Just Write {149}

August 19, 2014

They were wiped out, and so was their mother (that’s me!) but we were keepin’ on keepin’ on. That’s how we roll. And it is in the midst of all of the busy-ness and ugh and whining and arguing and trying and failing and keepin’ on, that we find the most moments of joy. No, not in the times when we try to make it arise, like planning a special trip or event. I mean, that’s fun too, but joy seems to prefer the daily grind and sometimes it is hiding behind the ordinary and can only be found if you keep going around the next bend.

For us it was popping up in the middle of this: I came home from work. I had been at the Middle Fork Cafe, with the entire place full and just one me, until serving help came. Phew. The kids had a sitter and had so much fun with her.

Dishes, laundry, garbage out. Then we needed to run something to Nanny and Bapa’s. We stayed there for a bit, and I did some social media work. Then back home. The kids started playing outside with the neighbors, sidewalk chalk and the water table. The boys came in and out and in and out, while I cleaned the guinea pig cage. They held Butterscotch, the piggie, to make the cage easier to clean. Elsie got covered in sidewalk chalk and water, even though she just had a bath at Nanny and Bapa’s house. The boys were puddle jumping, even though they just had a bath at Nanny and Bapa’s house.

For some reason I made my bed all of the sudden, only to discover the boys had been in there with Butterscotch and Butterscotch had assumed my bed to be a litter box.


I went downstairs to collect laundry and stepped in dog pee.


I cleaned up poop and pee.

The kids came in to get ready for bed. Showers were in order. Elsie went in first, and complained about the temperature and I heard yelling. Asher appeared in the doorway, crying, saying he had fallen off the neighbor’s scooter. I took Elsie out, and put him in, to rinse his fresh knee scrapes. Elsie cried, wanting to stay in longer, but it was past her bedtime.

The dog needed to go out. Because PEE ON THE FLOOR.

I went to put Elsie to bed, and she was a wreck, so over-tired. It took a long time. Meanwhile, the boys took out every single bed night snack in the kitchen and sat on the counter, eating.

Oh well.

Then it was time to ask and re-ask them to brush teeth, use the bathroom, get PJs on… No really, did you brush? Let me smell. (Categorized under things I never thought I would say/do.) They got into bed and didn’t have all the stuffed animals required so we did a house search, coming up only one plush Minecraft Creeper short. This was a huge problem, according to the eldest, but I did not see it that way. This lasted a while and then, and THEN, there was finally sleep.

Their eyes closed, their breathing deep, their curled fingers relaxed and not fisted. Their mouths just slightly open, their blankets already messy with restless sleep.

I pushed each of them, my three, closer to the middle of their beds, to feel better about their chances of falling out. Their growing bodies felt anchored with the heaviness of a child’s deep sleep.

Elsie only stirred a bit while I moved her. Miles’ eyelids flickered and gave in again to closing. Asher did not move or make a sound.

I looked at each one and didn’t even have to think about it. The end of every day feels like the end of me, but is always just the beginning.


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Sisters From Another Mister August 19, 2014 at 8:56 am

The sweetest moment of the day, looking at your sleeping children. Word.
Sisters From Another Mister recently posted..Black and white and shades of grey

Amanda August 25, 2014 at 1:25 pm

You are singing my song…
Amanda recently posted..All the Flavors—sad to happy to wow

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