Just Write {33}

April 30, 2012

The weekends have been rolling through with paintbrush strokes lately. There have been many more bright yellows and reds where there had been a lot of darker things, like depression and colic. We are moving now, wheels turning down the road to places with familiar faces and isn’t it silly that I started to wonder if that would ever happen again? If we would always stand still?

You do, you know? You start to believe that “it will always be this way” whatever that way is, but it never stays. We have that one constant, in counting on change. You would think I’d be sure of it by now but I still get scared sometimes when things are hard.  I get scared they will only stay hard or get harder.

But this weekend Miles had a play date and there was a pizza fundraiser and a huge indoor garage sale where I got the kids their summer clothes and other handmade lovelies. I was there all by myself for three whole hours.

On Saturday afternoon, we dropped the boys with my sister and her family and Ryan and Elsie and I kept driving all the way to Lake Elmo where I sat with Internet friends who are also {in}RL friends new and old and I breathed a little lighter, just me and other women that love friendship. Ryan took Elsie to the mall while I was there and they hung out, just Daddy and EJ, having lunch.

During a break in the event, I sat with my friend Kate while we waited in line for the bathroom. (There were stairs near the bathroom, otherwise sitting to wait would have been a little weird.) So anyway, we sat down and I want to tell you that there are a lot of ways to describe someone but the quickest way to describe Kate is that she is the kind of person that exudes such grace and kindness that you want to just rest your head on her shoulder while you sit next to her.

Really. It’s true.

It was a rainy drive both ways and two hours both ways and Elsie fell asleep and Ryan and I had two whole long conversations. That is rare these days unless we do this kind of thing and for so long now this kind of thing has been too hard to do.

It’s hard to imagine that time will slip past us and before we know it, we’ll have more of these kinds of quiet moments together. Then we’ll be looking back and Change will be saying, HA! I told you so. 


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