just take a moment…for Ferguson

August 15, 2014

Honestly, once again, I knew too little. Breaking news is something I don’t have connection to these days, honestly. I am in a little starting-over-mothering-working-three-jobs bubble. I am blocking out the world a lot, which can be really good, but remember, the best way to overcome your stress and pain is to change the freaking topic from self to others.

So. Ferguson.

I am caught up now.

And these here posts (below) by friends of mine say what needs to be said most. Please take time to openly receive these perspectives and learn from them. I feel the heart of a graceful humanity in these words. I do not feel the sometimes defensive and ignorant responses that are rooted in just not getting it.

Please read these:

Sarah Bessey – In which I have a few things to say about Ferguson

Preston Yancey – When this is about Ferguson

Ann Imig – My privilege is showing. It things it’s probably better that way

Heather Barmore – The Intersection of Race and Politics

(There are great lists of links on these posts for more education.)

Peace, friends.

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Amanda August 17, 2014 at 10:16 am

Thank you for this. I just found this one which touches on the rampant victim blaming happening. http://www.blackgirldangerous.org/2014/08/things-stop-distracted-black-person-gets-murdered-police/
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