oh so very young

August 23, 2013

Our little acorn grew into a baby and then a toddler and now sometimes I think she’s fifteen, hands on her hips, shouting out orders. On Monday she will start preschool, right next door. The boys will begin school at their new school and for part of the day it will be me, just me, catching up on life and writing and other work.

Tonight I tucked Elsie Jane in, several times. She was over-tired from a long day and couldn’t get to sleep. Her pink owl blanket was never quite right, according to her. It barely fits to cover her feet now and she calls Mama Mama Mama my bankie off! Before long it won’t go over her feet at all to cover them and I’m guessing this will frustrate her. Growth can do that, huh?

I’m not ready! 

Hopefully a new bigger blanket will do, until it doesn’t.

Earlier today, we went to visit friends. Kim has a new baby and Elsie is enamored. This time, Kim offered to have Elsie hold baby Zachary and she beamed and said, “Yeah! Baby…eat…mine…boob!”

Um. No.

But she got to sit with baby Zachary and his Mama, on the couch and learn about holding a baby’s head just right…




I don’t want to miss anything, but of course it’s impossible to catch it all and even if I could, how would it fit? How could I possibly not explode? There is so much goodness here and so much so much, and so it will be good to start our new routine. Although leaving Asher in a kindergarten room is tearing me up. How can it be? I just don’t know.

I had a conversation with someone recently about whether or not raising kids goes fast or slow. She insisted SLOW and I said Oh, I think it goes so fast. But there are times it absolutely does not. And even so, the owl blanket isn’t going to cover Elsie much longer and I’m pretty sure she’s still very very small.


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