Just Write {23}

February 20, 2012

We went out for an early Valentine dinner so we could get back for putting Elsie to bed. She needs me at bedtime. We didn’t say, Now no talking about the kids! Because usually I think of the things They say to do and not do and then I fail and think about it too much. So we just did our thing the best we could on that day.

We ended up not talking about the kids. I got curious about things I didn’t know, from life Before Us and so I asked a lot of questions and Ryan told me about road trips and moving to Arizona and the last time he saw his Grandma. I told him some stories too and we never run out of them, you know, if we just keep digging.

I remember my Grandpa saying that he learned something new about my Grandma every day. I couldn’t really believe that at the time but now I see, we all have so many many layers of experiences and parts to us.

We were walking to the car after dinner and we laughed about how we had told new stories and we made jokes like, Apparently we were people before we made people. I said, Hey…we didn’t even talk about the kids very much at all. That’s weird. And he said Yeah, and the way he said yeah was like he was sort of sad about that.

Then it just came out, not in a proud sort of way, but I said that our kids are very lucky to have us.

It was a rare thing, to pay a compliment to us, the two who are always feeling so small in the face of the enormous Parenting. But it’s true, they’re lucky. Almost as lucky as we are.


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