In asking the good friends on Facebook for recommendations for good crime series like The Fall & Broadchurch, especially from BBC (British crime series), I was given SO many fantastic responses that I had to put them here, as a service to the world. You’re welcome. I give you, the best crime TV on Netflix and Amazon (with mentions of Hulu and other stuff I don’t have) with some info like how many seasons there are, when the next seasons are coming, etc… (The Facebook friends gave me around 50 total recommendations, so I’ll be posting more soonly.) (These first ten are ones I have watched or partially watched.)   photo credit Season One released November 3, 2017 6 episodes Netflix (The jury is still out on whether or not there will be more seasons) Sidenote: I’m currently watching this and loving it. photo credit 4 Seasons on Netflix (The jury is out […]

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