our time, ourselves: owning them both in a technology driven world

December 3, 2012

Do you wonder sometimes if the next generations are going to live in the movie Wall-E? Everyone will just float around in their isolated little transporters sipping Big Gulps and staring at screens? And everyone will be unhealthy from never standing up or going outside to walk around and we’ll just make beeping sounds to communicate, but only when we have to and we’ll open everything everywhere by having a little thingy read our fingerprints. People won’t even procreate anymore, but the human race will only continue because babies will be made in labs and then they’ll be raised by robots cause we’ll be too busy with our screens…

okay no really. I really really have to believe it won’t be that bad, but if I’m being totally honest, I get sad when I think about the future and community and connection.

I wrote about this at Owning Pink and you can go read it if you’d like. Let’s not start missing too much of life because we have so many fun things to look at, okay friends?

See you there. 


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Roshni December 3, 2012 at 12:31 pm

will head over there right now!
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