happen to you afterward! Now I know I’m not the only one going through this. I wish I looked into it more before going through with it but I trusted my doctors and took their word that there are no complications except in 1% you can have a tubal pregnancy. I hope things get better but I’m slowly losing hope.

Lauran November 4, 2012 at 3:52 pm

I had my tubes tied after I had my son in 2005.It was a normal birth, no pain killers, no epidural, no tearing.
Before I had my son I’d always had super-heavy periods but no cramps, and the periods that came regularly.
After my son and my tubes being tied, I have pain in my sides and over my ovaries ALL of the time, and my periods are PAINFUL, heavy, unpredictable, etc.
I also developed fibroid cysts in my breasts.
My doctor says I am just sensitive to my hormonal cycle, have a lot of estrogen, etc and put me on Ortha Tri-Cyclen Lo but they haven’t done ANYTHING (on them a month now).
Anyone else feeling like me, in pain and worn out ALL of the time?

Amanda November 6, 2012 at 6:58 pm

Good Evening,

i agree with you that PTS does exist although doctors will not admit it. I had my tubes tied in Feb 2012 after my third baby and again a c-section. I have regretted it every day. I have considered having them reversed but am not sure about it because it’s expensive. I had a period for 6 months straight at first birth control didn’t help but now it has. I feel tired all the time. I can’t loose the baby weight, i feel depressed at times unhappy. I feel pregnant half the time. It has truly messed my body up in ways i never thought possible

TAMIKA November 12, 2012 at 9:42 am

I had my tubes tied in May 2010, It was the worst thing I could have done, my body hurts all the time before and after my period. It seems to only be getting worst. I didn’t want any more kids because my kids are 12yrs apart. While researching after I had my daughter I found out that the side affects were due to having the tubal ligation, I wouldn’t sugguest that any one get it done unless they had to. I would have much rather had the IUD or some long term birth control, I found a doctor who advised me that the tubal ligations put alot pressure on the area were your blood has to flow and that increases your pain level. After reasearching she was telling me the truth, so I’m stuck with a bad decision of getting my tubes tied and mine were cut not tied.

JNash November 20, 2012 at 6:19 pm

I had a TL in 2005. About a month after that the hot flashes and the crazy mood swings. Went to the doctor and was told that it was stress due to have two small children. As much as I tried to convince the doctors I didn’t feel right, the more they tried to convince me it was stress. To relieve the stress I started workingout. While workingout I couldn’t remember when I had my last period. When to the doctor again. Told the doctor I haven’t gotten my period. Was asked when did I realize this, and I told the doctor while I was in the gym. Doctor convinced me it was because I was working out. I tried to calm down my workout routine and still period jumping around like I don’t know what and these dang hot flashes. I had thick beautiful hair and now I have so much hair falling out. I was about 28 when I went to the doctor and told them something was wrong with me. I told him not to tell me it’s my diet, workout, the fact I have two small children, or stress. I was very angry and told the doctor this has been going on since 2005. This MAN had the nerves to tell me.. “ma’am, you are not as young as you use to be.” are you for real?

Well, then my reserch for TL began. I want to say the first night I cried so much. Recently, I found a military doctor who told me, without me saying a thing, “wow, A Tubal ligation has been the cause to many young women going into pre-menopause. Did you no that? Did your doctor tell you this before the procedure?”

My answer? Crying like a baby and thanking God that FINALLY a doctor agrees with me and the millions of mothers I read about.

Sorry so long.

Stephanie November 22, 2012 at 9:12 pm

PTLS is so real. I am a mother of three and decided to get my tubes tied right after my 3rd was born. LONG story short, I suffer from this syndrome so bad. I have horrible DUB, dysfunctional uterine bledding. My symptoms are, the irregular periods, hot flashes/night sweats, joint pain, pelvic pain and headaches. I have been to a couple different doctors and two ER visits. I am only 27 and very healthy. I’ve had ultrasounds, pap smears and a full blood work up. Everything is normal, except for a few hormones are LOW. I NEVER had any of these symptoms prior to my TL. I regret this surgery so every day of my life. I am saving up money for a reversal. This is very real and most likely is caused my a doctors error. Think about, GOD put everything in our bodies for a reason. It really makes sense if you do the research. I hope my post is helpful and informative to other women with these same symptoms. You are not crazy this is REAL!

Heather November 28, 2012 at 12:40 am

Hi Heather, I’m Heather. =) I sincerely feel for you. I had my tubes tied in
August of 2008 following the birth of my son, via csection. I’ve noticed that since then I stay hot & sweat constantly, only have a period once every few months & constantly feel sad & depressed over not being able to have more children. I also constantly feel like their is a baby moving inside off me..I mean literally. I went to dr. about it…not pregnant. Needless to say it doesn’t help my desire for another baby. At the time it seemed like a good idea. I have 3 children & struggle to give them their needs. My bf didnt want anymore because what made 3 children for me..made 5 for him…not counting my dd from a previous relationship. He wanted me to get them tied becuz he didnt want any more children & at the end of the pregnancy when i’m tired & not wanting to “go through that” again, I agreed. I wish I had never done it & had used a semi-permanent form of birth control. I have dreams of one day getting a tubal reversal & having one more child, a girl with him. He tells me that if thats how I feel then we should rethink our relationship. Easy for him to say….at least he still has the option. I’m on medicaid & that doesnt cover tubal reversals as it is seen as a fertility treatment so if he ever changed his mind, not that he would, we would have to pay out of pocket which the cheapest i’ve seen is 2000. Sorry I know I’m rambling. I dont know what symptoms u r experiencing but I Just wanted u to know that u r not alone.

Dee December 2, 2012 at 1:22 am


I was reading your posting and I found somebody or somebody’s that is going thru the same things as me as I lay here in front of a fan suffering from another hot flash again! I wish I NEVER did this to my body I hate this feeling everyday. Mood swings, hot flashes, feeling pregnant, mad at the world, sad, depressed, happy, ect, ect… I wish my insurance would cover it or that wasn’t that expensive to have it removed! I would rather have the mirena in place then to deal with this for the rest of my life ugh!

Dee December 2, 2012 at 1:29 am

I don’t want no more kids that’s not the reason for the removal I got more then enough 4 sons! I just hate the person I am after having this procedure. Lord please take this out of me ASAP please

Sue December 4, 2012 at 12:12 am

Hi, Australia here, I too had a TL back in 1999, just to find out in the last couple of months about PTLS, finally an answer as to why my body has gone totally haywire, ladies doctors apparently been talking about this since the 1950’s so why are they not making it public that”some” women may be affected. For me it has been less than half a life, I would urge everyone to research, the only thing I don’t think you can tell is if you are going to be affected or not . But I too have been going through nearly all of the 40 plus symptoms, I will be trying my hardest to have a reversal.

Jill December 6, 2012 at 4:27 am

I’m glad I came across this blog. I am having a scheduled C-Section at the end of this month and my doctor was offering to do this, …in fact I don’t believe I asked, but perhaps she just figured since I am 38 and mentioned it would be my last she would give me the option. I had reservations, and she said I had up until 72 hours before the surgery to confirm if I wanted her to go ahead with the tubal after my C-section. In the meantime I spoke with my sister in law, who mentioned that after her ligation she now suffers from very heavy periods. Well, that set my wheels in motion, I have normal/light periods and that alone is a pretty significant mark in the con column for me, then in further research discovering all the other side effects and hormonal imbalance possibilities I can solidly say I will not be going through with a tubal ligation. One of the biggest reasons I would have gone through with this in the first place was to avoid hormonal tampering with varying forms of birth control, so getting pummeled by early menopause after childbirth and or hormonal issues as a result of it would have really chapped my hide. Since I did not yet agree to the surgery I can’t say my doctor is negligent by not addressing side effects or possibilities, but I think before I inform her that I’ve decided against, I will ask and see if she is forthcoming with any of this information. Great blog and thank you for speaking out.

Gareth December 6, 2012 at 7:21 am

My wife had her tubes tied about 8 years ago and about 2 years later she started with extreme pain during her period after several visits to Gy and being told that it was nothing o do the operation she was given a hys.It is now 2years since the Hy and she is now suffering with despession and on tablets.In all this time no one has done a homone test on her.

Lianne Bowen December 7, 2012 at 7:06 pm

I had my tubes tied 6 years ago after my third child. I am not just talking about a clamp mine were cut, tied and burned. I started skipping periods I went as long as eighteen months with out a period. Now I am having heavy periods where I bleed through a tampon ever two hours. My depression has gotten worse. I was told of the chance of skipping periods but not everything else that came with it.

Renee' December 9, 2012 at 11:25 am

I’ve had my tubes tied in 1996 i’m 38 years old.I have never had cramps before until after the procedure.I felt like i was still pregnant with the nausea and the sleeping alot. It felt like i was sad all the time.On top of that i have 5 kids i was 95lbs with my first one and 121lbs after my fourth one,my fifth one after the procedure i just kept gaining weight i am now at 225lbs.Bad part about it i still eat like a bird!!Now that i’m 38 I really want more kids!My insurance covered the procedure but they cant help me get them untied.I really feel like less of a woman now and i encourage any woman not to get this procedure done unless they carefully do their research!!It Sucks i made a bad decision at 21 years old and no doctor explained anything to me!!I feel Mamed!!

Penny December 9, 2012 at 9:13 pm

I am 37 yrs old and I had my tubes cut, tied and burnt back in 1999 after my 3rd son was born. Really was not my choice to have it done. But what was done was done I could not change what had been done to me. I have the hot flashes, constant sweating, insomnia, etc, etc, etc. talked to doctor after doctor and got nowhere at all except sent to a psychological therapist and loads of psych medications due to the anxiety, severe depression and so. But still nobody gets my point about what I am going thru. After reading all this info here I am wondering how a doctor can consent to practicing tubal ligations without giving All THE INFORMATION to his or her patient. I have wished since day 1 that I did not get the tubal done because of possibly ever wanting more children, but it has bad severely horrible over the past 8 or 9 years. I have told everyone that I know who wants to ”not get pregnant again” to NOT have the tubal done just resort to something else. I have tried to commit suicide over this..that is just how badly depressed I am and I am tired of being told ”it is all in your head” or”to just stop over thinking all this”. Thanks for this site.

Keiana Griffin December 10, 2012 at 12:16 pm

OMG!!! I, first of all did not know there was an actual name for after getting your tubes tied. I cannot believe this is why I act so weird. I got my tubes tied in September of 2006, and I am now realizing the reason for me acting so different. No you are not alone, I am not ashamed to admit the symptoms are real. You can e-mail if you would like. Thank you for sharing.

Heather December 11, 2012 at 12:38 am

I am 33 yrs old and had my tubal ligation in 2000 after the birth of my 3rd child. I was never told their was even a possibility of side effects upon having the TL done. I began having crazy symptoms with in a month or so after the surgery. I experienced the first of literally thousands of anxiety attacks along with severe depression. I was told this was all due to postpartum depression…although I had never experienced it with the first 2 kids. A few years later the anxiety continued and turned into disabling OCD…which I now realize was my way of trying to gain some form of control in what was happening to me physiologically. Each month as my cycle came near I would go through fits of rage and uncontrollable crying spells. I began to experience migraine headaches so severe that I was visiting the hospital on a weekly basis. Now mind you…I had never put a correlation to my tubal ligation until 9 years post surgery. I just thought that chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, hair loss, blood clots, depression and the list goes on were all a normal way of life for most women! It wasn’t until about 1 1/2 years ago that I accidentally stumble across an article regarding post tubal ligation syndrome and the side effects other women felt they were experiencing from their surgery. It was upon reading the side effects did my light bulb finally go off and the dots began to be connected for me. Right around this same time I had just been told by my PCP that I was probably going through early menopause…at 31! I knew this couldn’t be right as my mother was 50’s and so was my grandmother when menopause occurred for them! Later that week I was also diagnosed with a fibro cystic breast condition which can be another side effect of TL. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! Yet with all of these symptoms the closest thing I could get from my Dr was..”well many women have complained of these side effects, but since their is no evidence of TL causing issues we must conclude it doesn’t exist!” Upon a consultation with a surgeon regarding my breast fibroids, I was told that sometimes when a women gets a TL, at times the extra estrogen gets lodged in the breast tissue and causes a lot of other issues as well! I was told if I was looking for relief to either have 30 days of chemo or get a tubal reversal! Needless to say, I am passing on the chemo and will be getting a reversal on 1/11/2013. He concluded..the only hope for restoring correct hormone balance was to allow the body to function the way it was originally designed. I am praying and believing he is right.

Lorraine August 2, 2013 at 3:30 am

How has the reversal worked for you? Have you gotten the relief from symptoms you were hoping for? What was the recovery like?

lyn August 24, 2013 at 8:17 pm

Yes, how did the reversal worked for you? Did it relieve the symptoms? Where did you get it done at and how much? I’ve had my tubes burned just a week now and I know for sure its the cause for most of the symptoms I’m having, cause I never had them before in my life. I was normal and healthy, and now I’m a wreck and paying the consequences for not doing my research prior to getting a ligation.

Jennifer Hickey December 15, 2012 at 9:19 pm

I have been going through PTLS for almost six years. I had no idea what I had or that it even was related to my TL until about a month ago. I’ve seen at least 8 different doctors, therapists, psychiatrists ets. and they had me on anti-depressants, and anti- anxiety meds for years. I never once experienced any mood disorders until I had my tubes tied in 2007. I had not thought to do any internet research about my condition partly because I was so embarrased by it. I finally got a new therapist to listen to my thought that my symptoms were related to my TL and she did a quick internet search that pulled up an article on WebMD. The article barely explained what PTLS was but it was enough to give me hope that I wasn’t alone. Now, a month later, I have found hundreds of articles, blogs, webpages, support groups, and even an online petition demanding that congress make it mandatory that doctors disclose the risk of PTLS to all patients before doing a tubal surgery. After reading everything that I could, I have found that I am fortunate that most of my sypmtoms were emotional and not so much of physical. So many women are suffering migranes, extreme menstrual cramps and many other ailments.

Laura December 22, 2012 at 1:40 am

I had my tubes tied 2 and a half years ago. The first year or so after I had such heavy periods that I would be dizzy and nauseated. Now this past year I’m reversed…I will have a period and then go months without having one…I’m moody…I have hot flashes…I sleep a lot …etc! I knew it had something to do with my tubal but never considered early menopause! I’m only 23 bout to be 24! SOMEONE GIVE ME ADVICE PLEASE…DO I NEED TO GO SEE A OB/GYN OR LET MOTHER NATURE RUN ITS COURSE?

deb1976 December 27, 2012 at 5:58 pm

I’ve had my tubes tied 12 yrs ago after my 3rd child. But I’ve been noticing lately I’m crying laughing then crying even sometimes I get bad pains. I should of never had them tied. My fiance and I want to have a baby. I even looked up things online and there is bad side affects to having your tubes tide. My obgyn even to test for pre menopause and menopause and all came out neg so it is from my tubes being tied. If any more info please help.

Yendi Morales January 1, 2013 at 2:56 pm

I planed to have a tubal ligation after having my fourth child on october of 2011. I had to sign papers in order to have it done, but I didn’t know it would be a c-section since it was the fourth child and the first three were normal deliveries. It was an emergency c-section and I don’t know if they did the tubal ligation and how do I KNOW if I have the tubes tied? Do I have to come back to my OBGYN clinic or what do I have to do?

Katie Tetterton January 3, 2013 at 7:44 pm

I am 37 years old and two weeks ago i had my tubes tided. I have been on an cymabalta for about 5 years and have been doing fine until i had this surgery. I feel so overwhelmed sad and i hate everything about me and my life right now. Don’t get me wrong i dont want to hurt myself but i have never been more depressed in my life. I am so so mad at my doctor, he said you will be find in and out no problem. If i known that there was even a possibility of my hormones going crazy and my depression worsening i would have never ever ever had the surgery. I had postpartum 12 yrs ago when i had my son and this is far worse. Really feel so lost right now. Went to my family doctor and it even gets worse.


Andrea Goodman January 5, 2013 at 12:54 am

Hello, I had a Tubal after my second child back in “93”. Before I had it done I never had bad cramps and my flow was very lite. The doctor told me that it wouldn’t effect any of that. And he couldn’t have been more wrong. My cramps got worse right after and most of the time they are so bad I can’t stand it or get out of bed, as for the flow it doubled!! I am now 41 years old and I have been having pain in my lower right abdomen and I have been researching and I found a site about PTLS. And I could believe what I was reading…there is a list of 44 systoms and I have everyone of them. I don’t want anymore children so I don’t want my tubal reversed. So I am considering a hysterectomy. Please if anyone can give me some advice it will be greatly appreciated.

sandy January 5, 2013 at 3:14 am

I’ve had my tubes tied since 8-23-2010. It took me about 6 months to realize that something was different. I had this done on my fourth c-section and thought that all the side effects I was experiencing were merely post surgery side effects but they didn’t stop. I think one clue was the hot flashes and the hemmoraging blood clots the size of golf balls. Then 2 cycles a month. I never knew when they were coming or when they were going. Before all of this I was 28 day cycles like clockwork. If you would like to know the rest of my symptoms (39 and counting), I started Vlogging on you tube about my story. I have wanted to do a written blog also so that it may help other women out there to find answers. I was so alone in this and I thought I was going crazy. There were no warnings of future side effects and honestly I didn’t even think it was the TL. It wasn’t even on my mind and then one day it all clicked. As a woman, you ask yourself so many questions when something is this different. I didn’t feel like myself anymore. My mood swings were all over the place. My hair was falling out and thinning. My stress was through the roof. I knew hot flashes were a sign of menopause so I knew at age 34 I was NOT even supposed to be going through this or even perimenopause. I had just had 2 babies within the last 2 years. I had never in my life had ppd but everyone kept accusing me of it. They also accused me of having other mental issues but how do you go from perfectly fine to pregnant and hormonal, and after having surgery to an emotional wreck and crying one minute and full of rage the next? I didn’t even know I had filshie clips until 6 months ago but I could tell you EXACTLY where they were bc of the sharp pains I have. I have also never been allergic to acrylic until now. It’s in most sweaters and fuzzy clothing so I have to look at every tag before I buy clothes. 4 months after TL, I got a sweater for Christmas. I wore it one time. The hives didn’t go away for 2 weeks they were so bad. There’s a lot more to my story. I haven’t V-logged in about a month or so but you can find them through my gmail. I hope that you’re able to get reversal or relief. I am just now seeing this blog. You may have already found our support groups. I’m not sure. My empathies, Sandy

Tina January 8, 2013 at 6:44 pm

Hello… I had my tubes tied in June of 2002, had them reversed in August 2012! I had a whole mess of things start happening after they were tied and I was simply told this would pass… after dealing with female problems and told I would never have a child from the age of 17 on, I didn’t know what to think especially since my daughter was now 6 weeks old! I was told I would not survive the pregnancy and I did… so why should I believe anything else? Wishful thinking I suppose. So I married me High School Sweetheart after a 12 years detour and after an eptopic pregnancy in March we decided since I was going to have to have surgery one way or another lets just get my tubes reversed and if we end up pregnant great if not thats okay too.. Surgery was in August 2012… after my tubes we tied my periods were regular, since they have been untied they have been all over the map and making me insane. While they were tied I could feel ovulation I knew exactly what my body was doing, Now I don’t know anything, nothing is right. Now I understand it could take a few months to get my body back to normal but this is awful!! I am hopeful that the surgery will work and we will end up pregnant, I am also hopeful that the PCOS wasnt laying dormant and we woke it up with the surgery. Lots to think about…

Lindsay January 9, 2013 at 7:16 pm

I just had my 4th child in October. I am just 26. I had this procedure done and have only noticed the first month a hot flash or two and at 3 months later now a menstrual cycle again but not anything alarming. I did do research before and asked many friends about this operation vs a 5 or 10 year plan with an implant, I heard so many negative things about implants vs the operation . Overall I felt tying my tubes was the best option for me.

Annette January 14, 2013 at 5:17 pm

I had my tubs tied a year ago. The worse thing I have ever done. My sex drive us dying more and more everyday, I’m dry I never want to do any thing with my poor husband. I have pain every month when I ovulate. I have so many of the symptoms the list would go on forever. My depression is worse then it was even in my life. At this rate I would rather have more kids. Sex is painful. I want me back anyone know how to get our bodies back? I’ve gotten bladder infections like crazy since this and yeast infections almost every month. I hate it.

Christine Fenlon January 17, 2013 at 8:38 am

I had my tubal in May 12 when my 6th child was 3 months old,I was still .bf him do never got my first period until sound Aug/Sep, first couple were horrendous but put it down tl first ones after baby, then around November the symptoms of ptls started,flushes , tiredness , extreme fatigue, numbness/ electric shock feeling in hands arms legs, crying for no reason, constant pain in ovaries, abdomen, swelling in abdomen and hands, complete loss of libido, have only used iuds since 03 and had 4 children in 5 years and never ,ever felt like this,I feel ok week after this and that’s it for the month, hormonal wreck from ovulation until period ends, I’m someone who doesn’t regret this but I do this, was told only side effect would be a eptopic pregnancy
Chris x

Christine Fenlon January 17, 2013 at 8:40 am

Sorry typing on phone so lots of typos x

Mom January 26, 2013 at 9:48 pm

I understand and have had lots of health issues after my procedure. For 4 years I thought I’d had what I signed for which was the essure implants only to find out I was given a tubal ligation. I feel so violated…………and livid with myself for not knowing what was taking place, and the healthcare professionals I trusted to care me. I went to my Dr office complaining saying I thought the nickel implants was making ne ms sick just to learn the truth. I’d say be cautious.

dianna January 30, 2013 at 10:06 am

i am 34 yrs old and had a tubal ligation two years ago when after i had a c-section with my 2 yr old, she is my third child and i didnt wanna take the chance of getting pregnant again so my husband and i decided that i needed to get this done but every since i have had my tubal ligation i have had nothing but hormonal problems and depression and anxiety i didnt research it before i had it done but i wish i had because now im on anxiety meds and never had any of these problems before and i can tell the difference in my hormone shifts since i’ve had it done and now just recently i have been having a few periods in between my periods and the drs. are saying this is normal but i just wanna put my story out there and to let everyone know that if your gonna have a tubal ligation please do your research first because if i would of known before i had it done what i know now, i would have never had it done

Bree January 31, 2013 at 8:34 pm

I am 22 years old & I can totally agree I had my second child and got my tubes tied after a ceaserian section my baby is a year now & my cycle hasn’t came on yet the doctors are tossing me around from obgyn to neurologist to dermatologist to now a endocrinologist my stomach look so bloated like I’m still pregnant no matter Wat I do I can’t drop the weight & I get so hot at night & seem so angry about the simplest things I never breast fed & my breast keep producing milk I dnt no wats going on & the endocrinologist scheduled my appointment 2 months from now ugh!!!!!

Linda February 11, 2013 at 11:26 pm

just came across your post after typing into Google severe PMS syndromes after tubal ligation. Here is my story. I was never this depressed in my life and I PMS like crazy. When I had my last baby #4, it was a high risk pregnancy, the doc suggested to get my tubes tied. Since I almost died I agreed. I wasn’t told it had any side effects. After I had it done PMS wasn’t as bad but I had sudden facial hair growth, then depression….It has been 4 years and I can’t stand the two weeks before I get my period. My life is out of whack during the two weeks. When I looked up the symptoms for PTS i almost cried because I have more than half of the symptoms! Why doesn’t anyone inform you about this! I am glad I found your post now i can show my husband I am not nuts after all.
Thank you!

Tomeka March 6, 2013 at 5:47 am

I have severe depression, fatigue, facial hair, cramping, acne, mood swings and heavy mentruals with huge clotting.

Jamie February 12, 2013 at 3:56 pm

I am suffering now with severe fatigue, terrible acne and facial hair, depression, no libido, etc. I had my tubes tied during c-section almost two years ago. It has gotten to the point I’ve sought medical help from my ob/gyn and the bloodwork has been done, just waiting for results.

*Note: twelve hours after my 2nd (and last) c-section, after HOURS of complaining of more than normal pain, an ultrasound was done and discovered I was bleeding internally. MY cbc before surgery was 32 and twelve hours later was 18. I needed a transfusion and was told by docs that it “can happen” with caesarians.

Deb February 14, 2013 at 12:25 am

I had the T.L. Done in ’06. Had I known then what I know now I would never have done it. Feel free to email me all the questions you like(
I have one thing to say to anyone considering this- Do. Not. Do. It. Research it first- read everything you can find about PTLS. You might get lucky and not have any problems with it.
But what if you do NOT get lucky? Can you (really) see yourself living with some, most(like me- I have all but 4 ish of listed PTLS symptoms) or all if these symptoms the REST IF YOUR LIFE. I am miserable- constantly. I wish I could go back in time and just decide to stay on birth control rather than this.

jennifer February 14, 2013 at 7:15 pm

I wish I read this before I allowed my doc to con me into the procedure, I even asked HER if there was any problems with hormones after TL, she said absolutely not. I listened to her and after reading some horror stories decided my doctor knew best…well 2 years later my symptoms continue to get worse. My testosterone levels are high and so are some others. I have severe acne…never ever had more than one tiny zit before this!!! I have heavy periods that last for over 14 days….cramping, hair growth, joint issues, sleep problems, severe anxiety and crashing fatigue….not something I ever had before. I used to be amazing and enjoy life, now I just exist. My 5 kids and husband deserve better. I pray to get surgery to fix this and I pray that my symptoms will lesson. God willing this will get better.

Tomeka March 6, 2013 at 5:41 am

Omg I have the exact same issues.

tubal February 15, 2013 at 10:11 pm

I also had my tubes tied. I got pregnant 3 months later and had another baby. I then had the tubes re done at my caesarean, cut and burned this time. I have had the symptoms of PTLS ever since and regretted it. The worst symptoms I get are the flooding period and clots and also terrible mood swings that have almost broken up my relationship a couple of times. I wish I had known the potential side effects as I would have never had it done.

Jane Davis February 19, 2013 at 8:48 pm

I had a tubal after my daughter was born in 2008 I would’ve been 25 then. Everything has been fine up until now which is 2-19-2013. I use to have regular periods but haven’t had one since the beginning of January. I also am getting extremely tired here lately and have little to no energy, my boobs have become tender and my sex drive is totally gone. Honestly I feel like I’m pregnant but I took a pregnancy test and it said negative. I never knew of the early menopause thing when getting my tubes tied nor do I know the symptoms of it. Do u think what I’m experiencing can be from my tubal? Feel free to email me.

Heather February 19, 2013 at 9:04 pm

Hi Jane,

I’m sorry you’re struggling with these symptoms. I’m not able to tell you if this is related to your tubal, but it seems a lot of us have so many of these symptoms in common after having a tubal. I hope you can find a doctor you can trust to talk this over with…many docs don’t have much information to help either, since there are no studies being done, unfortunately.

I wish you all the best and I hope you find some answers.


Jeanee' February 27, 2013 at 8:42 pm

Hi Heather,

I too have been suffering with terrible problems since having my tubal ligation in 2003. My cycles seemed to go down hill right away. I’ve always had very smooth, quick, regular cycles with no pains or problems…until the surgery. Now I’m terribly hormonal, going through some mild depression that seems to only be getting worse, I have heavy, irregular cycles with cause me extreme fatigue & pains (Cramps & an achy body) I’m emotional, I have no sex drive anymore, suffer from really bad headaches, ovarian cysts (Which I never had to deal with before 2003) I could go on & on..
I’m now looking into having a reversal & hopefully regaining some of my life back. I’m 34 & should be living to the fullest, but nearly every day lately has been a struggle lately.


Jeanee' February 27, 2013 at 8:44 pm

Hi Heather,

I too have been suffering with terrible problems since having my tubal ligation in 2003. My cycles seemed to go down hill right away. I’ve always had very smooth, quick, regular cycles with no pains or problems…until the surgery. Now I’m terribly hormonal, going through some mild depression that seems to only be getting worse, I have heavy, irregular cycles that cause me extreme fatigue & pains (Cramps & an achy body) I’m emotional, I have no sex drive anymore, suffer from really bad headaches, ovarian cysts (Which I never had to deal with before 2003) I could go on & on..
I’m now looking into having a reversal & hopefully regaining some of my life back. I’m 34 & should be living to the fullest, but nearly every day has been a struggle lately.


see it clearly March 5, 2013 at 8:45 am

Wanting you all to know i was just getting started on doing another research all over again 10 years latter… after, the 15 years ago when i crashed. There is a great need to get these messages out!! If we could each take the time to send this link to the docotors who have NOT imformed us and overlooked the seriouness in risks and percentages of side effects. Maybe the word can continue to get out to them ….and our vulneralbe sisters. Somehow there must be a way. Because the Ameridcan Gynocology System is not training our OBGYN’s in our plight …obviously!!!!
God bless each of you for sharing. This post below was as applicable and the same 15 years ago, and still, sounding as though…. hello, not alot of change!!!! Scarry, to say the least in what is being done to us.

…Sarah February 27, 2012 at 10:41 am

I have not had my tubes tied, but I do want to tell you that there are several things OB/GYNs do not tell, or are not up to date on. Tubal Ligation is one of them. I’ve known several women to have tubals or hysterectomies. All have suffered some variation of pre-menopause, depression, general anxiety, or panic disorders.

see it clearly March 5, 2013 at 8:50 am

see it clearly March 5, 2013 at 8:45 am

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Wanting you all to know i was just getting started on doing another research all over again 10 years latter… after, the 15 years ago when i crashed. There is a great need to get these messages out!! If we could each take the time to send this link to the docotors who have NOT imformed us and overlooked the seriouness in risks and percentages of side effects then maybe the word can continue to get out to them ….and our vulneralbe sisters. Somehow there must be a way! Because the Ameridcan Gynocology System is not training our OBGYN’s in our plight …obviously!!!!
God bless each of you for sharing. This post, below, was as applicable and the same 15 years ago, and still, sounding as though…hello, not alot of change!!!! Scarry, to say the least in what is being done to us.

…Sarah February 27, 2012 at 10:41 am
I have not had my tubes tied, but I do want to tell you that there are several things OB/GYNs do not tell, or are not up to date on. Tubal Ligation is one of them. I’ve known several women to have tubals or hysterectomies. All have suffered some variation of pre-menopause, depression, general anxiety, or panic disorders.

Tomeka March 6, 2013 at 5:30 am

After I had gotten married and given birth to my fourth child I decided to get my tubes tied. I have been battling depression, heavy blood clot menstrual cycle, a hair face and hormonal changes. I want to get it reversed just so I can go back to my being me. I put in my system ant this post came up now I no longer feel alone. But I want something to be done.

Tomeka March 6, 2013 at 5:38 am

Facial hair I meant to say.

Amy Kat Barnett March 17, 2013 at 3:29 pm

I’m a PTLS survivor and very active advocate for spreading awareness. I’d love to help answer any questions you’re researching. I’m sending you an email now! My story is listed on my blog to help other women know they are not alone and we also have support groups on facebook. Please look us up if you ladies are struggling. We have lots of helpful articles that you could print and take to your Dr.
Amy Kat Barnett recently posted..My Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome PTLS Story

nicole March 20, 2013 at 9:52 am

anytime anyone ask me if they should get their tubes tied I recommend them not I’ve had my tubes tied and I’ve been through a major depression I feel broken and it’s actually lead me to looking into having my tubal ligation reversed. it’s really not something I recommend anyone doing I had it done I’m only 24 its been on for 3 years and I did it to make sure wouldn’t have any more children with an ex I was with ( who was very physically abusive and caused a miscarriage). I’m no longer with that man I’m with another man in were engaged and where wanting to have a child and of course I can’t I’ve actually look into it and it’s only 6200 dollars to have it reversed. so that’s the plan and hopefully I will get back to my regular old self before I had my tubal ligation.

Lala March 26, 2013 at 9:31 pm

I had a tl over 16 years ago and have suffered from depression, anxiety, super heavy menstrual cycles, horrible cramping, fatigue, and finally understand what is going on with me. I have all the classic symptoms for ptls. For years I have gone to doctors and they would prescribe me with anti depressants, birth control….I’m 45 now and still suffer with this. At least now I know what I have.

Theresa March 31, 2013 at 7:06 pm

Hi i had my tubes clamped about 7yrs ago because my mother in law advised my surgeon that’s what i needed done( i found this out after my surgery) i was going in to surgey to get a cyst removed of my neck but won i came out of hospital i still had th cyst nd stichers in my stomach instead nd since i had this done i have bloating that bad i look like im 9mths pregnant all the time ,i have bad mood swings ,teary at times ,tied, no desire in have sex,i don’t like socializing because in ashamed of th way i look ,nd no matter wat i do i cannot lose my stomach i have seen doctor after doctor nd they all tell me in just obese one of the doctor’s id said she had heard of my complaints before nd just laughed. But before i got my tubes clamped i weighed 87the nd since i got them done i know weigh 146kgs nd i have trouble trying to find nice clothes i want even get undressed in front of my partner blog uh way i look i am trying to get the money together to get my tubes reversed but being a single mum of 5 beautiful children its a bit hard. If i could turn back time i would NEVER had gone to the hospital that day.

claudia April 2, 2013 at 8:42 pm

im only 27 and i had a ligation done in january 2012, and i have expirience the most horrible time of my life, hot flashes, mood swings etc,

chelsey charpenter April 16, 2013 at 4:44 pm

i am 23 i have 4 kids,and have had an ectopic pregnancy w/twins,and just recently had a misscarriage,so was kinda pushed into the whole tubal thing by doctors and family,and didnt want to go through another miscarriage,so just recently had tubes done almost 2 weeks ago,and i feel different ,as in dont feel like myself,and my period is very irregular since the tubal,and my menstrual cramps are way more horrifying,i am starting to think i didnt make the right choice for me

Jessika D April 19, 2013 at 12:14 pm

OMG! I am so glad I found this site. Where to begin. I had a tubal in 2007 2 months after my 3rd child. My milk immediately dried up even with oral meds. I was depressed because of that and attributed my increasing mood swings to those changes. Well things progressively got worse for years. In November of 2010 I had to stop working because I was getting such bad flare ups with body swelling, joint pain, vision loss all sorts of things (now I am 36 and have been diagnosed with autoimmune and I’ve already had a brain aneurysm coiled so I never thought anything of PTLS). My periods became very irregular in the past year so my doctor put me on progesterone. That worked for about 4 months but then it seems my body got used to that and I have been bleeding 5 of the past 6 weeks. And I mean bleeding!!! Last night I felt like I had an ovarian cyst and it dawned on me “how would I pass it since I have a tubal?” I have literally passed them before. That brought me to our trusty friend Google where I cam across PTLS for the first time ever and it explains every single symptom that is not explained by my autoimmune disease. I was excited, scared, pissed, every emotion you could think of. If I know what it is then I can figure out how not to feel like crap right? One can hope. I have a message into my GYNE. They don’t have office hours on Fridays and this is something I want to sit down and talk to him about and have plenty of info to share with him as well. He has delivered all of my kids and he is a great doctor and I am not angry nor would I be mad if this is what the problem is. I just want it fixed so I can be the mom my kids deserve. Bottom line! Thank you so much for sharing this. What I don’t understand is how I’ve seen about 45 “ologists” in the past 6 years because of my autoimmune and they all have the same info I do…they all ask about surgeries so they all know about all of my medical history…yet I’m the one who has to hear about it on Google because I wondered where my ruptured ovarian cyst would go?? LOL! Go figure! I will keep you posted!

sarah April 19, 2013 at 3:42 pm

I had a tubal almost 5 months ago and feal like I’m going threw menopause also

sarah April 19, 2013 at 3:43 pm

And I’m only 23

Allyson May 6, 2013 at 5:30 pm

Hey there. I had a tubal performed in the hopes that it would prevent regrowth of endometriosis. I have never had a pregnancy, to my knowledge. I’d like to point out to all of you ladies that many, if not all of these symptoms can be caused by the changes in the body post-partum, and that many women begin peri-menopause in their 30s. You need to speak to more women who have had them OUTSIDE of post-partum scenarios before you can draw any conclusions. The vast majority of you seem to have had the tubals completed concurrently with a c-section delivery, no? well, pregnancy, while natural, is hard on the body-we all know that. and pregnancy can wreck you hormonally for months to come.

The other thing to note is that a tubal shouldn’t modify ANYTHING hormonally, as all the “parts” are still there, just blocked off, similar to a vasectomy. This is a very different procedure from, say, a hysterectomy (full), where hormone-producing tissue is removed. Aside from, say, the 1st month or so where anyone’s body might be whacked out from being poked around in, the tubal and the inflammation caused from the surgery shouldn’t change the body’s cycle dramatically. This makes me think there are other factors here.

Food for thought: ladies who had tubals-how many of you had them completed immediately post-partum? the ones that did not, were you on hormonal birth control prior to the tubal, and did you stop that after? those could be factors for mind/body changes as well.

I will state that I had a puffy waistline for about 8 weeks after my tubal, which was done about 8 years ago, but otherwise haven’t had any real issues.

Amy May 11, 2013 at 7:30 am

I am 33 years old. Had my tubes tied about 10 years ago after my 3rd kid. Since then, my periods,mood swings,everything has gotten worse but I really thought it was b/c I was getting older. I can’t afford to go to a doctor,but I am wondering if I have this too!

Heather May 11, 2013 at 2:14 pm

Hi Amy,

While much of what you’re saying here can definitely be the case, there are a vast number of us that definitely have complications (on-going, life-long) after having a tubal and because of the tubal only.

I have had three babies. My body definitely went through MAJOR things after each baby. BUT, with the third, only after a tubal, my symptoms continue and actually continue to get worse. Yes, I’m in my 30’s and premenopause is a possibility but it would be odd that it would coincide exactly with a tubal. After the fact, my doctor did admit that having a tubal can put some women into menopause. (Long before they would have “gone there”) I wish I would have known that.

I have also talked to many doctor and midwife friends who DO see the correlation between tubals and psychological and physical health declines. Sadly. When the blood supply is cut off from the ovaries, it does change you hormonally because your body is confused–thinking the ovaries are gone.

I do always tell women who contact me that any number of factors and conditions can be the actual cause–that it may not be the tubal, but for some of us, it is definitely the tubal ligation that causes these on-going life-changing symptoms.

Thank you for your input,


Patty May 14, 2013 at 12:18 pm

A HUGE THANK YOU!!! To all Heather and all of you who have shared. Ive been bleeding for weeks and my Dr is going to do an ablation, or cartirization (sp?) of my uterus this Friday. I am done with babies, so when he asked to throw in the tubal ligation I agreed. I just called thr nurse and told her to cancel the tubal ligation. All of you saved me!!! Again a GIANT HUG AND THANKS.

Melanie May 23, 2013 at 11:53 am

I would really like to know what the solution is for PTLS??? Especially since i’ve not found a doctor who believes it is real. Has anyone had success with a tubal reversal???

kimberly May 23, 2013 at 5:49 pm

Being a mother of 4 with a tubal ligation and at least 30 of the 4 plus symptoms I am grateful to hear stories of other woman with the same issues…. its not easy thinking you are crazy or alone in this world with these issues….. my question is what can we do about it? I would love to have a reversal though financially its not possible ans due to lack of insurance I am unable to visit a doctor. Any advise would be greatly appriciated.

Brianna May 27, 2013 at 10:20 am

This is nice to know. I too have had my tubes tied and have had weird hormonal symptoms. This is good to know, I also wish that I never had it done. I wish I could have it reversed, but most medical insurance companies don’t cover it.

Tammy June 2, 2013 at 8:23 am

This is sad that this procedure is still being done! I had tubes done 17 years ago (i was 32) and within one month the changes began! I gained 60 pounds and have NEVER been able to take it off (always weighed under 110 pounds)-even tried an 800 calorie diet! Mood swings, depression, anxiety, headaches, facial hair increase, hair loss on my head, itching skin, cysts on eyelids, severely heavy menstrual cycle and cramping, loss of libido -almost a repulsion, memory difficulties, aching joints, raise in blood pressue, cholesterol is too high now, dizziness, and the list goes on. I feel the tubal ruined my life. I found out about PTLS on my own through research…doc refused to acknowledge it as real! IT IS REAL! I was never on birth control like many claim these symptoms are a result of stopping! I am now 51 and praying menopause will help this nightmare end!

Julie June 3, 2013 at 1:56 pm

So glad to have stumbled across your page! I have felt horrible since having my tubes tied during c-section and keep telling myself it is all in my head, but I am relieved to know I am not alone. Every side effect on the following link, I suffer from:

Karen - Devastated ever since the morning after June 5, 2013 at 1:16 am

I wish I’d found your post 3 weeks ago. Every day has been filled with regret & high emotions putting a sort of sting on my baby’s infancy & filling me with wierd disgust in myself at the sight of other pregnant women. I asked all these questions & everyone said there’s no known side effects. They LIED! And I feel so betrayed & violated & defiled & crummy & angry & sad & disgusted & a thousand other intensities of feelings that’s ruining my recover, rest and my ability to thoroughly enjoy my new baby’s infancy. I hate feeling this way! I don’t even feel like a woman now. It’s a horrible feeling!!!

Marie Hefner June 6, 2013 at 10:43 pm

I had a tubal ligation done Dec 30th 2012 when I had my daughter (2nd child) via c-section for the second time. It was a planned c section since I had already had one the first go around. I have not felt the same since. I have constant mood swings and just feel so depressed at times. I never breast fed either child so I am also confused as to why I still have not had my period. My daughter is 5 months old! No symptoms of my period starting whatsoever. I have took pregnancy tests at home and all have been negative. I even saw my regular family doc who did a blood test on me and it was also negative. He just says I’m depressed and wrote me an anti-depressant which I’m not taking because I don’t think that’s the issue! Just wondering if anyone else here has missed a period for this long after having a c-section and tubal without breastfeeding. Please help! thanks

A doctor June 6, 2013 at 11:58 pm

I speak both as a woman who has always had problems with hormones, AND as a medical doctor.

A tubal ligation does not cut the blood supply to the ovaries, it does not affect hormonal production, and does not effect the uterus hence no bleeding changes. A number of women have less bleeding whilst on birth control pills. So when one is no longer on oral contraceptive pills, your bleeding will be heavier. It is not from the tubal. Be careful if misinformation.

Please be cautious of blaming things on the tubal when they may have nothing to do with it. If one looks up the complaints on mirenas, they are identical to the complaints on this site. Is this a coincidence or are us women blaming contraception of all sorts for things that we are coincidentally suffering from. There are millions of women that are satisfied with their contraceptive choices both Tubal ligation, and mirenas, we should keep that in perspective.

I think we all get heavier bleeding as we get older,have less sex drive, suffer more anxiety, hair loss, and sll these symptoms, with living in this super stressed world where we are all trying to be everything, and we are so tired and run down. Throw in a few small children and a partner to the mix and it is not surprising how many symptoms we have. Myself included.

A tubal ligation is not the big evil it is made out to be. We have appendix, tonsils, lymph nodes, blocked arteries, eustatian tubes ( grommets), seminal tubes, etc all operated on. The Fallopian tubes are no different.

Heather June 7, 2013 at 7:42 am

Thank you for your input. One major problem for both of our opinions is that there are no studies. This is not scientifically researched. However, I have spoken to many doctors and midwives with an opinion the same as mine.

I understand that I’m a woman with three small children, a partner, work and life. It is stressful and I AM a woman prone to anxiety and depression. I’m also a person with a lot of education and insight, and I know my body well. I actually didn’t research tubal ligations on the Internet to become sure that something changed drastically after I had one. Most women who do google searches and then land on this site are researching after the fact because they are having the same experiences, so drastically, that they know there must be something new going on.

One birth professional explained to me that some women experience PTLS and some do not and it has to do with the way that the uterus/ovaries experience blood flow. She said there is no way to know ahead of time which it is for you and therefore some women are fine and some are not (like me).

Like I said, I don’t think either of us can state with 100% certainty what happens because of the lack of studies. We only have our personal experience. That’s why I reiterate in my posts that I am a woman telling my story. I am not a medical professional. I make that very clear. I encourage women to talk to medical professionals rather than just taking my story as their own.

Thank you,


Trinity June 14, 2013 at 10:21 am

Wow, I was shocked to see all the information about PTLS now. I have looked this up off and on for years and nothing. I had a TL when I was 24 after my 2nd child. (I can’t believe the Dr would do this on such a young woman but anyway. The nurses did try to talk me out of it. I didn’t tell them but my husband had told me he would leave if I got pregnant again, he’s been my ex for years but that’s why I had the procedure.
Anyway, I immediately started having very heavy periods that lasted for 3 weeks, off a week and back on, depression, irritability and IBS. I thought perhaps it was post partum depression but I didn’t know what would cause such heavy periods. I always had fairly uneventful periods. My main problem with my cycle was mittelschmerz pain, (pain with ovulation) and it was not that bad, but it was worse than my periods. After a year of these heavy periods, I went to a new-to-me OB-GYN. This Dr had been around forever and had a great reputation. He frowned and said, “sounds like post tubal ligation syndrome. Usually starts after about 10 years but looks like you already have it. You can live with it or have a hysterectomy.” I thought that was a horrible idea, that he was a butcher. I am from the South and I knew the South had a very high hysterectomy rate compared to the rest of the country. After a year, after becoming anemic (the first and only time in my life) and skinny and more miserable, I crawled back to him. He removed my uterus and one ovary, the ovary because it was so cystic. He left one ovary because I was so young. I have since learned so much. Your entire uterus has much to do with your hormone production, enjoyment of sex, assisting in holding your internal organs in place, etc. I started menopause at 40 y/o when the women in my family start when they are almost 50 y/o. I am certainly not obsessed, but the older I get, the more resentful I am that I had the TL and ended up with a hysterectomy. My femininity was damaged at young age. When you go to a new provider, they always want to know why I had a hysterectomy and 99.9% of the time, they have never heard of PTLS, they look at me like I’m a little bonkers.
Thank you for collecting all this information and giving me a place to tell my story.

Kristine June 15, 2013 at 3:07 am

this is amazing to hear that there is something that this evil monster is called. i had just reserved my self to the last four yrs post tubal ligation that i am “aging” (and i am only 29!) and this is how i will feel for the rest of my life so i best get used to it. can’t tell u how many nights i spent crying about this. Weight gain, severe depression that required meds at times, severe mood swings including extreme anger and severe sadness. no libido at all! ever! and i am a mother of six very active and young children and like i said i am only 29 and feel like i am in my late forties or more. no energy ever, i can stay in bed for days without a regard for anything else, and i think to myself, “i am so lazy!” but i have no drive. very painful and heavy periods with extreme bloating, and just UGH!!! i have been searching for relief and all the doctors look at me like i have lost my mind and offer more medication! i just want the old me back! i am to the point i dont care what it takes either! any woman that asks my opinion about tubal ligation after pregnancy, i say no. it was my biggest mistake

Tara June 19, 2013 at 10:56 pm

Just had the surgery with a dnc and freezing of the uterious . Not experiencing any side effects now I’m scared ugggh that is why I choose the surgery 46 don’t need any more hormones messin me up w an iud or pills…. So far so good

CECILIA June 20, 2013 at 11:43 pm

Like many of you ladies I have the many symptoms you are experiencing like fatigue, depression, weight gain and allergies just to name some. I too had a tubal and I was tired of feeling tired so I satrted doing lots of reading and research and I ran into some information that has changed my life. My husband and my children have noticed the difference in me. I now have energy I no longer feel tired and depressed I actually get up in the morning without having to drag myself out of bed feeling exhausted, and I have even lost weight which was difficult for me I feel like my old self again and it feels great. I recommend that you read the book THE POWER OF YOUR METABOLISM and also another book that changed me and my family is THE MIRACLE OF COCONUT OIL. Also do some reading and research on CANDIDA ALBICANS and how it affects many women and people in general. Iam not a big reader and when I started the first book which was the POWER OF YOUR METABOLISM I read it all in a couple of hours I could not put it down. I truly hope that my information makes a difference for some of you because it made all the difference for me. I made some changes in our lives and no longer suffer from allergies I have energy, my mood swings have stopped and I no longer have painful periods and I do not feel tired and depressed anymore. These books if you buy on kidle amazon they only cost like seven dollars and I believe they cost a little more if you buy paperback at book store but believe me they are well worthed. Best of luck and I really hope this helps some of you ladies like it has helped me.

Melissa June 22, 2013 at 5:10 pm

Heather, I have had all the issues you describe and more and they get worse the older I get. Some of them are totally ruining my life. There doesn’t seem to be enough support yet in the medical community for doctors to take this seriously but it is catching on. In the mean time I just have to treat the different symptoms because hormone therapy is not an option for me. I hope you have better luck. I tell all the women I know to avoid this procedure if they can.

carolyn June 24, 2013 at 12:24 pm

i am having the samae issues and everytime i go to the obgyn they tell me its nothing and its not because i had my tubes tied but i think different i feel different and i have had nothing but problems since i had them tied. i need to find a good doctor that will understand and reverse them im tired of feeling like this need help

Nancy July 1, 2013 at 8:04 am

Hi. I know how u are feeling I regret this tubal ligation. I have told several people not to do it because of all the symptoms but sometime they don’t believe. I hate it when u go to the doctor and all they say well u need to change ur diet u have to excersise more. And all the symptoms will go away not true at all my tummy is always bloated I feel
Depressed with a lot af anxiety. But thanks to God I have to relax n think positive I just cry because this is not fair why didn’t the doctor
Ever tell us the consequences u know what the doctor told me cuz I told him I heard the u can go crazy if u have a tubal ligation n he said no more crazy u get if u have more children. And u know what u can go crazy of all this nasty symptoms. I really want to have a tubal reversal I heard so many good things about it that I go to ur old self again n u feel a very good That’s the way I want to be again. If u have any Questions email me its going to be 9yrs that I had the tubal ligation.

jennyashlee July 2, 2013 at 5:05 pm

Hello my name is Jennifer && I’m 21 years old..
I’m having my second daughter this august & I requested to get my tubes tied..
I just want to know if I shouldd.
I dont want any more kids but I don’t trust any birth controls :(
I’m so confused ! & I also don’t want to head into early monopause :/

olivia August 9, 2013 at 5:02 am

Contrary to all these negative posts, I had TL done when I was 24, I have yet to regret the decision. I am 33 years old now, I don’t have any signs of menopause, and I lost an ovary. I firmly believe PTLS are symptoms of regret, and the more you regret, the more you stress, anxiety is at its peek when stressing, increasing the risk of depression which increases the risk of early menopause. I think it is a BiG decision to make and you should be 100% I hope this helps.

Charity Forman July 10, 2013 at 2:10 am

I’m sorry what you’re going through. I had horrible periods beginning at age 13. I was put on birth control to try and help my symptoms. It did not. I had 3 girls by the time I was 25 and did have a tubal on my last child at 25. My problems got even worse after the tubal. I am a real estate agent and I finally had enough when I had to close the door and turn people away because I was having blood clots the size of Texas!! My ZoB physician then decided I was still too young for a hysterectomy, but she would do an ablation. That was the best thing that I had ever did. Also I was put on hormone therapy on and off from 2001-2009. In 2009 I finally had a hysterectomy. That was the worse choice I ever made!!!!! I wish I would have not have done that!!! Just FYI for anyone on hormone therapy, I have continued to struggle through female problems!! At the first of April in 2012 I fell and had to have a cat scan , I was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor at the base of my skull-meningioma in the Foramen Mangum. Long story short, I was not a candidate for the gamma knife (radiation) or for surgery. I pushed for surgery I had little options but I felt good about it. I saw the surgeon the 1st of May, 2013 and surgery was set for May 14, 2013. My husband left me a week after diagnosis! What a time in my life. My girls were a mess. I only have minor complications; paralysis on the right side of my tongue, my right shoulder is weak, I do still get headaches on my right side, and can only see out of my left dye. So BEWARE!!!!!! My tumor was a receptor for progesterone. The progesterone started it, 3 pregnancies kicked them into. Although my tumor was benign, it was fatal and I was running out of space and time. My surgeon saved my life!!!! Unfortunately my girls are now battling horrible periods but I will not put them on anything

melody July 11, 2013 at 12:58 am

Ive been reading thru all these wonderful posts. Its really nice to know that im not crazy or its all in my head. I had my tubes tied nine years ago and about three years ago I started having mood swings, weight gain, hair growth, anxiety, sensitivity to foods, hot flashes. Sound like menopause right? Well think again! Mg hormones weren’t messed up enough for it to be called that. Shortly after I lost my period. They had to put me on birth control to get me started. I was depressed that my own doctor didnt have any info about what was going on but ran up my medical bills for labs, ultrasound, and hormones. Nothing helped and I still dont have a diagnosis. I did a bit of research on my own. And I agree. I am currently saving money to fix my tubes so my body can run efficiently. Not to to pregnant but to feel normal again. I don’t feel like anyone should make cutting, clipping or burning tubes as a form of birth control. I now know how completely irresponsible and immature I was for not fully researching the procedure and side effects before diving into it. A woman’s body isn’t meant to be tampered with in that way forcing us to run like a lemon of a car. It will cost about 6500 after travel and surgery but im ready to schedual for a reversal.

Yalonda Wiliams July 28, 2013 at 12:07 am

I too have looked into having a reversal or asking my dr to put me on birth control pills in hope of regulating my hormones. If I would have known these were going to be my side effects, I would have taken my chances with the pill & having more kids, than feeling like this. I’ve gained more weight from preventing having kids, than I did actually having kids…go figure!! :)

Kelly July 22, 2013 at 9:43 pm

Well I had mine done last year. I seem to have a lot of these same a symptoms. But before I go see my Dr, I’ve been doing some research (a little late now I realize) I have found info of PTLS, symptoms etc. But I can’t find what treatments are used for this besides the reversel. Is this the only way to treat? I REALLY don’t want to go under the knife again, I had mine done with my last c/s (3rd – had complications with my health worsening with each pregnancy hence the tube ligation) and then I had complications in the surgery! I’m really scared to go back again.

So what about hormone treatment or therapy? Can this help? Or anything else? Any ideas welcome .My symptoms have not changed in the last 6 months except the pain at menstrual time is getting worse. (Never had much before..) my symptoms are – menstrual pain, migraines, mood swings, depression, anxiety, breast pain and mass loss, semi irregular periods with ‘flooding, some facial hair growth, and no sexual desire.
Any help is very welcome, I will never just trust that Dr’s will do what’s best for me again.

Yalonda Wiliams July 28, 2013 at 12:01 am

I knew I wasn’t the only woman that was affected by this…I had my tubes tied in 1997 after my 3rd child at the very young age of 24 and now at the age of 39, for 15yrs, I have been feeling “peri menopausal” with that being said, I have hot flashes,mood swings,vaginal dryness,weight gain(no matter how much I diet & exercise, the weight is hard to lose and even harder to keep off). But every time I mention these symptoms to my dr, they check my hormones and say they are normal(nothing is normal about this), they checked my thyroids and they say they are normal too. As I got older, the symptoms became more noticeable, especially the mood swings(my poor husband catches my wrath) and the vaginal dryness. My cycle is still somewhat normal, 5-7 days, not really heavy and no unbearable cramps. I was told I wasn’t peri menopausal, I feel trapped with these symptoms. But yes ladies, it is true, there are symptoms after a tubal, but I had no idea it was a name for it…thanks Heather!!

Miss Nykki July 28, 2013 at 4:11 am

I have had a partial hystro and i have some of the same things going on with me

Ashley Randle August 4, 2013 at 2:31 am

I had my tubes tied in 2009 after having my c-section and my 3rd child. 8-1-13 I finally had a tubal reversal!! I had soo many weird symptoms and the doctors would never listen. Just getting out of surgery, a part of me seems humble. I fought over three years to have it done and just before my military benefits ran out I did it! I won !! I was soo tired of hearing that it was all in my head ,there was no such thing as ptls!

Lyn August 28, 2013 at 12:08 pm

So, do u recommend other women suffering from Ptls getting a reversal after you got it done? I’m looking into that and want to know if it helped for the best.

denise August 4, 2013 at 9:12 pm

Almost a year ago I had my tubes tied and have all kinds of problems. I’m fighting with my dr now to undo what he did. This is horrible….. I never felt so crappy in my entire life. I need this undone before I go nuts…. mood swings, left needle feeling pains, weight gain,leg pains,facial hair,hair loss,tearful for no reason….the list goes on n on

olivia August 7, 2013 at 9:01 pm

I had tubal ligation when I was 23, a year after my daughter was born. I had battled cancer and knew having children after could result in deformation. PTS is not a known medical syndrome, yes you may gain some weight and feel depressed, but that is only because your feeling guilty. Most woman suffer from the consequences they now have, not being able to have any more children. Wipe that PTS out of your head, its called REGRET! Some women have it, some women don’t. Don’t search if you can get pregnant after TL because it’s not going to happen, unless you pay to have it reversed, and ladies I’ve heard side effects on reversal are far worse then thinking you have PTS. Tyint your tubes is a life long decision, and if you have one ounce of admitted regret, you will feel the symptoms of PTS. I hope this clears up a lot for all the women who are trying to claaify it as a post sym

Heather August 7, 2013 at 9:07 pm

Hi Olivia,

I actually agree with you to an extent. I think for some women there is certainly a psychological regret aspect to this. BUT, doctors do admit that having a tubal ligation does put many women into early menopause. Menopause is certainly a hormonal mess that causes the symptoms that people describe after having a tubal. Cutting off the blood supply to the ovaries is unnatural and our bodies respond in a myriad of ways.

Thank you for your input. I do think there are many women struggling more because they wish (or even just a little part of them wishes) that they had left it alone, leaving the door open for more children. I do not think that’s true for every single woman who has a tubal ligation though.


olivia August 9, 2013 at 4:53 am

I agree all woman function differently, I believe being a survivor of cancer TL is the best remedy if you don’t plan on having more children, since birth control increases the risk of cancer. My mother in law also had TL done when she was 30 and didn’t experience any side effect, on the contrary she lost a lot of weight, her DR said it was because she discontinued the use of hormones through birth control. I have felt that my weight has fluctuated since then, but it comes natural with aging. I think if PTLS was an actual medical condition insurances would cover the reversal. My friend had a reversal and everything went horribly wrong, pain, cysts on her overies, and a few miscarriages, so TL and reversal isnt for everyone, it is a BIG decision to make and regret can make ugly side effects. At one point I thought I regretted what I did, and I can tell you it took me on a mental rollar coaster, I know I made the best decision and those feelings don’t upset me, so maybe I had PTLS for a week or so lol.

jen green August 8, 2013 at 8:26 pm

Hi I had my tubes tied on February 1 2012 and I’ve noticed I have lots of cramping on my uterus. I can be ok one day the next I’m cramping for a whole day has I’m writing this I’m having them. They don’t hurt but they do get annoying after a bit. My period won’t be here in 3 more weeks. I can’t take this anymore are these symptoms of the syndrome I want help or some type of answer plz.

Liz August 13, 2013 at 12:59 pm

I’ve been reading through all of this, and have done some of my own online research.
I just made an appointment today to have a TL in early Oct. Now, I’m getting a little freaked out. My husband won’t have a V, I can’t take birth control due to depression, and I just had to have my IUD removed because it was embedded. Condoms are sometimes uncomfortable and, let’s face it, no fun. So, what in the world do I do?!?! I don’t want any more children and I want a permanent solution. Already having severe (at times) mental problems, how do I know they won’t be greatly exacerbated? Often suffering from pelvic and abdominal pain, due to possible Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, it’s just anyone’s guess whether it will get worse.
What do I do?!?!?! Help, please!
(I know no one can, or wants to, tell me what decision to make for my body, but advice and insight would be GREATLY appreciated!)

Rachel August 14, 2013 at 11:19 am

I hope the group that I posted on that website that leads you to PTLS advocacy group on Facebook. Women are having reversals done and symptoms are disappearing. I myself had the filshie clips for 17 long years PTLS IS REAL HORMONE SHOCK IS REAL. I am 40 years old I read stories from that group on Facebook Went to the emergency room complained about pain had a bilateral Salpingectomy removal of both tubes. I don’t regret getting my life back on 6/07/13 I do regret having a tubal 17 years ago.

April August 18, 2013 at 11:31 pm

I hate that I got my tubes tied. Im trying to get my doctor to test my hormones so I can possibly go on to some kind of hormone treatment. If it was just sadness I would deal with it but I get so angry I start to be violent and have had to leave the house so I dont hurt my son who is my miracle baby (only living child out of 4). I need answers before I go insane.

aniece clinton August 21, 2013 at 10:53 am

I had my tubes done the newer way on may 31, haven’t had my period since I got it done and im stomach is in pain

Kim August 24, 2013 at 12:45 pm

I’m glad PTLS is being recognized now in the medical community by (good) gynecologists. The days of saying PTLS is “in our heads” is coming to a close. My TL was in 2001 after my 4 th child and I had no previous menstrual problems….. After my TL, peri-menopausal symptoms and horribly long periods with huge clots and lots of pelvic pain prompted a d&c and exploratory Lap. i saw photos of my tubes from the exploratory Lap and they looked like over-stuffed caterpillars that were ready to burst, and guess what? That’s painful. In 2008 to help with the bleeding ( my hemoglobin would drop during a period) I had an ablation. That helped for a while, but I would caution anyone about the miracles of an ablation… Post- tubal ligation, post ablation syndrome… And I now have it. This is caused by retrograde bleeding into your tubes from your uterus – and there is no where for the blood to go, so my tied tubes again are full to the point that they’re horribly painful. My gynecologist is wonderful, and unfortunately could not predict the turn of events after my TL and ablation, but here I am preparing myself for a hysterectomy, which is the only known solution. I’m looking into other solutions such as removing only my tubes…. Time will tell.

Until then, girls, it’s not in your head. It is firmly documented that ovarian death can occur as a result of TL (leading to peri-menopausal symptoms) and a good gyn will tell you that while tolerated by most people, they hear a myriad of menstrual problems post-TL. Check peer-reviewed medical journals for information and do your homework. And know an ablation can also have complications as well. No, it doesn’t happen to everyone, but it does happen.

Joni August 30, 2013 at 7:48 pm

So I just found out about this post tubal ligation syndrome. I was researching some of the symptoms that I have had for years on Google and I ran across this syndrome. I have been saying for years that all of my problems began after I had my tubal ligation, however I had no idea that something like this existed. I had my tubal ligation after delivering my third child by cesarean section. I was 22 years old when it was done. Pretty soon after the procedure, I began missing periods. This was odd for me because my periods had always been so regular. All of my life, I could set a watch by them. The periods only lasted for 4 days and rarely 5 days. They were light, and I had never had cramps, didn’t even know what they felt like. After my ligation, everything changed. My periods became longer and very heavy. I often have pass large blood clots and have to wear a tampon and a pad. One or the other, alone is not enough. I would cramp terribly for the first two to three days of my period. I began spotting in between my cycle. There have been times that the spotting never stopped for months. All of these gynecology symptoms concerned me so I went to the OB/GYN and told them what was happening. The first time I went, my period was so heavy I thought I was hemorrhaging. The doctor, also the one who delivered my baby and performed the tubal ligation, told me that this was normal. My body was reacting to the stress of pregnancy and delivering a baby. I accepted that and went on with my life. Months turn into years and I find myself at the doctor again because of my gynecological symptoms. At this time, I am 25 years old, and my youngest child is three. The doctor’s explanation for my symptoms was that it takes a long time for the body to recover from child bearing. I was unconvinced, but didn’t want to argue with an expert. He offered to prescribe birth control pills to regulate my periods. I had to remind him that I am not supposed to take birth control. I have too many clotting factors in my blood and am predisposed to blood clots. My inability to use birth control pills is why I got the tubal ligation performed in the first place. I went home and did my best to deal with my gynecological symptoms, as I was getting used to it all by this point. What I was not getting used to, was all of psychological symptoms I was dealing with. Until today, I did not have the slightest suspicion that the two sets of symptoms were related. While I was reading the list of symptoms, I was flabbergasted! Finally, it all made sense. I have suffered from chronic fatigue for years, and have even been treated for it with medication. The years of depression, complete and total lack of a sex drive, mood swings, night sweats, GI problems, thinning hair and nails, aching and sore joints, and lots of other symptoms that were listed, are all finally making sense. There was a list of 45 symptoms, and I have and do experience at least 28 of them, possibly more. Some of these symptoms are not something that you would see a doctor about, such as the decreased libido. For years, the only time I think about sex is to try to figure out how to avoid it. This, along with some of the other debilitating symptoms have caused huge problems in my marriage and in my life. I feel like I have been robbed of a normal life! I had no clue that a syndrome like this one existed or was even possible. I can’t express how unfair I feel this is. Over the years, I have been to countless doctors appointments trying to fix, or at least understand what is wrong with me. I have, at times, been convinced that I was just lazy and hateful. The doctors that I have been to over the years, have prescribed antidepressants and suggested seeing a psychiatrist, which I have done. I did a sleep study and although it was inconclusive, it was definitely abnormal. I was prescribed medicine to keep me awake and alert. I even was failed out of nursing school on the last day, after years of schooling, and a 4.0 GPA. I fell asleep while filling out paperwork, at the hospital, during my last day of clinical. I only had 2 hours left and was finished with school forever. I only had to take my state boards and would be a nurse. After this happened, is when I was sent to the sleep study. I was so fatigued, I was unable to drive more than 20 or 30 miles, or I would fall asleep at the wheel. I could go on about what effects this has had on my life forever, it seems. If you have read this far, I appreciate your time. I will be making an appointment first thing in the morning to talk about Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome with my doctor. I would really love to hear feedback on what I have experienced. Can anyone relate to what I have been through? Should I see a general practitioner or an OB/GYN? How will the doctor diagnose me with this syndrome? What kind of treatment options are available for this syndrome?Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I feel as if I have stumbled upon the answer to most of the problems in my life tonight, and am so grateful for the women who have told their stories online so that others could be informed. Thank you for any feedback and thank you for taking your time to read this, incredibly long post! :)

Niyma September 1, 2013 at 6:31 pm

I had my tubes tied on January 2,2007 just one day after giving birth to my youngest son Dakarrai. I have been feeling these exact same problems. I’m moody all the time, depressed and even have a poor appetite now. But the worst part is that now every time my period comes on I get really physically sick for the first two day’s. It starts with a nauseating feeling then throwing up and then a severe migraine. I cry a lot and can’t explain to my husband why I’m upset. My doctor said that it was all in my mind but reading your story helps me see that it’s not. I have thought about having it reversed but the cost is just too expensive. My husband also has expressed the desire to have another child. Well feel free to email me with any advice or suggestions.

Signed: sick and tired of being sick and tired

Robin September 17, 2013 at 1:09 pm

I had my tubal 5 and 1/2 years ago. I was 25. Not only do I thi k I’m suffering from a rom I depression mood swings, weight gain, and many other listed elements, I really want another baby.. Thi really bothers me.

Maria September 22, 2013 at 10:14 am

I had my tubes tide ans i been havinf those same simtomps is increadoble how doctors perform this sergury and dont even tell you what can happen am looking for a not to expensive doctor to reconect my tubes back my life is been just horroble after my sergery i dont wish none of this not even to my worst enemy i just pray that women out there do their resurch before anything i wish every girl that put a comment a good luck i hope everybody get thhis fix before any other sicknesh come their way

Jessica September 24, 2013 at 9:58 am

This is so unbelievable. I’ve been experiencing terrible side effects ever since my tubel in January 2006. It’s caused me to have severe depression, anxiety, heavy menstrual bleeding that has cause two blood transfusions….. The list is so long I cannot bare it anymore. I’ve gone to so many GYN’s and no one will ever consider helping me. They continue to suggest I have another surgery to burn the lining of my uterus. I will not let them do this procedure after reading the complications of it. Bad enough I’ve been suffering for almost 8 years after the tubel ligation. I hope women start to read every comment left here because we all couldn’t be making this up. This is a real problem and it’s causing so many lives to be ruined all due to lack of compassion and communication from doctors. I hope we all as women can stand strong together and make this become aware to this country. I am in the process of finding a doctor who will reverse that terrible tubel ligation I’ve had. Hopefully I can find someone very soon and have some normality back in my life.

Thanks so much for this thread. It’s such a blessing to know I’m not alone.

Jessica September 24, 2013 at 11:37 am

Btw I just found a great website trying to help women with PTLS it’s check it out.

melissa October 2, 2013 at 9:15 pm

I am having my second baby in 6 weeks and there has been talk from my Dr (my mother even though it is none of her business) about getting my tubes tied. I was initially no and then I thought, gosh while I am having an elective c-section maybe it is worth doing. I feel very blessed to have found this post..I feel like I just may have saved myself years of pain, emotional instability, doing something that I did not have to get done…thank you!

Carrie October 29, 2013 at 8:28 am

Smart choice. Don’t cave in to pressure from docs or your mother.

fawn October 9, 2013 at 6:09 pm

Hello i am only just finding out about this and i am in shock that i have never been told of this issue before but i have had sooo many issues after my c section and tubal ligation i have been checked for thyroid issues because no matter what i do i cant lose weight i was on prozac for anxiety depression and severe pms i nleed sporaticly and flow varies between wholly cow heavy to am i even gunna start. . . It has ruled my life and prevented me from working a normal job i was diagnosed with adhesions and endometriosis i am severly low in vit d calcium and a few other things no matter how many vitamins i take . . . . i would love to know how to get even a lil bit of relief from this preferably without too many drugs and side effects

Ellen October 17, 2013 at 11:49 am

HI,i am 59 years old and I had my tubal about 29 yrs ago and I have experienced depression, insomnia and HAIR LOSS, lack of motivation, no energy. I eat very healthy, do not take ANY prescription drugs and have tried SO MANY remedies…..spent TONS of money and now even considering bio-identical hormone therapy. I have thought in the past 13+ yrs that my tubal has played a major part in my symptoms……No one has listened yet. My hair is so thin——so disappointed and depressing. Also the depression is rediculous!!!!!!! HELP!!!

Goria October 21, 2013 at 8:59 pm

I am happy to come across this post, hoping this will lead me to more answers.
I am 29 yrs old and got a tubal after my last child in Dec 2011. I experienced weeks of hot fashes and night sweats leaving my clothes and linens literally wet for about 3 months right after. I then started to feel dizzy,light headed, and nautious and feeling like I was on drugs on a daily basis. That has gone on and off for weeks. I did manage to drop 30 pounds with out trying but then I gained 16 pounds back when I was put on Lithium diagnosed with Bipolar in march 2013 after several test done to rule out thyroid , hormone and other health problems that could be causing my symtoms. I was sent to a phyciatrist and given meds. I am now experiencing severe anxiety,depression,mood swings, brain fog, confusion, fatigue, sudden nausea, dizzy, weak, sudden anger, fustrated and no patience and feel like I could loose it any day. I feel like I am going crazy some days. I want to feel normal. I have no motivation. I am not sure if tubal has caused this all to happen but I do know that since the tubal my life has gotten 10 x more wak and I can’t seem to take control. Thank you for letting me share my story

Carrie October 29, 2013 at 8:26 am

I had mine tied 12 years ago. The right side grew back which resulted in a pregnancy that, unfortunately, ended last fall. The right side has re-attached and repaired itself. The result is a shortened ovulation period when the right side releases an egg. It’s also very painful. I would caution anyone considering a tubaligation to research it first and weigh the pros and cons.

Melissa W October 29, 2013 at 9:48 am

Hi everyone my name is Melissa. I had my tubes tied after my 4th child in February 2003. I was forced to have it done and I am very disappointed about it. I had a miscarriage in 2007 and I never even knew I was pregnant. I was going through a divorce but it has been finalized for years now. Ever since I had that stupid tubal I have been very depressed and I’m always in pain. I just got married again February 14,2013 to the man of my dreams he wants a child but of course I can’t give him one . I feel like less than a woman because I can’t have his child. Ever since I had it done I have these really bad periods with heavy heavy bleeding with big clots. It’s so bad that I can barely get out of bed. I’m always crying because I had it done. I was young when I forced to have it done and had no idea how it would impact my life but now I just hate being here sometimes. When my friends end up pregnant I say congrats cause it’s the thing to do but once I’m alone I just cry cry and then cry some more. I can’t afford to have a freakin reversal cause it’s just too expensive. My hubby is so caring but he doesn’t really know about the crying, the pain because I feel like I’m just nothing. I have been going through this crap since I had it done but now it’s gotten a lot worse.

Lynn November 1, 2013 at 12:52 pm

I am going to be frank and honest here, because I have no other way to be. In April of 2004 I had a miracle and god send. I was sitting there in a recliner 6 months pregnant and I started to bleed. I jumped up and called my doctor who told me I was probably just spotting but to come in, I called my husband who took 20 minutes at the store because he thought it was another false alarm. I finally got to the doctor’s office and was asked to sit and wait I started to cry and say something is wrong!!! I got back there 10 minutes later the doctor started to ask me about the GROUP B strep test. I snapped at him to mark it positive and let’s go! He said how did I know it was postiive? I said it was with my other two let’s move. He wanted to do the exam there, once he got ready for the exam he said, ” Oh my God it’s too late.” (now my immediate thoughts which were not very nice I will keep too myself.) He instructed me to go over to the hospital across the street and what door to go in through etc… All I heard was hospital…. I got there and walked through the emergency room door and down the hall and he started to yell at me. I had come in the wrong way! Then all I can remember is him saying tubal afterwards right? Uh yea! Then he screamed let’s go people this is an emergency…. I dropped dead after that.
I woke up to people in my room and smiling and saying Thank God. I had been spared, but where was my baby? I was told he was in the NICU alive, and was being life flighted to nearest the infant hospital. I wanted to see my baby! But all I got was papers shoved in my face to sign…. Signing papers was not on my mind. They wheeled in this little baby no bigger than from my middle finger to my elbow. I couldn’t touch him! He was leaving me and I had to stay….. I thanked my then mother in law for following the chopper to the new hospital and apologized for her having to take time off work.
The next morning the nurse came in and said today we are going to walk and take a shower…. Walk! Right!!!!! Then my doctor’s associate came in another Ob and said Lynn your baby is in Montgomery and needs you more than anything, you can either lay here for a couple more days which I don’t blame you for, or you can get up walk and leave and go to him. We’re not kicking you out of here…. Sure felt like it to me! So I walked, with a lot of help from some pain pills for 2 days and then I put them down and refused to ever take them again. Today my son and I are both alive, but the truth is not only did his birth become a theatrical production but the side effects of that tubal are ever lasting… I have gained weight, I have blackheads that cover most of my face and I can’t get rid of, I have chin hair! My teeth have gone to crap, I have the most horrible menustral cycles imaginable. I flood so badly that I wear adult diapers for it! I cough and there is incontinence. I have aged beyond my years! So please don’t tell me that tubals don’t harm anyone! I write this because women have the right to know what does in fact happen.
Oh and yes for the record shortly after the birth of my son, the doctor packed up and moved out of town!

Natali gik November 6, 2013 at 11:53 pm

I nee to know about tubal reversal in Tx anyone has an idea

Lindsey November 12, 2013 at 1:09 am

Hello. I have also been experiencing these symptoms for the last 4 years. My question would be….. since we can’t change the past, what can we do for ourselves to have a better future? No more pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, weight gain, and many other problems associated with PTLS. Why reverse it to go through menopause again? How to get to a point of feeling better?

Daphne November 17, 2013 at 3:05 pm

I am glad to be seeing this information. 5 years ago, I wash to have a c-section as my daughter would not turn and was breach – butt first. Third pregnancy, but first c-section. Dr asked me right before if we were planning on another child and we said no. Then they kept pushing for tubal ligation. We told them no and that we were considering other alternative such as a vasectomy or regular birth control. They told me that a c-section was the one time it was better to have a tubal ligation done, since I would already be cut open and that it would be much better in the long run than birth control. Well, it hasn’t been. I’ve been to doctor after doctor, trying to figure out what wrong with me. I feel like I’m getting stabbed, periods so sporadic and when they do occur, I bleed horribly and it hurts so bad. I have skin that itches and burns beneath the surface, I am tired, and feel inflamed in my abdominal region, and I just feel like total crap on most days. I’ve had ultra sounds, scans, cancer screenings, and so forth. I have changed my mind and want a baby, which could’ve been remedied had I stuck to the birth control plan. That is how I found out about PTLS just last night. Of the almost 40 symptoms, I suffer from about 30. It just sucks. How does one get their insurance to cover it? I don’t have the $6,000 to reverse it and this just sucks. :(

marci grogan November 18, 2013 at 1:59 am

It is so sad to see how many people are suffering…. If anyone is looking for a support group there is one on facebook… the new PTLS support group
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Marla November 19, 2013 at 11:17 am

Wow. Just WOW! I wish someone had told me about this BEFORE my tubal! I was told that having it done after my c-section was an easy, very low risk, no big deal procedure, since they were already there with me sedated. I now cry at the drop of a hat, have horribly heavy periods, get hot and cold flashes….. and my OB still told me that the bleeding is not related to the tubal, just likely to my getting older. At least now I have an answer why I am experiencing these things, but if I had the information then I would not have done the tubal.

Timotheia November 20, 2013 at 1:08 am

I just had my son August 27 2013 on Tuesday got my tubes tied that Friday. My last period was October 4 ended the 10. Had bad cramps like I never had befor . An now I was going to start the 1st of November but I didn’t Im 3 weeks late I’m scared that I might have another large ovarian cyst cause I’m having stomach pains my stomach has gotten bigger. Can anyone help me? Please!!!

Heather November 20, 2013 at 9:08 am

I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems. I am not a medical professional and would advise you to make an appointment to discuss your symptoms. I wish you the best.

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