Communal Living? In 2008? Are Ya Nuts?

March 20, 2008

We’ve been super busy, which is wonderful, but geez I’m tired! I won’t go into great detail about all that we’ve done, but in the last two days we’ve hung out with …Kate, Caleb, Benjamin and Ella (twice). Uncle Kevin. Moms and their kidlins at church. Heather. Grandma Mary. Neighbors Bob and Kathy….

I thrive on socializing, just ask my parents, I’ve always been this way. So it’s been a good couple of days for me. There are about a million different reasons why I love to be around other people. Here are just a few of the reasons why…
My heart’s desire is to be in daily motion with others. To lend support and receive it too. To laugh and cry with other people who can feel along with me. To talk about what really matters and share memories. To just sit and be with someone who knows my heart, even when no words are needed. To look around and see faces of people I love smiling at me. To make another of God’s creatures feel like they’re perfectly lovable whatever their struggle. To have my kids learn that family means a lot of things, from Nanny and Bapa, to “Mommy Katie.”

Everyone needs some alone time, myself included. But I do think we need other people more than we realize. I really do want to literally live with my own supportive friends/family. I’ve had a pipe dream for a long time of having my closest friends live on the same block with us. There are a whole lot of reasons I’d love this, but I think one of my favorites is what I would learn from it. I would love to have constant examples of loving women, mothering alongside me and teaching me ways of parenting that I never would have thought of on my own. And how each family would give something to the mix. Each would teach something with how they live, from how to grow your own veggies, to inspiring others to be creative and truly live their lives. And even better, we would learn from each other’s ways of loving. From how to grow your marriage into what you want it to be, to how to be more patient with your kids. We would be inspired, challenged and encouraged by each other.
Crazy pipe dream of an unreachable utopia? Maybe. But maybe not. Perhaps it’s entirely possible! Call me crazy, but I’m all for the commune!!!
I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and may have to revisit this topic in a post again soon. You never know, we may just be able to make this particular dream a reality… I’m believing…

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