Posted on Friday~March 6, 2009Have you met Amber and Seth? Amber is the gifted writer at The Run a Muck, and she also happens to be the recipient of the Mother Letter Project this past Christmas. Seth is her husband, the man behind The Mother Letter Project. (If you don’t know, the Mother Letter Project was an idea Seth had to have mothers write letters to mothers, sharing encouragement and advice. He then collected all the letters (hundreds and hundreds) and gave them to Amber for Christmas. Yes, WOW.) When the identity of the recipient was revealed on Seth’s blog, he linked to his wife, Amber’s blog. I immediately subscribed. I was blown away by Amber’s talent for writing and for sharing her thoughts and feelings from her heart. Now these two lovely people have something new up their sleeves. The Mother Letter Project spread across the internet like wildfire. People were inspired […]


Spreading the Love

January 17, 2009

Posted on Saturday~January 17th, 2009 I’m taking care of some bloggy business today. Please don’t click away! There are a couple of lovely things people are doing in the blogosphere that I want to be sure to share. So we’ll take care of that first. I love that we can use the blog world to help each other. So let’s do it! Secondly, I realize blog awards can sometimes be overwhelming. But I think they’re important. They are part of what keeps us connected, letting each other know we notice strengths and appreciate each other’s words. So C’mon, let’s GO: The Maxeys have a daughter who is three months old and has cancer, a tumor on her brain and spine. This family lost another daughter to cancer when she was also a baby. This project was created to encourage the Maxey family. You can learn more about how you can help by clicking […]


7 Quick Takes (Volume 1)

January 8, 2009

Posted on Friday, January 9th, 2009I’m taking part in 7 Quick Takes with Conversion Diary. (I love me some Conversion Diary.) I love this idea. I get to spout off SEVEN random things. I NEED this in my life. There is so much going on in this (newly brunette) head of mine, and it needs OUT. ~1~ A blog friend of mine wrote a post that has to be shared. I read it over and over and I’m thinking it needs to go no other place than PUBLISHED (like in a book). If you happen to be a mother (who at times feels like there is NO TIME) and you have even an inkling of a belief in God, you WILL NOT be sorry if you click HERE and read this post (over and over). ~2~ I laugh so hard when I watch Ellen and she does that thing where she puts a […]


In recent months I might have turned into a total nut case if not for this lovely blogging community I’ve become addicted to had the honor to become a part of. I just love it. So now I’m going to jump up and down, pointing at a few of you who knocked my socks off this week (please picture that, but remember I don’t jump very high anymore, and if I have to point at the same time as I jump, it would look pretty ridiculous because I’m so not coordinated.)But I digress. We were talking about YOU: Brooke at Life in the Sagebrush allowed her children to totally take charge of decorating the Christmas tree. All by themselves, just as they wanted to do it. (I think it turned out great.) I love it when Moms set aside how they’d like to do things and allow their children to create great Christmas […]


Moms Rock

December 5, 2008

Recently I wrote about how I want to start some incredibly wonderful, exciting, appealing and memorable traditions for Christmas. I joked about how I wanted to do that so that my boys will continue to visit me on Christmas for the rest of my life. But aside from the joking (mostly), I really do want to create memories through traditions through the years, so I’ve been keeping my eyes open around the blogosphere. I also remembered to continue to give people this:Usually I forget stuff that I had good intentions of doing, but not this time. No way. Uh uh…I can’t forget my very own button. It’s really pretty impossible to forget that Moms Rock, so I didn’t forget. Now let’s get on with it and recognize some rockin’ Moms: You can imagine my excitement (grinning at computer) when I read a post that helped me with ideas for Christmas traditions from a […]



November 24, 2008

I’m so excited!!! I had an idea!!! Because MOMS ROCK!!! (By the way, I don’t believe that every woman needs to birth a baby to become that mother.Some mothers adopt, and others simply love and nurture those around them, in or outside their homes.) That said, Moms rock. And because Moms rock, I had this idea. I wanted the things women do to be recognized. At least on a small bloggy scale. I notice so many beautiful things Moms do as I peruse the blogosphere each week. Thing done to nurture, love, inspire, and create. I wanted to find a way (besides in the comments) to tell women that their work is noticed, and that it inspired me. A few months ago I asked moms to answer two questions- what is something you feel you’re doing well as a mother, and what is one area where you feel you’re failing? It was much […]



November 20, 2008

Last night I went to the Twilight movie with Sabrina of Superfluous, K and K of Waiting for a Little Vlachster, and our friend Mackenzie. Dare I say it was SO entertaining? In the I-can’t-believe-this-is-really-happening-twilight-zone-pun-intended-please-help-me-this-is-so-awful-what-are-we-doing-here kind of way. WOW. That is all I will say. WOW. When I got home, I checked my email before going to bed. After seeing what was there, my head hit the pillow with a big smile on it. Why? Well. I’m in awe of the blogging community. I have made friends that I know I will always have. I have connected with people I’ve never seen before, and feel a kinship to so many of you around the world. It’s an absolutely amazing thing. As we walk through this stressful time with Asher, you guys are seriously astounding me with your selfless acts of kindness! I can’t even really wrap my mind around it all. We’ve received […]


I’m so far behind on life. The dust bunnies are getting so big, they might eat the dog. Or one of the children. That would not be good. I’m learning a valuable lesson through my current state of mind (overwhelmed), and Asher’s current state of mind (watery). The lesson? I need help. We all need help, especially in certain seasons, but I’m not all that good at asking for it. Somewhere along the road, I started to believe that I’m somehow a better person if I can do it all on my own. That seems to be the idea most mothers have. That having help somehow steals something from their mothering trophy case. I should know better than to have this belief because I see myself when other people are around. I earn a lot more trophies when I’m encouraged and inspired by the presence of other grown-ups. Being surrounded in help here […]


*yes, the sheer amount of linking in this post could totally drive you over the edge. But don’t let it. Just take a deep breath and sit back, relax your shoulders, and enjoy some really great stuff that I’ve linked you to right here in this post. Or enjoy at least one of them. Don’t be like me and get all freaked out and click away. If you do that, I just spent half the day preparing this for you for no reason. I think that you’ll find some really good stuff here. Or I wouldn’t have spent so many hours preparing this for you. Enough guilt yet? Click on just one. Really. Or I might cry later. Um…thanks! The post finally begins:Sometimes I just sit here, the blank page in front of me and I can’t figure how to say things. I confess I have the most jumbly mind ever, EVER, EVER. […]


Totally Flattered

August 25, 2008

update: after posting this, it came to my attention that when I changed up the blog, I lost a bunch of folks from my previous blog roll. I don’t know where they went, but hopefully after floating off into cyber-space they’ll join together and return!All that to say that if you notice you disappeared from my blogroll, PLEASE let me know. Or, if you are new to me and would like to be on it, just let me know and I’ll add you!Also, please notice that my blogroll has a little “show all” at the bottom-it only shows the ten most recently updated at a time. So if you don’t see you, click that and you may appear-magically!Well by golly, I’ve received an award! And now I’m ready to pass it on! Thank you, PsychMamma-you’re too kind! And speaking of PsychMamma, she’s another one you should check out. This blog is rated E […]