where are you?

April 16, 2012

I have some really good news. My friend Ellie got her pathology report back on Friday and she’s in remission! Cancer freeeeeee! Of course, she’ll be watched closely in the coming months and years, but after the surgery to remove the rest of her tumor and surrounding lymph nodes, she got nothing but GOOD NEWS.

Good news is so good.

Ellie and I have some other exciting news to share (coming soon) but for now, because of that news, I’m curious about where you are. Where do you do life? Here in Minnesota? Over by Ellie in Massachusetts? In England? The moon? Kentucky? Indiana?

Could you leave me a comment that tells me what country or city and/or state you live in? 

(I promise I’m not trying to trick you into becoming someone that I follow around with binoculars.)

If you normally don’t comment, it’s very easy. Let me tell you how:

  1. you click on the number of comments on the end of the post.
  2. you scroll through the other comments (if there are any heh) to the end and type in the submission box.
  3. you enter your name (make it up if you’d like–no need for last names) and then put in your city or if you’re more comfortable, just your state.
  4. it requires your email, but this is not shared anywhere and does not appear publicly. It’s just for me, in case I want to write to you every day forever (just kidding)
  5. you click Submit and you’re done!
Thank you so much! I wish I could meet every person who comes by here once or twice or every time. I really do.
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