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October 24, 2012

I have received more emails and comments about PTLS than anything else. By far. There are far too many women out there googling their symptoms and landing on my blog.

I’m still not totally comfortable calling what I deal with PTLS. There’s so much mis-information about this. Most of the medical community scoffs at such a “syndrome” saying that it’s impossible and it’s all in our heads. They say that the idea that we’re struggling because of a tubal ligation is one that doctors who do reversals created to keep themselves in business.

That’s interesting, because no one told me my symptoms could be related to my tubal. I didn’t google it. I just knew. It’s called intuition or a gut feeling and as invalid as that may seem to many medical professionals, it’s a reality. We know our bodies. We know when something is wrong and I knew for certain that something changed in a major way after I had a tubal ligation.

I’m so grateful to have my story featured on Owning Pink and I hope it helps a lot of women. Please research tubal ligations before you have one. And if you’re here (or came from there) because you googled your symptoms because of your own gut feeling, I’m sorry. I’m with you. I know this is hard and I wish I had more answers for you.

If you would like (or need) to read the whole story, it’s over at Owning Pink today.
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