March 2011


March 30, 2011

                                      This photo is brought to you by You Capture at I Should Be Folding Laundry



March 29, 2011

It’s been so long since we could open the windows and leave them that way. It’s been so long with no clear sounds from outside. No birds. No breeze. This stagnant air is suffocating. This Minnesota winter is long and relentless. I want new air in my home, tinged with warmth…oh, how I want it. I want it so much it hurts. I want to go outside without a coat and walk through the trees and put my fingers to new leaves and feel that little prickle of nature’s energy flowing up my arm, making my eyes wider and brighter. I want to feel better. It’s so hard to feel better without spring, without the new air, the new grass, the new leaves. I suppose the human spirit was made to overcome winter.  So, either we do or we don’t. Maybe it’s a choice. So I will stare the stagnant air in the […]


sputtered words

March 27, 2011

The computer actually coughed when I pushed the power button to wait for the screen to light up. cough cough whir sputter cough vroom! (success was slow in coming) Either this old PC of ours wants to be a part of the Influenza ridden crew that is my family, or it had actually been that long since I last turned it on. Or both. It’s probably both. Our little Asher sounds much the same. rev rev cough cough whir sputter cough And now it seems it’s Daddy’s turn, but his is more like a COUGH COUGH wheeze COUGH COUGH. (I capitalize for BIGGER COUGH) (poor guy) Me? I’m on day 4 (I think?) of uuugggggghhh and isolation in the bedroom, talking to myself and hoisting my pregnant belly from side to side. (not that I’d be complaining) (but I do actually have a sore on one elbow from all the hours of hoisting) (good grief) Seriously, […]



March 20, 2011

She’s a transplant, I thought. Taken out of there, the place where she built a life and then placed here, where spring is hard to come by and everything that was once familiar from her childhood now feels foreign. Her stories are here and there and she is both places, even though where she was is emptied of her. Only her mind’s eye can put her back there.  She can’t really be back there though, because she just can’t, for so many reasons and besides, new people are in her old home. They came along to fill the cavity that was left when she was pulled out. You have a lot of stories, I told her. She answered that she wishes some of them weren’t true. I’m sure, I said, and I started to think about how I wish some of mine weren’t true.  The difference is that most of hers weren’t of […]


of course

March 16, 2011

After lunch and before Asher’s nap, and after dinner and before bedtime, we have cleanup time. I’m not one of those you-have-to-clean-as-you-go-throughout-the-day moms. Maybe I’m just too lazy to stay on top of that, so we do it twice a day. It works for us. Today as I was walking through each room before lunch, picking up strewn about clothes and Legos while the boys cleaned up the toy room, I noticed the difference in the sound my feet bring to the hardwood floors. It’s louder than before. I’m heavier. My ever-growing belly (and other areas) weigh more and more by the pregnant day. There was a strange comfort in the sound. thud thud thud.There I am. I’m here. Doing this. I can hear me, I must be here. So often a person can feel kind of invisible, just trapped in their own home and mind. This made me think of a conversation […]


If you’re here, I’m kind of surprised. *waves excitedly* A person can’t get here via the web address for The Extraordinary Ordinary anymore because I sort of kind of completely and totally forgot to pay for another year and then the web address gods were all “NO MORE for you!” (I’m a girl who really really needs her reminder emails, and since I did not receive even one, well…I failed to pay.) So for now, we’re back to a blogspot address. (’m working on getting back my .com or switching to a .net or doing the hokey pokey or something; hopefully I’ll get it all figured out soonly. (Actually I don’t know how to figure any of this out, but Sarah does and she is so kind to help me. Thank you, my friend.) For the most part, for now, I think this means hardly anyone will find this space. Which is […]



March 11, 2011

originally uploaded by Heather of the EO {24 weeks} Thank you for allowing me to pop up in your inbox and for reading my words, silly or serious. I appreciate you. ~Heather


This is the beautiful Casey Mullins…(I stole this picture from her beautiful blog, Moosh in Indy) This is Casey’s beautiful daughter (and this is also an example of Casey’s beautiful photography)… (yes, I also stole this picture.) Casey is having another beautiful daughter (currently known as Mozzi) in May and so today I want to do something special for her as a part of the Mozzi event being brought to you by Casey’s lovely friend, Emily. Today is my day to honor Casey as a part of this event and I’d love it if you would keep reading because I need your help. Please… The first time I got to spend time with Casey in person we spoke on a panel together (while we ate Skittles). I loved her a lot right away and I always will. We talked to a room full of people about writing about hard things like depression and […]


This post is not about Rob Bell or the backlash against him, or even about Ann Voskamp and all of the opinions on her book. Then again, it is. It’s about all of that and so much more…:::::I am covering my ears. My headphones are even making them disappear, lobes and all. I am choosing my favorite station on Pandora and all I hear is melody, blocking out the conversations around me in this place. All the people and the grinding of the beans and the boots on hardwood. It makes me think of the way we do that, burying our heads in the sand, not wanting to hear or see what other people are experiencing, trying not to understand their perspective because we’re just so busy with choosing our own songs, our own opinions, our soap box issues. I grew up around religious people. I guess you could consider me religious but […]


We love some of the names in this poll.We sort of like some of the names in this poll.We don’t like some of the names in this poll all that much at all. oooooh, tricky…. So really, the names we love will still remain a secret, even though I’m asking you to vote for a name for our baby girl in a poll, just for fun, because I’m curious and because I like you. You don’t have to sign up for anything and it’s all anonymous and stuff. So ready-set-go! One click! Vote! (and thank you!) What’s your favorite? Charlie (or Charley) Elsie Hadley Harper Ruby Stella View ResultsCreate a Blog Poll Oh and if you missed the video yesterday, you may want to watch it. Asher can teach you what happens if you give a chicken a lemon, and who wants to miss that? COMMENTS ARE CLOSED ON THIS POST. (I don’t […]


AsherChickenStory_0001, originally uploaded by Heather of the EO. I’m so terribly in love with him. Have a good weekend, friends. Thank you for allowing me to pop up in your inbox and for reading my words, silly or serious. I appreciate you. ~Heather


a glass jar

March 2, 2011

I watch them now, how they run from one end of the house to the other and I really do want to keep them here, in this space and time. I had this crazy thought, when my heart was bursting for the right now of them. I wanted to scoop them up and put them in a glass jar that’s just the right size to hold them, to screw on the tin cover, just to watch them, to keep them this way. Like lightening bugs. But of course that can’t be, they are not boys meant for bubbles or jars, they are my little people, and they’re here, free. So free it hurts. When I try to break free of the inevitable, to fight reality, to stop growth, trapping, controlling, even with the best of intentions, it suffocates. And yet, one part of my mothering heart wants to do it anyway, The Great […]