this coming Tuesday…

April 20, 2012

{This post is actually about this week’s Just Write, but it takes me a bit to get to the point. Please forgive. Heh.}

Hi friends. I was just thinking about how I randomly write about things and then other things and some small and beautiful things and other Big Things and then I change the subject and stop bringing up things and it’s probably because my brain is




so my blog is too!

Anyway. I want to do an update-ish sort of thing soonly because of that (like about Elsie and how she’s being assessed because of her gross motor skills being a bit lacking and about that whole post tubal ligation craziness and about upcoming good things…) But for now, I want to talk about this coming Tuesday because if you do Just Write with me (or would like to try) it’s going to get even better because you’ll get to share your link–your words–your stories in TWO places.

Here, as per usual, and over with my seriously awesome friends Jen and Sarah at Momalom for Five for Five.

(I’ll link to it on Tuesday and give more details that day, but it will be very easy.)

Listen closely, okay? Seriously, come closer…put your cute little (or big) nose up to the screen…

there are some really amazing writers in that community so if you love reading things that resonate and move you or make you laugh or think, you’ll really love Five for Five. I’m letting you know ahead of time because this is the only time that Just Write will have a bit of a prompt. But it’s just one word, so you can do what you’d like with that word.

And that word? Well, it’s quite fitting for Just Write because it’s WORDS. This means that if some people don’t get the memo about a prompt, they can still link up because you know, they will have written….WORDS.

You’re all welcome to join in. If you’re not a blogger, just play along at home. Free writing feels really good.

Happy weekend, friends.

OH P.S. We got chickens. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter of Facebook, you knew that because I’m sort of obsessed with taking pictures of them. I’m totally loving them…they make me feel peaceful. I had no idea chickens could do that, but really, what isn’t a miracle?


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