Just Write {163}

November 25, 2014

Every day should begin
and end
with a mother’s kiss.


These days
when they are not
my mother self is starved,
floating outside of me,
the hours
of them.

I fit no place but nowhere
that’s how it feels.

So on those days
when I can only
give them a good morning and goodnight
I hope they

I know I feel it.

So many years ago
there was a garbage dump,
in Ecuador
and when we pulled up
out came droves
of kids
from the garbage heaps
for bread.

We gave what we had
until it was gone

and it wasn’t enough.

A child should greet each day with a mother’s kiss
and then have her kiss at night.
A warm safe place, so much bread,
at least one home.

Mine have two.

They come to me and we hammer
all senses go
full throttle
all systems go
push pull

We demand it.
More time, more loud, more Us.

So I’m standing,
sifting the spices into the flour,
but not to feed my three,
not today.
I’m pulling a fork through,

no sifting tool here.

What I can see are all kinds
of broken things,
pulling through
and I listen to Marc Cohn
for affect

and we gave what we had and it wasn’t enough

Now I use what the tools of my own making

and I can’t breathe.

I am willing to wait
for a miracle.
What else am I going to

While no place but nowhere.


My three children have two safe and warm and loving homes. They have an amazing Daddy. I wrote this on a night when they were with him, and it felt this way. It feels this way sometimes. I grabbed a pencil and notebook while making some food, because it felt this way right then. That’s free-writing, getting flour all over your notebook while you pour it out. I do believe in a mother’s kisses, in her presence being a balm, and I had no idea how hard divorce would be…but, I also believe in a father’s nurturing heart, and steadfast tender love, and my kids have that along with mine. I don’t write about all of this here very much, but sometimes when it’s time to free-write, it’s all I’ve got. Sometimes what seems like the very worst thing is still the right path, and trusting it while feeling like your mother self is screaming at you is hard. Our kids have made it clear that they felt the tension between us, and they continue to adjust miraculously to two homes, and split time. This comes, I think, with their resilience and the way we talk about it all, so much, and we tell them all the time,

You have two loving homes
Two parents who are crazy about you
and love to take care of you…
and what else?

with both of us.


*lyrics from Marc Cohn’s song Walk on Water

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Kimberly November 25, 2014 at 11:30 am

You are a wonderful mom and I hope that you know that. Those babes of yours, no matter where they may be, are not only in your heart, but they are holding you in theirs. I know that is not a consolation for the physicality of it all and I cannot fathom that.
This is just too beautiful to not share with my readers. Painful, beautiful, healing, raw. Love. Just love. xo
Kimberly recently posted..It’s All I Can Do

Nathalie November 25, 2014 at 11:45 am

Saw this via Kimberly’s FB feed and had to pop through to read it. I feel the exact same way sometimes… it’s so hard during the weeks when my own little ones aren’t with me and I can’t give them all those hugs and kisses. But I know they have a great daddy, and they belong with both of us. Things could not continue they way they were… it was better for all of us for things to happen the way they did. But it’s still hard.
Nathalie recently posted..The Road to Success

Sidnie November 25, 2014 at 5:15 pm

Divorce is so hard.
And navigating motherhood while figuring out divorce? It stings.
Sidnie recently posted..small talk

Suzie November 25, 2014 at 5:46 pm

I’ve frequented your blog, but have never left a comment, until today. That was an absolutely beautiful poem. I loved it. Thank you for sharing. :)
Suzie recently posted..The Hope of Winter

Lynda M Otvos November 25, 2014 at 6:34 pm

Tears flowing here, Heather. Stay in the light, sweetie, it all looks better in the sunshine. Divorce is the worst to live thru and maintain one’s self-esteem; it took me two divorces before I found the correct hubby-hoping you find your happiness too !~!
Lynda M Otvos recently posted..Men at Work

Robbie November 26, 2014 at 8:29 pm

This is beautiful and heartbreaking and raw.
Robbie recently posted..Question Tag

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