political mothering: contributing at A Deeper Family

September 5, 2012

I’m so honored to tell you that I’m now a contributing writer at A Deeper Story’s sister site, A Deeper Family.

I’ve been a subscriber of A Deeper Story for a long time, and I’m just plain excited to be a part of the Deeper Family Family. Heh.

I don’t speak a lot of Christianese here at The EO. It’s not a secret that I’m a Christian, but I’m, in all honesty, quite uncomfortable with one word labels. I own my faith with no regret or shame, but I walk around with it quite differently than a lot of people with the same label. We all do. We’re all so much more than one word and we all put on all of our descriptors in different ways.

I get terribly itchy around Christians, that’s just the honest truth. This is understandable since I’ve been trying to shake off some hurtful things for many years, and I want so badly to keep from living in a rigid mentality that leaves out grace bows to Being Right more than Being Loving.

Anyway, come on over and read my debut if you don’t mind. I said yes to writing at A Deeper Family because I’ve been so grateful to have found solace in A Deeper Story. It’s refreshing to read words from Christians who are being vulnerable and open, raw and real. It’s inspiring to have them all telling stories of the love of God and how it continues to change us and mold our thinking if we allow that.

I’m actually kind of nervous because I did write about politics and mothering over there. I think differently than most Christians so I might get blasted. But that’s okay. I can take it. I’m standing on grace, yo.

See you there. 

Thank you.

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