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November 17, 2015

When we blame an entire religion, or its people, for something terrifying, it makes it easier. It makes it all feel far away, over there, by Them. Those People. The Evil Ones. This is born of fear and insecurity and those are natural things to feel, but we have to work through them and come back home. And if we claim to be Christians, home is where we keep the fatherless and the widow. Home is where we pick up the man who is opposite of us but still us, on the side of the road, bleeding.


(Syria photo credit – Amnesty International)

Do you see how we are all connected? We once were anyway and I can’t remember it and neither can you and most of us are fine with that.

Terrorism, war, carnage…results of isolation and separation and disconnection and fear.

We all did that. Not just politicians or religious fanatics, both Muslim and Christian. We all did that. Most of us choose isolation over connection, every single day. So here we are. Blame us.

I saw pictures of Syria on Facebook. I felt sick. And that thought came back again, that no one wants to run from home unless they are being chased, devoured, demolished, raped, beaten, killed. And if it is not our responsibility to take them in, what do we say to defend ourselves to our God?

I was scared!

So were they.

This is my land!

That was theirs.

They are wrong!

You are wrong.

They are going to take over and persecute us and kill us and there is no money and there is no room and we already don’t have enough and I’m not being unloving I’m just being rational and taxes and I’m tired of people living off me!

Faith or Fear. You choose.

Faith means we explore answers before we shut down. Fear means we shut down before we explore answers. We are better than fear. We are better than shutting down. We are better than this. We have all kinds of creative thinkers, brilliant minds, planners and do-gooders and seekers and game-changers. Let them speak.



(Syria photo credit – BBC world news)


(Syria photo credit – Yahoo news


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Erin November 20, 2015 at 12:07 pm

Yes, yes, yes. We are better than this. Thank you for sharing these timely and beautiful words, Heather.
Erin recently posted..We Are Each Other

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