This coming Tuesday night, September 10 at 8pm central, you can watch me read a post out loud, in front of you, LIVE through Google. Uh huh, that’s right. That’s because I’m joining Listen To Your Mother and The Partnership at and 10 other writers who will also be reading their work! Here they are, hold on to your hats! Janelle Hanchett –  Brandi Jeter – Sherri Kuhn –  Heather King – Lyz Lenz – Judy Miller –  Lisa Page Rosenberg – Alexandra Rosas – Ellie Schoenberger – Zakary Watson – Melisa Wells –   That’s nice, Heather. HOW do I do that? Through Google? I don’t get it…. Good question! RSVP (optional for Google + users) or View live: That’s the LTYM YouTube channel and a live feed will be happening right there. (For my technoligically challenged family and friends, you could just come back to this post at the time […]

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I don’t know why there’s no sound! It’s making me crazy. We’re both going to have to just imagine a song. It’ll be a fun game! RIGHT? Sing yourself something and then push play! danceparty 0001 from Heather King on Vimeo.   Our kids are rad. about that whole parenting in this technological world thing? I forgot to mention that we get to make each other smile just for kicks and that’s one of my favorite parts. Today it was my turn. Or Elsie’s, I should say. You’re welcome.


sometimes I just get bummed about the world. sometimes I forget about all the good and how it will always win. love always wins. sometimes it doesn’t seem like it at all, but it does. sometimes I get scared that we’ve put three cherished souls in a world that doesn’t measure up to what they deserve and I start to wonder, will they have health care? will they be able to get jobs? will they be accepted for exactly who they are? will…. I’m just so grateful that I can shake that off by diving into thoughts like will they be friends with people like the ones in these videos… will they BE people like them? and then I feel a little hope bubble up because in the midst of all the chaos and mess there is always so much grace and art… (hat tip to Lisa) (hat tip to my cousin, Caleb […]


dance off

April 26, 2012

because your Thursday needs a little dance off… p.s. who needs pants?! or shirts?! P.S. I did an interview for an online show called Moms Like Us. You can watch it now if you’d like. (It begins at 4 minutes 30 seconds. There’s an interview with Minnesotan children’s book author Catherine Urdahl before my interview. Catherine was kind enough to give her two books to me while we were there and we love them. They’re beautifully illustrated and touch on childhood themes that are hard to address without her style of seeing these hard feelings through a child’s eyes. You can check them out at


and there was a party

December 8, 2011

Both Sara Sophia and Steph shared this video and I just couldn’t help myself–I had to pass it on, too. Miles watched it so closely. I stood behind him holding Elsie and she watched it and I’ll show Asher later. He was sleeping at the time. Just so you know, I cried. I guess I just needed a dose of Real Christmas and this just felt so true and good. The kids in this video…ohmyheart… Enjoy! He has two Daddys…God and Jonas. LOL.



June 28, 2011

An interview with Miles: On being five… Me: What did you like about being five? Miles: I can jump high, playing Legos and playing with cars and having races with them. Me: What was your favorite thing about this year? Miles: I liked the water park and I also like going to get Legos. Me: Is there anything you didn’t like? Miles: It’s hard to think of that…I don’t like getting itchy. Or ravioli. {at this point Miles declared the interview over. good thing because my next question was about the five year old boys’ attention span.} ::::: There are so many things I want to say to him and about him on his birthday. So I made him this video and he says it’s cool if I share it with you. {Hat tip to my friend Kim for introducing me to the song in the video so we could both get weepy.} […]


AsherChickenStory_0001, originally uploaded by Heather of the EO. I’m so terribly in love with him. Have a good weekend, friends. Thank you for allowing me to pop up in your inbox and for reading my words, silly or serious. I appreciate you. ~Heather