So much limbo

November 9, 2009

Monday~November 9, 2009 How can there be no time to cry? We rushed out the door this morning so our house could be inspected. I drove around with Asher and with the dog climbing all over and her smell climbing all over and went to my Aunt’s house. Asher climbed all over her stairs and he can’t do stairs because he can’t see well without his broken glasses but he just would not stop with the stairs so we left. We were just in limbo with nothing to do. We went to get groceries, and I thought about how frustrating it is that we put an offer on a house on Friday night and we still haven’t heard anything. Then I bought milk and meat which wasn’t that smart because I couldn’t put the milk and meat in the fridge because we couldn’t go home because of the inspection. I wanted to cry […]

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Cups of Grace

July 27, 2009

Monday-July 27th, 2009 I got in from BlogHer late last night, exhausted from so much fun, emotion, lack of sleep, and deafening noise. I’m so happy to have had the chance to go. I hope to share some hilarious photos and moments with you soon but for today, I can’t. Many of you know that MckMama and her family are friends of mine. We live very near each other and like to spend time in the sun together. Because Stellan is not doing well, I’m having trouble thinking or talking about much else. Last night, I cried in the clouds on a plane in the wind and I begged God to heal Stellan. Yes, now it feels like begging, and I believe that’s just fine. I don’t think it’s required of me, I just needed to do it. Selfishly, for me. It’s just that I’ve asked for a miracle so many times before […]

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Stellan’s pull

June 18, 2009

So many of you know Stellan. If you do, you’ve probably heard that he’s not doing very well tonight. The last time he was in the hospital, I had the chance to sit and talk with his MckMama while Stellan slept in his tiny hospital bed. (MckMama and I went to the same college, and then blog-met. In person, I instantly felt at ease and comfortable. A friendship like an old shoe.) Then a couple of weeks ago, I got to hang out with Stellan again, at his home. This time, I held him while his MckMama threw together a snack for her kids and mine. I somehow detached his little heart monitor and sort of panicked. But she didn’t, she simply fixed it, all ease and fluid motion. Later, she and Prince Charming (her husband) fed the MSC (Many Small Children-they have four:four years old and under-no, no twins) and gave them […]

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