forgive yourself

September 4, 2013

“Take the long view, I reminded myself, looking out across the fields to our own long view. Life finds its balance. Children grow up. Second chances come along. In the meantime, I could choose to savor this moment.” – Katrina Kenison Can you forgive yourself for not living in the moment? When our babies are sparkling new and swaddled up we set out with intentions we can believe in, but we just don’t know. We are going to live in the moment. We’re going to relish these baby years, these elementary years, for we have been told time and again how precious it all is, and how fleeting. And intrinsically, we know it to be true. But, what we don’t know is that we are about to be swept up inside days and nights that bleed into one. And that our minds will fill with a sleep-deprived dense fog of anxiety and joy […]


I still read non-electronic books most of all. I love to read, so much, flipping paper pages and taking in stories. Memoirs and fiction are my favorites. Sometimes, I’m up too late and Morning Heather is then mad at Night Book Lover Heather, but it’s worth it. Below you’ll find what I’ve read recently. For more on me, books and thoughts on books, I’m on GoodReads.   1  Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Semple I love this book. I love Bernadette, her confusion and spark, her wit and her love. I love how the author pulled this together and I love that I couldn’t put it down. 2 The Expats by Pavone This book was a page-turner, but honestly, I didn’t love it. I like it, yes, because the author is a great wordsmith, but as for plot, I thought it went a bit overboard with the “secrets” theme. 3 Room by  Donoghe I […]