mmmmm hmmmm…there are spaces in this photo where wreaths once were… My mom has been making these wreaths every year since I can remember. They’re one of my favorites, and so simple. For her, anyway. She’s a very good bakestress. Which could be read as “gets stressed while baking” which would also be true, but I mean that she should have a title because she’s so good at baking. Anyway. When she makes these wreaths, they turn out gooey-er than mine did. You can’t see the corn flakes peeking through so much. I might be getting smarter with the baking myself because I made a mental note to increase the amount of marshmallows next time. (I don’t know why I’m using any form of the word bake, because you don’t even have to bake these at all. But what can I call us? Melters? We melted these wreaths! That seems weird.) For these […]



October 18, 2012

I was hungry and pinning things on Pinterest. I started pinning every food pin that looked even slightly tasty to me. It didn’t take long before I was salivating and oooohing and aaaahing and wishing I was eating all the pins. Crock pot chili- done in 20 minutes! Pumpkin cookie cheesecake melt-away touch-of-cumin bars! Fig Hazelnut Ricotta Crispy Maple Crostinis! Seven layer dip with 7 new layers for dipping! The pretty pictures! Then I had an idea. Instead of salivating and pinning, I could try… doing the pins! Instead of just collecting them! You know! DOING them! I could click open something from my foodies board and I could GO MAKE that SOMETHING IN THE KITCHEN!   So that’s what I did. I got up from the chair and I made things! From now on, I’m going to DO the things I PIN. At least the doable things, anyway. Of course, I can’t […]