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December 12, 2013

Sometimes I quickly jam out some ramblings about being a mom on The Extraordinary Ordinary facebook page and then people say OH I love it when you say this stuff. Because I still don’t have much of a filter and I love honesty like a best friend. Then I remembered that I used to write whole entire blog posts like that when I had more time to write whole entire blog posts like that.

What are you doing with your time, Heather?

Good question…

This school year, life has been so different than the past eight years.

Okay, Heather, but that doesn’t really answer the question…

SEE? This is how it goes with my thoughts, my writing, my life…and apparently, answering questions I pose to myself to pretend to be you, on a blog. And I’m typing really fast because I have a lot of Other Things. Good Things. They gots to gets done, yo.

In a nutshell, in an effort (in pretending you asked) I’ve been writing more and more and more (non-blog things for freelance places and for *crossing fingers and toes* book types of things) and I’ve also been working on Other Creative Projects. It kills me to not just blather on about what I mean, but I do that a lot and then I don’t follow through or something changes like life does and I’ve made “promises” I can’t keep and so I’m holding back on the blathering. All that to say, I guess I’m simply busy WORKING.

It feels good. I love it. The kids are great. They’re each really thriving in their respective classrooms. Elsie is right next door in a “classroom” in the neighbor’s house and it really is a magical miracle of timing and location. We landed in Texas RIGHT next to this place of learning and nurturing (and spoiling) and Elsie Jane is adoring her days there. Sometimes I start to feel like it’s WRONG of me to WORK. Then I remember that if I’m being honest, I stayed at home for about eight years and though I don’t regret it or think I was horrible at it, I know that doing it simply because you think it’s the Right Answer, is not best for everyone. I know a lot of people will disagree and that’s just fine. We all hold different beliefs for our very own particular perspectives. And sometimes, as life and time changes the shape of that perspective, we stay stuck, not allowing the changes that are begging to take place, born out of that fresh outlook.

(Please don’t take that to mean that staying at home is wrong and it took me a long time to notice that. That’s just not what I mean.)

Anyway. I’m rambling to say that I miss the kinds of posts I used to write here. I’ve been doing this a long time and the focus and feeling of this space has shifted over the years in many ways. I just kind of roll with it, because if there’s one thing I’ve learned about this blogging thing, it’s this: IT IS BEST NOT TO OVER-THINK IT.

Rolling with it usually brings me back around to the way that suits me for that time in life. Less publishing, more publishing, less wordy, more wordy, less motherhood stuff, more motherhood stuff…


You get the idea. We’re rolling with things, as much as recovering control freaks can…

P.S. I wrote something about small kiddos and lying for Word of Mom at – I have some thoughts for other parents about why kids lie and how to respond to it. Because I’m such an expert. Just kidding, I’m not…BUT I have thoughts and I hope they help you. At least we can know we’re not alone in this. Kids lie. Sooner or later or all the time or sometimes, depending on the kid. Now what? (Also, the commenters there don’t like that I tell my kids that I will never lie to them…)


Natalie - The Cat Lady Sings December 12, 2013 at 12:46 pm

That really struck me, that with blogging it’s best not to overthink it. I am a classic overthinker, which may be why it’s been difficult to blog lately…
On a side note, I’m glad work & family life is going well for you. :)
Natalie – The Cat Lady Sings recently posted..A Romantic Christmas

Chrissy December 12, 2013 at 3:34 pm

How exciting! It sounds like there is much happening in your world! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for those dreamy projects still growing wings inside your mama heart. XO
Chrissy recently posted..Dear Mom,

Nina December 12, 2013 at 3:43 pm

I’m so with you on not over thinking. Our writing, our blogs, our lives . . . they’re fluid. We have our core values and beliefs, but some of this others stuff is just details. Details can change.
Nina recently posted..Do the Work: Not Just For Writers

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