play your story

September 21, 2011

They are outside in a world I can’t see with ninjas and Star Wars and other strong fighters. Play is where they are. What now, brother? What’s next? There’s never an end to the story they create. Story begins with Play. They happen upon a treasure. A bug or maybe a rock or acorn. They see it this way because story is treasure and taking time for the freedom of fun keeps us fully alive and wanting to tell the story.   Friends! Please join the Story Bleed team and the Go Go Gang in celebrating World Wide Day of Play by uploading a photo of your kids at play to the GoGoSqueeZ Facebook page. After the Go Go Gang on Facebook reaches 100,000 playful photos, GoGo SqueeZ will build a playground in an area that’s lacking a fun space to play! I love how this is such a simple way to do […]


The Acorn has started to do that thing where if I don’t eat at least once every, oh…ten minutes or so…I want to throw up. Also. Color me exhausted. And hormonal. I even cried over a TV show I wasn’t even feeling all that touched by…I just thought it was a good time for a good cry. (No, I’m not complaining…just updating.) (The Acorn could steal my sight and maybe even one of my legs and I’d still be happy to house he or she.) (Sorry. That was gross.)~~~~~ I have something else to tell you and I can’t even stand it, it’s such good news. You may or may not know that the online magazine formerly known as BlogNosh is now Story Bleed Magazine. It has taken on a more organic, artsy, indie feel with amazing photography and continues with its goal of sharing the best writing on the web. Another beautiful […]