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January 9, 2014

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Hello friends! This one is for the writers, or those of you who love to write but aren’t sure you feel ready to claim the title. And this one is for anyone who can pass the information on to their creatively writing friends. (Thank you in advance.)

It’s normal to hold your breath and rock back and forth when you announce something you’re selling tickets for, right? I mean, especially if it’s YOU that YOU are promoting, basically. That makes the rocking back and forth really fast.

Yesterday afternoon I started promoting a course I’m teaching through Quistic, in which I share my writing ways, tips and tricks and dig a little deeper into the hows and whys of writing without listening to that nasty inner critic. Writing without chains or demands, with freedom.

If I’m going to preach letting go and taking risks with words, I suppose I should allow myself to have confidence that I am worthy of teaching this course, huh?

So. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY BUY A TICKET. (Not expensive for a four hour seminar — $39) (not four hours at once, don’t worry!)

The course will take place starting January 21st and will run for one hour a night, for four days. If you’d like to “attend”, no worries, you can miss a night or two and catch up later, when you can. I’ll be appearing live and it will be interactive. Basically, we all “log on” at the same time and GO! I’ll talk at you with my Minnesotan accent and possibly put my foot in my mouth 3 to 8 times, but for the most part, I hope to inspire your creativity and help you hone in on the gift you have with words.

I’ve spoken about free-writing several times at conferences and it’s gone really well, thankfully. The attendees have given me great feedback and the best part for me is that I learn from them at the same time. Of course. Y’all are really wise, even if you often wonder if you’re worthy of the title “writer”. If you love to write, you are a writer. This course is about that very thing–the ways that we define writing and what those definitions mean to YOU personally.

I hope you’ll come. Or, if you’re not a writer-y-type, please tell some writer friends?

You can learn more about the course by visiting the page on Quistic.

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