let’s talk about them

March 15, 2012

People are like moths to a flame; humans to drama. It’s like we’re so otherwise bored by our existence that we just can’t stand to refrain from flocking to the gossip, the gasping stories. Like most teen girls, I was especially fond of drama, in high school. Now, it makes my stomach hurt and then I turn from it toward my life.

If you’re not in the Internet/social media/blogging world, you aren’t aware that there’s drama here just like everywhere else and people get to truly know each other or sort of know each other and they talk about all the goings on. Like how ladies in long dresses used to talk on porches over lemonade, except now it’s a broadcast on Twitter and Facebook and blogs. No matter what the gasping topic or its validity, it’s like a gawker slow down in which the focus is suddenly taken from good things, and then everyone stops to stare at the wreckage.

If I don’t shut my laptop and turn back to my life and the people in it, I end up sitting there gawking with everyone else, especially when something like plagiarism and other confusing behavior hits the screen. I could waste hours in the rabbit hole of opinions and feelings, clicking from one tweet to another post to another post and it’s wasting time because it feels like none of my business even if the Internet is full of porches that everyone can get to in one second flat.

So I don’t want to talk about what’s happening on the web. Let’s talk about things that can seem boring but aren’t. These small things aren’t boring because if we really care, it all matters. If that makes sense. So I want to tell you that the weather has been record high and we’ve been at parks and on walks and it makes me feel so much better than gawking and also just plain better overall. Sun is the best depression fighter ever.

Miles has been asking me to take his picture lately. This is new and I get such a kick out of it. He doesn’t even care what the pictures look like, it’s like he’s just trying to be nice by allowing me to do something I love to do.  And this morning, he told me he was going to wear long-high socks and I said, Do you mean knee highs? Then we laughed.

Asher, in that first picture, is wearing pencils and gum and paper in his pocket because that’s what my Dad does and he said he was going to be like Bapa. That just makes my heart want to explode. These boys are always stealing gum from Bapa Pocket.

This girl? She’s so bookish. Or maybe I just force play glasses on her because it’s so freaking cute. But anyway, she’s doing so well. She lights up everything everywhere and her spitfire ways make us laugh and wear us totally out.

She’s getting four top teeth at once. Enough said.

This is what I would want to tell you over lemonade, if I had a porch. And then I would want to know all your stories. I really would. I could sit and listen to you for a very long time. Especially if we were on a porch swing.

I love the Internet because it brings you, with your stories, here, with my stories. It’s just like anything else. You have to choose what you’re going to make of it and stay buried deep within your life and its people.

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