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August 8, 2012

Tomorrow morning I’ll be boarding a flight to Kentucky. I’ve never been to Kentucky, so not only do I get to add another thumb tack to the map of my life’s travels, but I also get to speak with Ellie.

We’ve each done a lot of speaking, in different capacities and venues. This particular keynote is something new. We’ve created something dynamic, something soulful and maybe sometimes funny. We’re going to do some skits, tell some stories and read some posts. We’re going to talk to the people that have come to hear us and ask them questions and then listen like they’re the best movie we’ve ever seen…because we all are! We’re story people.

Ellie and I so badly want our words to be worth the time of the people that have paid to join us and we’re believing that if we get out of the way, that will happen. 

Our friend Lisa taught us that we can say “Hey God, this is your fundraiser! We’re just going to try not to mess it up!” It’s funny how when you do that, you step out of the way and you know…you just know…that God can do waaaay more than you could have imagined.

So He will, yo.

Could you visit Ellie’s blog and honor her words about this event? Neither of us has any interest whatsoever in hounding you about any one cause, but obviously, cancer is a cause that touches us all. Maybe you can understand why we’re passionate? Because of Ellie’s recent fight, and because we need the St. Agnes Houses of the world to keep going. What will we do if they’re gone?

Thank you, friends. I got emails from some of you, letting me know how you supported this event and St. Agnes House and I will be so grateful always.


{If you feel compelled to donate, here’s that link.}


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