Just Write {64}

December 3, 2012

She follows me, still.

I came from the bathroom, to find her waiting in my bedroom. I was wrapped in a towel and dripping a little from the shower. She pointed and laughed. She does that when I have wet hair. At least that’s what I tell myself she’s laughing about.

I pulled open the drawer with bras and dug around, wondering when I’ll ever purchase a post-breastfeeding one that actually fits me. Elsie was putting on my shoes and clomping on the hardwood floor, trying to not be a falling-over toddler even though she is one.

I dropped the towel and suddenly she was by my side, back to just the footies of her pajamas and she was pointing but not laughing. She pointed to her mouth and pointed back at me, like she suddenly remembered breastfeeding. She, the one who decided to be done all in one grand statement in one moment on one day when I was not ready but she was. Now there she was looking inquisitively and opening her mouth like I could give her a drink. These sagging empty vessels are certainly incapable and so I was about to move even faster to cover them and trying to think what to say and then she said it,

All gone.

Aw gone.

Yes, that’s right. All gone. No more milk. Do you want to go get a drink of water?

Oh yeah. She said that like this was a very exciting plan, and then she spun around and went out the door on tippy toes, as if wearing heels.


This is the 64th installment of Just Write, an exercise in free writing your ordinary and extraordinary moments. {Please see the details here.} I would love to read your freely written words so join me and link up below. You can add the url of your post at any time. Just be sure it’s a link to your Just Write post, not to your main page, and please don’t link to posts that are not written in the spirit of capturing moments–like lists or sponsored posts. Then please link back to this post in your post so people know where to go if they’d like to join in. (Any links not following those two guidelines will be deleted.)

Also. Please take a moment to visit someone else who has linked up! It’s a really good way to meet new writers and get inspired by the meaning behind their moments. Word? Thank you!


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