The #BlogHer conference #SerenitySuite 2013: What is it? Where is it? Don’t miss it!

July 17, 2013


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What is it? 

The Serenity Suite is a low-key, comfortable and welcoming space to unwind: Do you need to sit down and literally and figuratively recharge your batteries? Come on in. Need to hide from big crowds but don’t want to be alone in your room? Come on in. Need a simple break from the action and some coffee? Come on in. Feeling a little overwhelmed? We get it, come on in!

The Serenity Suite began as a safe haven for those of us who need to be able to attend an amazing, fun and educational conference while also staying sober. Today, it continues as an alcohol-free zone, but serves a much wider purpose. Maggie and I could not have imagined the possibilities, and we’re so grateful that BlogHer attendees love and use this space.

Where is it? When is it open? 

This year, the Serenity Suite will be located at BOTH the Sheraton and the McCormick locations:

  • Room 1287 at the Sheraton
  • Room W921A at the McCormick

(these locations are subject to change, but if they do change, we’ll update this post and tweet all about where you can find us.)

The suite is open from 10am until 10pm. (Please note that the suite is closed for VOTY and will be closing at 6pm at McCormick on both Friday and Saturday because all the parties are at the Sheraton on those evenings. The Sheraton suite WILL be open until 10pm.)

Who can I find there? 

You’ll find Maggie, myself and Ellie there A LOT. You’ll also find fellow bloggers/Serenity Suite hosts (I’ll be posting a list of hosts soon!) who will welcome you and point you to the coffee or tea and introduce themselves. They’ll leave you alone if you need a few minutes to yourself, or they’ll welcome you into a totally riveting and hilarious conversation. Those are always going on in the suite!  Last year, the most fantastic Canadian bloggers ended up closing down the suite and before we left, we had this moment in which they sang O Canada together so beautifully that I’ll never forget it. Random things like this happen in the suite. We sit together like it’s a slumber party and tell stories. It’s a blogger’s meet-up at its finest. 

“The Serenity Suite is an integral and vital part of the BlogHer experience for anyone, like me, who comes to the conference looking for soul-sisters and ends up needing time to process and a safe, quiet, welcoming environment.” – Tabatha

“It is a mellow, alcohol-free zone where you can just hang out in an oasis of quiet calm away from the melee. As someone with both anxiety and addiction issues, this has been an invaluable place for me over my years at BlogHer conferences.” Elan Morgan – Schmutzie

…an island of calm in the bustling conference, was where I had the best conversations in the entire event. Whenever I began to feel overwhelmed, I headed up there, the Serenity Suite helped me feel nourished and grounded. I will be forever grateful for the friendships I started there.” – Yaer on this post

We will be tweeting information and updates about the suite throughout the BlogHer 13 conference via hashtags #BlogHer13 #SerenitySuite 

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