Power Down begins!

January 16, 2013

 Power Down Team! The SITS girls, Tiff and Fran and Amy Whitley of Never-True Tales


The podcast I told you about recently is available for your listening ears on SITSgirls or on iTunes if you’d like to hear it. (Please hear it?!)

You’ll hear some tips on managing time. You’ll hear my accent. You’ll hear Tiffany Romero’s sexy voice. You’ll hear Amy try to keep me on track! You’ll hear me admit I’m not that good at powering down, but I’m trying.

You are so lucky! ;)

Head on over to SITS to click the links to the podcast.


Your podcaster friend Heather (with the Minnesotan accent–you can make fun of it, I ooohhhhwn this accent, yaaah, yoouu betcha!)



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