July 31, 2011

I am the kind of girl who buys a ginormous five dollar mirror at a thrift store because there must be a good place for it but I don’t know where. I am the kind of girl that has the ginormous mirror in the basement for over a year. I am the kind of girl who walks by said ginormous mirror every day on the way to the laundry and feels sort of guilty. I am the kind of girl who decides very randomly on a nothing-else-going-on kind of day that the mirror must go on the wall right over there right this very minute, after all this time. (Thank you Ryan and Dad.)     I am the kind of girl who notices that the orange curtains can be seen at the same time as the orange pillows now because of the mirror. I am the kind of girl who has to […]


First glimpse (isn’t glimpse a weird word?) (Gu-limp-sah)Dining Lighting (and orange curtains and gray paint) About one hundred years ago, I started a new “series” here on the EO called One Room at a Time. The idea was to show you a before and after photo as we finish updating each room of our not-so-new-to-us-anymore house. I said that we were doing one room every weekend. (I have no idea why I would say such a completely ridiculous and unfeasible thing.) We’ve been plugging away slowly but surely (and sporadically) on The House of EO, yo. So…I haven’t completely forgotten about the One Room at a Time thing. It’s just that we have yet to entirely finish even one room since the office. If we were artists that paint, let’s just say that we’d be the type of painters that draw something out and start to fill in the green of the grass […]


Part of healing is building something new. Part of letting go is creating. Part of growing is doing. I’ve never been all that good at the doing part. I want the pictures in my mind to appear in real life with little to no effort. That goes for both who I want to be and what I want around me. Lately, instead of looking for perfection (those pictures in my head), I’m looking simply for progress. It helps me to have a concrete plan and accountability. Without the second part of the formula, my lack of discipline rears its ugly head and strikes me lazy every time. So annoying. That being said, I wanted to share here (accountability) what Ryan and I are doing these days. You see, our new house needs some TLC. The problem is, we are the type of people that ramble on and on with ideas and say this […]