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October 19, 2013

So then there was that ABC Nightly News with Diane Sawyer show. It’s weird to see yourself on TV, friends. I’m starting to get middle-aged lady jowls. (Just to keep it real around here, I want you to know that I just tried to make jowls, “jowels”, for a really long time and I could not for the life of me remember how to spell it right.) (Ahem.)

Anyway, after the nightly news gig, people came over here from, and then they sent me emails or they clicked over to Shining Strong, a non-profit for people struggling with addiction. That’s why I let people see my jowls on national TV.

All joking aside, this really is what matters.

It’s terribly common for a woman to find herself overly dependent on wine. I hear from a lot of people who share their stories with me and every single one (even if I can’t reply to them all) matters to me and resonates with me.


Today I’m at Blogathon in Austin. I’m meeting loads of local bloggers/writers and loving it. I can hang out with them and type this at the same time and they totally get it. Then we talk a lot. We make sense to each other. Also, free yummy food. Enough said. If you’re local and couldn’t come, I highly recommend it.


Because of the news story, I had a lot more people subscribe to the newsletter (top right of sidebar) and this means I should probably send a newsletter. I want to update you all on family things and upcoming speaking and all the other things that are super riveting. I’m working on it. I find that working from home, even when the kiddos are not at home for part of the day, allows me to be overly scattered. Sometimes I’m cleaning cupboards for no reason at all. That’s how I roll.

Lastly, (hey! I guess this is kind of like a newsletter!)

I said this on facebook and I wanted to say it here too so I have a better record of it to remind myself:

You know how it’s so easy to forget that we are souls walking around with bodies on? We’re always “talking” to each other and, we believers believe, God. We are not all that good at this, what with all the distractions and such and that’s something we need to forgive ourselves for, I think. If we can’t, then we can’t try again. We’re just stuck. 

I love it when I can feel a soul high five or fist bump or maybe our souls have even hugged. I don’t think mine is all that cuddly, but whatever. Anyway, I find I treat people with more dignity and respect when I see their soul shining through their eyes. Or when I see that their eyes have lost a glow, oh that says so much about giving. Isn’t that when people need the most dignity and respect? Even if they’re behaving like a-holes because of their soul hunger, or thirst. 

I hope your weekend is good. 




SmithShack71 October 20, 2013 at 8:35 am

I have the jowels, too. I feel like I do anyway, they are def coming.
It’s jowls when you don’t have them, but when you do have them it’s jow-els, and you say it with great emphasis with your head going a nod lower with each syllable. :) That’s my theory.
But we should totally say it with head held high and with one syllable. “Yes, I have jowls, and I have laughed and cried enough in my life that I’ve earned them!”

And yes, the ones with a low glow are the ones that need the extra light and love shown on them.

SmithShack71 recently posted..holey shoes

Elaine A. October 21, 2013 at 8:43 pm

I think Blogathons are SUCH a great idea! Loved Leigh Ann’s pic of you ad Kristin. :)

And seeing you on the ABC news report was stinkin’ proud of you, my friend!

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