Firstly, Thank you to everyone who donated items for this Gifts for Life extravaganza, and to each of you who took the time to learn more about these gifts that give back! Now for what you really want to know…(please read all the way through because even if you did not win, there are discount and donation codes being offered from the providers of the giveaways!) And the winners are…. Paper Culture: Winner #1 – Amber (#6)Winner #2 – happygeek (#58)Winner #3 – Becky (#2)Winner #4 – Tate and Abby (#48)Winner #5 – Suzanne (#22) Congratulations to all of you! You’ve won yourself $25 to Paper Culture!**Paper Culture is also generously donating 20% of any order you make to Bead for Life! Just use code: BEADS at checkout** :::::::::: The Artist’s House: Winner #1 – Pamela (#22)Winner #2 – MollyinMinn (#4) Congratulations to you both! You’ve each won a $25 credit to The […]


OH friends…today brings you so much goodness from the… to eradicate povertyin the lives of the womenwith the handsto roll and stringand gather and process and prepare so we can help Today, Bead for Life is offering one winner all of this: the 5 strand necklace the Madaala Necklace one pair of the single earrings THREE bangle bracelets the band bracelet the 3 strand bracelet one shea butter soap a fabric jewelry bag one shea butter lip balm and a Bead for Life CD (the jewelry will not necessarily come in these colors) Thank you, thank you, thank you Bead for Life… All you have to do is leave a comment on this post to enter for ALL OF THE ABOVE. Just imagine the gift-giving opportunities (and of course, gift a little something to yourself). ~~~~~ Because our goal with this Gifts for Life gift guide is to support the wonderful cause of […]


Here we are on our second to the last day of the Gifts for Life event. *virtual fist bump* And today we’re going to wrap things up (before the HUGE Bead for Life giveaway tomorrow, of course), with a double-whammy bang… How about a generous package from both Butters and Beans and Playful Planet? ~~~~~ Here are a few of my favorite things from Butters and Beans (a place to find absolutely adorable baby and toddler clothing, bibs, burp cloths, blankets, dresses and more). An Acorn must-have, no? Mommy loves orange. Let’s go over what will be included in this giveaway package, shall we? burp cloth blanket bib and pants just like these, but in the pattern above. Everyone knows a baby! And there you have it. The perfect gifts. FOUR items thanks to Ann from Butters and Beans. (I have a confession. I’m hanging on to these goodies, they’re right here in […]


{a gift guide and giveaway event benefiting Bead for Life}{hosted by yours truly and O My Family} Today brings you even more handmade goodness brought to you by Kristin at {sweeter than me} designs… I have to admit it, I’m a little more than in love with these sweet bobby pins and rings, earrings and gift sets. I have a thing for tiny flowers.would you take a closer look? yeah…me too… and today one lucky winner has a chance to win 2 items of your choice from {sweeter than me} designs, the Etsy shop. Thank you, Kristin! I don’t know about you but I think these might be the best little gift for a friend and/or the best stocking stuffers ever. (Or maybe they’re simply perfect for that little gift to yourself. I won’t tell.) This giveaway will close Sunday December 5th at 10pm central and the winner will be announced the next […]


Gifts for Life: {So} Sartina

December 1, 2010

{a gift guide and giveaway extravaganza} {benefiting Bead for Life}{brought to you by yours truly and O My Family} This morning’s giveaway is brought to you by the lovely Kristina Joy and her Etsy Shop, {So}Sartina… ~totes~pins~buttons~card holders~Christmas stockings~and more~ In support of our Gifts for Life gift guide and giveaway, Kristina has graciously offered one lucky winner a $25 gift certificate to her shop. So go take a peek and then come back and tell me what you love. That’s all you have to do to enter. In my humble opinion it would be a good idea to keep in mind the lovely ladies on your list who have everything. You’ll find the perfect handmade bags and cases for Ipads, Netbooks, cell phones, sunglasses, business cards and more. (You can follow {So}Sartina on Twitter to always know what’s new or on sale.) As is true during the entirety of this week-long giveaway […]


Gifts for Life: Shining Stones

November 30, 2010

~~~~~~~~~~~ {the gift guide and giveaway extravaganza} {benefiting Bead for Life} {brought to you by O My Family and yours truly} The second giveaway of the day is happening because of the generous heart of one of my favorite people~Ellie of SHINING STONES (and One Crafty Mother) If you need a unique and beautiful gift for your sister or your mom or your mom-in-law or your best friend, ETC., you’ve come to the right place. Because not only is Ellie giving one lucky winner one of these: that lucky winner will also get one of these: to go with these: Yes that’s right, friends. The Black Raspberry Pearl set (worth over $70). Thank you, Ellie. This set is made with sterling silver wire and swarovski pearls. The necklace is a sterling silver box chain. Ellie will custom size the ring for the winner to any size (1/4, 1/2 and 3/4 sizes included). All […]


{an EO and O My Family gift guide and giveaway extravaganza, benefiting bead for life} I’m so honored to tell you about today’s giveaway…well, both of them actually. Yes, it’s true. There will be another EPIC giveaway this afternoon! But for now… ~handmade~art~quilts~prints~cards~throw pillows~creative~fabric~multi-media~modern~ Just a few of the words that describe The Artist’s House,a lovely place to feast your eyes on the soul creative,thanks to Angela Flicker,creator and artist. these are a few of my favorite things… this one really needs to be on my wall. It asked. {print} You can follow The Artist’s House on Twitteror you can keep up with what’s new on Facebook. Today, Angela has been generous enough to offer TWO $25 gift certificates to her Etsy shop! Yes, that means TWO lucky winners! To enter to be one of the TWO winners, head on over to Etsy and take a peek and then come back and tell […]


All throughout this week my friend Allison from OMyFamily and I are going to rock your socks with a gift guide and giveaway event for the exposure of an organization called Bead for Life. We’ve chosen to partner with mostly handmade businesses in this endeavor, but there are a few others that we love and respect that we will also be featuring. These are companies that are new and growing, working hard to give back in an authentic and meaningful way and doing a bang-up job of it. So, let’s get this party started, shall we? The first Gifts for Life giveaway is from the lovely Paper Culture, and friends, they have been generous indeed. I don’t remember how I landed there, but when I first came across the Paper Culture website I was immediately enamored. I love the modern styles and the fact that they plant a tree with every order. I […]


Bead for Life/Gifts for Life

November 28, 2010

Yesterday I set you up with a little teaser in which I told you about the EPIC EXTRAVAGANZA beginning on Monday here on the EO and over at OMyFamily. The inspiration behind this event is Bead for Life, an organization truly worthy of our support as it helps women support themselves and their families by making beautiful beaded jewelry from recycled paper, shea butter soap and peppermint lip balm… The story of how Bead for Life came to be is astonishing and powerful. The way this organization continues to support the women (and men) of Uganda (and other parts of the world) is nothing short of redemptive and life-changing. No, scratch that. Life-saving. The products that are a result of the hard work of these Ugandan women are beautiful hand-crafted works of art… There are numerous ways to support Bead for Life—the three that we’ll be highlighting this week are direct donations, purchasing […]


I’m like a little elf over here, tinkering away with my secret surprises. I love it. A girl’s gotta add a little joy and giving to the holiday season, no? That’s why my friend Allison from OMyFamily and I have been brewing up something to:a) give you great ideas for unique holiday gifts. b) give you a chance to win (or get great deals on) said holiday gifts.And my favorite,c) bring exposure to an organization that rocks my socks.Here’s the dealio. I struggle with the materialism of the holiday season and I don’t keep that a secret. I don’t love the mall. That’s just the truth. I have trouble getting my heart into the giving spirit when I look around and get a bit itchy over all the stuff, stuff and more stuff. So. Allison and I put our heads together and we talked about what we DO love. We love supporting small […]