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April 21, 2014


What can you do when you’re bored and it is raining outside?

If you have kiddos, you know that no one knows better than The Cat and the Hat, right? This is what he would say to do: You show up and use your imagination and make a mess and hurry to clean it up before Mom gets mad.

Asher and I got to see this happen LIVE the Saturday before last at the Zach Theater in Austin at The Cat in the Hat play.

You guys, it was so good, so funny, and so entertaining. It was just the right length for the little ones, at about 45 minutes. The characters came off the pages of the actual Dr Seuss story in the intimate Zach Theater space. We felt like we were part of the show and never took our eyes off the action. Asher laughed and sat enthralled the entire time, then later he asked all sorts of questions about how the actors made it work. It was such a great experience and I could not recommend it more.

Austinites, get your tickets and head on out to see the show, which runs through May 3rd and takes place every Saturday at either 11am or 2pm. Then mark your calendars because Pinnochio runs from April 18th to May 24th.

Happy Theater-going!


Asher, hot cocoa, and part of the set of The Cat and the Hat

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