The Lazy Mama’s Guide to Healthy(er) Snacking

March 18, 2009

Posted on Wednesday~March 18, 2009

I would like to say that I feed my kids three perfectly balanced meals a day, but that would be a big fat lie.

I’d also like to say that they never have any unhealthy snacks, but that would be an even bigger and fatter lie. (No one likes a liar.)

But I will say that I try. Eating well is something that’s important to me. Part of my Mama Manifesto, if you will.

The problem with staying on top of eating healthy is that it’s lots and lots of work, and I can be lots and lots of lazy. So I’ve come up with a few things that are standard, things I always have around the house that I consider healthy alternatives for the things kids love. (Please don’t tell me they aren’t healthy, or I’ll be crushed–I know they’re at least more healthy than really unhealthy alternatives, so I’m going to believe they’re totally healthy, thank you.)

(Before I forget, something that works well for us is always having a big bowl of fruit on the table. The boys can get the sweet snack themselves by climbing on a chair, they think that’s cool, and most kids do go for what’s easiest and closest. This is by no means a new mothering trick, but sometimes we old dogs forget even the old tricks. We’re busy.)

One thing I have on hand for when the ache of the sweet tooth cries are sugar free Life Savers. Miles thinks they’re cooler than anything in the whole world. (besides Spiderman, but he isn’t even real.) Most of the time, just one will satisfy the cry of his heart for sugar, but sometimes it takes two or three. (See? Still not lying.) Even though these are not actually healthy, I’m certain they are more healthy than dum dums or blow pops.

Now let’s talk about fruit snacks. We all know that fruit snacks are just plain nasty. They rank right up there with Jell-O. They are a non-food and are packed with crappity crap that isn’t good for a person. (But I still buy them once and a while because they work wonders in keeping kids happy and quiet.) For the most part, what I buy instead of regular character-shaped fruit snacks are these:Florida’s Natural fruit juice nuggets. The boys luuuurve them, and since they aren’t shaped like Spongebob and they don’t have a bunch of artificial flavors and colors, I can feel good about them eating five bags per day. They are also not terribly expensive, especially if you buy them in bulk.

(I wish I was getting paid for these amazing reviews, but unfortunately I’m not.)

Lastly, I try to avoid regular juice boxes and such by keeping Honest Kids organic thirst quenchers around. I’m a big fan of the Honest company. (Because, like I said, no one likes a liar.)
Well, I think that’s sufficient information for today. People only like a post about snacks if it’s not super long. Maybe next week I’ll talk about how we’re only about half organic here at our house and I’m perfectly OK with that.

P.S. Today is Jodi Picoult day!!! My Aunt and I are off to Borders to try to shake her hand and have her sign stuff and take a picture and tape an interview and do a little dance…
(OK, I’m not even going to ask for those last two, but I’m tempted.)

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