20 friend-recommended must-read page-turners

February 28, 2013

I love a book I can’t put down. The kind that has me sneaking away to read it because I’m expecting the unexpected and curious and excited and practically licking the pages. (What?)

I recently had no such books waiting on my nightstand, so I asked my facebook friends to suggest page-turners and, as they so faithfully do, they came through in spades! (What does that really mean? In spades? Is it a saying about cards? Just checking.) (Don’t mind me, I’m a little delirious. My dear husband is working out of town this week and then this week decided to be extra weird to me and now Elsie Jane has the sickness and wow that’s a lot of vomiting and I am so tired you’re welcome for the run-on sentence.)

Maybe we should both just go read stuff that we can’t stop reading…





Have you read any of these? What page-turners aren’t here that you loved so much you could have licked them? Or maybe just loved a lot, in a non-licking kind of way. (what is WRONG with me?) (Let’s just say that I’m sleep-deprived and the only way I put together this post was by typing over the top of my very sick Elsie Jane. Her temp is now 103. That, my friends, is not my favorite.

My poor girl.

Here’s to getting well and licking (or not licking) books!

(Book cover photo credits: Amazon.com, with the exception of those with out the little arrow thing–those are from Goodreads.)

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