Just Write ~ The Fourth

October 4, 2011

He’s off to school so there is less battle to do. Lately, there’s been so much resistance, a different kind of over-tired and angry boy. I start to get worried, that maybe I don’t know how to help him through this stage or the next or the next. I pick up yesterday’s jeans, the ones he was supposed to put down the chute, and I reach into a small pocket.

One rock. One penny.

The jeans go down the chute. The treasures go on his dresser.

Time is just a blur of squares on the calendar and nonsense numbers on a clock, swallowed by exhaustion and so many thoughts about these three little people I love so much. Nothing is clear. It’s funny how a mother can love the business of sacrificial living while still coming face to face with an end of herself that feels like a scream caught in a dry throat.

Sometimes at night, while Daddy rocks Elsie and the boys are in bed, I drive aimlessly. Last night I passed by a man walking along smoking a cigarette and clutching a bottle in a brown bag. And I was just a lady on a drive, exhaling love for my children and heading back home to pull treasures from my pockets.

One never-used pacifier. One marble from Asher.




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