The Moxie of Minnesota

September 22, 2009

Tuesday~September 22, 2009 I would like to introduce you to Mona… Yes, I said Mona. Maybe you’ve met her? If not, please welcome her. (Clap now. She deserves some applause, she’sbeen in my bag for quite some time now.) Mona is making her way around (almost) all 50 statesvia the blogosphere, and she’s doing it in only 5 days!When she arrived for her visit with us here in the lovely Minnesota,she wanted to head straight out to see the world around her.I said, “That’s my kinda superhero/blog traveler!” So we strapped her in the car and off we went. (She asked if we could pull a Thelma and Louiseby running away from life and then driving off a cliff,but I said, “Are you kidding me? My kids are in the car!”So we went to the Farmer’s Market instead.) Mona may not be Minnesotan, but she sure knows how to pick her corn! Next, […]

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