in the big woods

December 19, 2011

  This picture is from like two weeks ago. You know, when I should have been focusing on Christmas to-do lists, but was instead just walking around Target aimlessly, not buying anything. Now I’m all stressed and I wish Christmas didn’t have to be that way and sure I do a lot of it to myself by procrastination but it also seems like even if I do some things ahead of time, the lists just keep adding stuff to themselves. (yes, I realize that’s a hugely confusing run-on sentence but I’m too tired to change it.) I wish this season was more like it was on the prairie. You know, with the Ingalls, in the little house. Just candy and a violin and some food to make the whole family overjoyed. No hustle and bustle, just a cozy fire and some singing and tradition. Anyway. I love Christmas. I really do. I especially […]

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and there was a party

December 8, 2011

Both Sara Sophia and Steph shared this video and I just couldn’t help myself–I had to pass it on, too. Miles watched it so closely. I stood behind him holding Elsie and she watched it and I’ll show Asher later. He was sleeping at the time. Just so you know, I cried. I guess I just needed a dose of Real Christmas and this just felt so true and good. The kids in this video…ohmyheart… Enjoy! He has two Daddys…God and Jonas. LOL.

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Christmas Change

December 22, 2010

“Sometimes I ask myself to find words to defend the audacity of my belief in it all. And I guess I could… The thing is, I wonder if people don’t want more than that anyway. More than scientific proof. Maybe we all just want to learn how to believe in miracles again… The Christmas Story. Ridiculous and far-fetched, beautiful and believable, entirely necessary and deeply desired. We’re made for that kind of mystery…” For more of this post, please visit Christmas Change… comments are closed on this post Thank you for allowing me to pop up in your inbox and for reading my words, silly or serious. I appreciate you. ~Heather

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Giving Up

November 23, 2009

Monday~November 23, 2009 I would stand in front of the Dr. Pepper and I’d think about how good it would taste, but then I’d remember I could live without it. I’d write what it would have cost in a small notebook when I got back to the car. There were several small chances to save like this throughout the days, and though I’m not usually a disciplined person, I liked to think about what we were saving our dollars to do. I liked my little notebook. Money I normally wouldn’t have missed spending on my usual frivolities would soon be money I gave away instead, and still wouldn’t miss. Two other friends were doing this new thing with me. Each week we’d bring whatever money we had totaled in our notebooks and compile it. Kim became our book keeper and banker, and as the weeks passed, the couple of dollars here and there […]

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