Just Write {116}

December 30, 2013

In a bookstore, I looked over the shelves, smelled the smell of all that paper all smashed together and couldn’t help witnessing what happened right next to me. A girl, maybe in her early twenties…(I guess this makes her a lady or a young woman, but I’m going with girl), she has long brown hair and a pretty face. She beams at the sight of her brother, another brown haired looker, coming toward her. He has a basked and it has about eight books in it. He smiles back and he says, with a silly voice, “Look at me! I’m a book bum.” She looks down at the basket and she rolls her eyes and then says, “You’re adorable.” I think he’s a teenager. He says, “It’s one hundred eighty three dollars worth…where’s mom?”

They grin at each other and she points across some shelves where their brown-haired mother is looking at jigsaw puzzles.”

He makes a beeline for her. His sister turns and starts looking, like me, scanning the shelves for titles to jump out and grab her.

Later, while wrangling my three at bedtime, I spin on my heel to go and get Elsie’s blankie from my room while I also tell Asher over my shoulder to get.in.the.bed. For the third or fourth time. But I come back to find him not in bed and I can’t get mad at him. He’s lying next to Elsie on her bedroom floor. They’re both turned on their sides, in pajamas, facing each other. They’re both totally wiped out from all the activity of the last couple of weeks. They just look at each other instead of starting to tease or tickle and scream and get all crazy. Asher looked at her closely and then moved closer to kiss the top of her head. She leans in a little toward him and makes a little happy sound and then he’s up and off to bed and I am left standing there feeling like I’m about to find all the best books.


This is the 115th installment of Just Write, an exercise in free writing your ordinary and extraordinary moments. {Please see the details here.} I would love to read your freely written words so join me and link up below. You can add the URL of your post at any time. Just be sure it’s a link to your Just Write post, not to your main page, and please don’t link to posts that are not freely written in the spirit of capturing moments–you know, don’t link to how-to posts, lists or sponsored posts. Also, please link back to this post in yours so people know where to go if they’d like to join in.

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