June 2013


June 27, 2013

I got up early this morning and when I opened facebook I saw all kinds of updates about people unfollowing each other in various places online because of political/religious beliefs. It doesn’t surprise me. Where else can we say so much while still being seen so little? We get a little Screen Courage. Kind of like Liquid Courage, only different. Someone said something about how many people don’t say a word when maybe we should be courageous enough to be honest about our beliefs. Aside from many who maybe just don’t know exactly where they stand on all the things, there are also many of us who are quieter for another reason. That’s because I look around at all the debating and such and it almost always has a thread of religion or something about God or the assumption that conservative=Christian and liberal=non-Christian. These arguments and statements hardly ever leave out God, the […]


That lady that gave you the dirty look when your toddler ran in front of her cart at the store, she wants center. So does that man that pulled out in front of you on the way home. And so does that person leaving nasty comments online and that other one who is supposed to be a friend but keeps talking about her and her and you behind backs. It’s a me first society, my husband always says. We’re ants on a hill, running in lines and cutting across and turning our heads from side to side, Can you see me? Or rats in a race, or whatever analogy feels closest to life in year that hold twenty centuries that each hold one hundred and then still thirteen more. One thing will never change and that’s change and the speed of it. Sometimes I don’t even know what we’re racing for? For more, […]


Just Write {90}

June 24, 2013

In the next room there was a consistent beep. The high sound of keeping track. There was a child we couldn’t see, connected to the beeping as it kept track of a little heart. From another room, a baby was crying. Our Asher was on the hospital bed in front of us and he looked puffy and flushed. He has a fever and so much pain in his noggin. We didn’t know if his hydrocephalus is bothering him in the heat, or if his shunt is malfunctioning, or both. We were waiting to see. The doctor checked him over and had a few theories. Then we went in for a catscan, down the hall. Asher was asking me lots of questions while I said, You have to be really still. Why, Mommy? For the pictures. Okay. Then he held his little white lamb blanket close to his chest. He never remembers doing this from […]


Dear Miles and Asher, I need you to know something. I need you to know that I just can’t talk to you about this game. I don’t understand Minecraft at all and I have no desire to try. Sure, I want to be interested in what you’re saying to me, but I just can’t. Because you say things like, I built a chair! I saw a chicken! I got an egg, ha ha ha!!! and my eyes get that unfocused look because I’m staring past you and my brain has shut down. I can’t help it. I’m only human. That’s why I say Uh huh with no feeling, over and over. I’m not listening at all. You probably can tell, because you’re smart. Whether or not you love this game, please know I still think you’re very smart. Lots of smart people do things that make no sense and then talk incessantly about […]

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There’s too much to say and nothing to say. There’s pain and a heavy heart in watching my parents drive away on Saturday, Nanny and Bapa and Auntie Kay riding away in a white car, and the five of us–our little King family–standing on a new-to-us sidewalk, waving back. There’s not enough time to say any of all that’s changed and happened and there’s all the time in the world. Ryan made dinner  last night. Asher said the dinner was burned and he was sitting there not eating it while Miles was trying to convince him that it was awesome. They’re both exhausted. They play and play and play and play with new neighbor friends. They play everything and nothing, as many hours as they can fit inside one day. Like it’s their job. Later in the day, after our family left, we went to Goodwill. On the way in, a woman told […]


we have arrived

June 17, 2013

It’s been almost a week since I tried to figure out how to do a blog post from my phone and told you Just Write was delayed. Then I never came back. I’ve been terribly occupied. We’re here! In Austin, Texas! We’ve been unpacking and decorating and breaking down boxes and figuring out the watering system for the lawn and geocaching and we went to Austin New Church and the YMCA and SONIC FOR HAPPY HOUR SLUSHIES. (x3) Also. IKEA for curtain rods. Also. The H.E.B. Plus for some food. Then we unpacked more boxes and more boxes and more boxes. I stopped to do some free-writing on Saturday, so Just Write will be back tomorrow! (Which really means later tonight, since I try to get the linky thingy up ahead of time for y’all.) (That was me, trying to practice Southern speak.) Will you write with me? Remember, Just Write is all […]


    I’m typing this on my phone. I had no time for just write! I’m sorry, but today is the Big Move to Austin and also, I’m exhausted and we have no Internet at my parents. Does this sound like whining?   Oops.   If I get time at the airport I’ll add a linky thingy so fast. For now, feel free to free write!! Don’t stop on my account. I love your words. Link in the comments if youd like. I’ll add them to the linky ASAP! Just so you know, phone blog-writing is slow for me.   More soon….  


If you’ve never been to a BlogHer conference, you can do your best to get all your ducks in a row, to research, to prepare, and still…. you don’t really know what to expect. I mean, FOR REAL. All the tips and recommendations in the world cannot FULLY prepare you, but that does not have to be a bad thing. IMHO (Grandma, that means “in my humble opinion”) what you need to do is something that goes along with the whole philosophical poetic and touchy feely vibe of this website of mine here on the worldwide interweb…. BE YOU. No. Really. YOU. You are good stuff. Be the good stuff you are. Believe that you are you for a reason and carry on with your bad self. Please don’t look around and think there are cliques and people ignoring you. They are just people who have made friends and they are hanging together […]


A Story Unfinished

June 5, 2013

Matt Mooney is here today and I hope you’ll take a moment to read his words. The message within this post is something near and dear to me. Escaping pain will steal joy. Please welcome Matt, the author of A Story Unfinished–99 Days With Eliot: Ginny & I found out at 30 weeks pregnant that something was seriously wrong. Everything up to that fateful ultrasound had been normal- well, when you’re having your first child you probably stand in no position to define normal. But it seemed that way to us. All of a sudden, the doctors trudged back into our room with heads down, and now it was anything but normal. We were told that the baby had some serious complications and problems that needed addressing. In hindsight, I cannot say what stuck out to me in the precise moments that they relayed this information to us. But I do know what […]


Just Write {88}

June 3, 2013

Turn the TV down Elsie, Nutella Face stay off the bed! Are you dressed? I asked you to get dressed. Someone get Daddy up yes I’m making you some Elsie no hitting! why are you hitting Asher? (much crying) Miles, the library books must go back find them now why aren’t you dressed? No, don’t open the door! the dog’s feet are wet stop, please. (door opens) Boxes are all around. In two days, the moving truck is coming. We sat down and made a list and tried to guesstimate how long each thing would take and the total was 27 hours and there is work and kids and life. But the windows are washed and most things are packed and now it’s the mind-bending what goes where and last-minute cleaning and you get the idea. I have been so peaceful and preparing, organizing, working hard. I’m waiting for a meltdown because I […]