Just Write ~ The Eleventh

November 21, 2011

I’m vacuuming while wearing Elsie in the Ergo and I’m loudly answering the boys. They are at the table, practicing rainbows with color crayons. ROY G BIV, I say. And then I realize they have no idea what I’m saying. So I just say, Start with red.

What’s next? Asher asks.


I am a multi-tasking superhero mother-woman. Or so you would think, if you didn’t know that I am only vacuuming because it makes Elsie fall asleep so I’m just vrooming that thing around everything that’s all over the floors so I’m not really getting anything clean. Everything is done just sort of these days and I’m perfectly fine with that. Most of the time.

The vacuum juts out in front of us and Elsie quickly starts the deep breathing of sleep. I hold one hand to her back just to feel even closer to her and I move the vacuum around a laundry basket and some toys. They’ll just stay there on the floor because bending over with her in the Ergo is tricky and my pants are falling down anyway.

What’s after orange, mommy? It’s Miles this time.


This loud-talking doesn’t even wake her. lately she’s been going to sleep more easily but she wakes up a lot. I still see this as a glass half full kind of thing because of comparing it to before. She even falls asleep if we put her in her crib on her own a lot of the time.

Miraculous. Truly.

I have never once ever been so completely thankful for my family. You would think that wouldn’t be possible but sure enough it is. The propensity to see the beauty is always there and never-ending, infinity. It gets clearer and clearer and more felt with every trial this life brings. I guess this is how it works and so I’m grateful for all of it even while I’m sometimes so scared. What will be the next hard thing that happens and then brings me even more gratitude?

It’s like the hard things are making the sound of a vacuum and it’s all fight or flight or rest in peace fast asleep.

Sometimes you just have to choose the fast asleep and answer, Green. Green is next, sweetie.


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