This is a mother’s day and it has been a mothering year. We warrior mothers, we pass the thousands of hours in years and mark them with the birthdays of our children, not our own.  Today we’re marked and celebrated with messy kid-handled pancakes and syrupy kisses and handmade cards with scrawls and artist’s drawings of ourselves with the skinniest of frames and huge eyes. They’re beautiful, and the pancakes are the best we’ve ever had. Yesterday morning I had that half of the day entirely to myself and I drove around a beautiful lake and stopped at beautiful homes for an annual garage sale extravaganza. It wasn’t about stuff as much as it was about a treasure hunt and treasures I found. More than in garages, I found laughter with my own mother and a gulping of the most beautiful weather God could have lended the day. I sucked it in and […]


Ways to Help Haiti

January 15, 2010

Friday~January 15, 2010I started to write this long flowery post about my love for Haiti and Troy and Tara Livesay, my blog friends that have been living in Port Au Prince for four years. Then I was going to go on and talk about how Troy and Tara and I have a mutual friend in Kristen Howerton, and she happened to be in Haiti when the earthquake hit, visiting the son she and her husband have been waiting to bring home through adoption. I was going to write about all I’ve learned from coming to know these people. I was going to go on and on about my guilt. Because Tara invited me to come with Kristen on this very trip to Haiti and I said no because we were moving and I had this blogging event and… Then I deleted it because really, why am I telling MY stories right now? Why […]