The best of the dark and broody crime series on Netflix and Amazon: Part 2

February 8, 2018

I would like to help you with your binge-watching. Call me an enabler.

For more binge-worthy shows you can stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime, see Part One.


Without further ado, I give you, Part Two:

From BBC to Sundance to Netflix. Watch it. Photo Credit
1 Season


Based on the true crime book     1 season


3 Seasons   Originally aired in Norway
is said to have changed Netflix when it premiered


5 Seasons with a 6th coming
Wentworth is an Australian television drama program. 
It was first broadcast on SoHo on 1 May 2013. 
The series serves as a contemporary reimagining of Prisoner, 
which ran on Network Ten from 1979 to 1986.



3 Seasons     from BBC to Netflix



This one is on Amazon and produced by Amazon



based on the first two Poldark novels by Winston Graham
3 Seasons      Amazon



from SundanceTV and now on Amazon Prime
4 Seasons


5 Seasons     now on Amazon Prime

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