Just Write {38}

June 4, 2012

Maybe most days are so good like today and I miss it because my head just doesn’t feel like noticing what my heart does. When your head and your heart shake hands it’s calming and you can shake the sand out of  little boy shoes and onto the floor for more sweeping and not mind. You know it means the day was more full than those shoes.

My heart and mind shook hands with each other and with a friend and we stood by rushing water and walked in the sun and got interrupted eleventy-billion times by these kids of ours that must.know.this.something.right.now. And those kids, they ran circles around our new friends’ workshop space, the one I mentioned here before that will be opening to bring in mothers and children to create and commune.

We stood in the workshop and thought out loud about story. We talked about motherhood and the pressure to appear that you have it all together and how it’s different than when we were kids. Then we talked more about story and I told her about doing Just Write, the very thing I sit here to type and how I wanted it to help people see that they are experiencing a story. Because when you write out the details of your moments, that’s just what you discover. And it doesn’t have to be anything other than exactly what it is to be a part of the great community of stories we are all spinning in big and small ways every second of always.

They are all strung together, infinity, all over the vast expanse of time and space, endless. They are like a spider web that hovers out over the world unattached to keep growing. And there are so many stories that like my friend said, it’s hard to figure out where you land on that web. So I wondered, maybe we know ourselves more and find our place in connection, in just the right place for us, by telling our story and listening to the people we meet with the intensity they deserve. We connect and land together sometimes and it’s so good.

The sand poured out of the shoes from the park and my shoulders are kissed by the sun. I see the lighter hues in the hair on the boys’ heads and I feel the sticky of sweat after wearing Elsie on a walk. All of the summer things came in the door with us today and we’re all better for it. We are lucky and I’m so grateful, to have passed the large part of a day in our story and theirs and in the sun.


This is the 37th installment of Just Write, an exercise in free writing your ordinary and extraordinary moments{Please see the details here.}  I would love to read your freely written words so join me and link up below. You can add the url of your post at any time. Just be sure it’s a link to your Just Write post, not to your main pageThen please link back to this post in your post so people know where to go if they’d like to join in.) (Any links not following those two guidelines will be deleted.)

Also. Please take a moment to visit someone else who has linked up! It’s a really good way to meet new writers and get inspired by the meaning behind their moments. Word?


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